5 Things we should pay more attention to

  1. Of course, in the first place: yourself! Give yourself more attention! Smile in the mirror and recognize your beauty. Treat yourself to pauses, pay attention to your health, to your way of life and never let yourself be beaten down.
  2. Nobody is perfect! Do not forget that – not even your family or your partner. Everybody makes mistakes, sometimes you are not attentive enough, sometimes you are hurtful, but you did not want to. Do not take these things too much to heart. Away with the burdensome thoughts!
  3. Oh, a compliment! „You are dressed so nice today!“ and suddenly you come to thoughts like: „The old stuff…“, „I do not look pretty in anything“ or „Is he / she serious?“. My dear, compliments are made to please others, to praise and value others. Accept it, even if it is so small. You deserve it!
  4. NO! … we don’t have to say always and anytime yes. We do not have to turn our heads for everything and everyone and we do not have to worry about everything. We can say no, absolutely intentionally! Pay more attention to your gut instincts, if you have a bad feeling, then consciously refuse. You are worth it!
  5. The last point is very important to me: pay attention to your loved ones who deserve it. Even if you have been through rough times, had some ugly fights or maybe exactly because of it. We sometimes are a great burden, too. They push us, they keep us safe and they love us unconditionally. Just say „Thank you for being there.“


This text was written because of a mood of disagreement on my part. I realized what I value and what I can do better. I hope with this text maybe something to make something aware. We do not just have to work, we can do everything we want.

In this sense

Handschrift Anja

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Author: Caroline Sprott

Ich bin Caroline, 1989 geboren und wohne in Augsburg. Warum habe ich den Lipödem Mode-Blog ins Leben gerufen? Am Anfang meiner Diagnose stand ich völlig hilflos vor einer ungewissen Zukunft. Jetzt, einige Jahre später, habe ich durch die aktive Anteilnahme in Selbsthilfegruppen und viel Recherche einen Erfahrungsschatz ansammelt, den ich gerne an einem Ort gebündelt anderen Betroffenen zugänglich machen möchte – ohne den Umweg über private Gruppen bei Facebook. Die modische Komponente ist natürlich meinem Hobby geschuldet. Ich versprach mir damals selbst, mich niemals von der Kompressionsbestrumpfung einschränken zu lassen. Diese Einstellung macht anderen Patientinnen Mut und so riet mir Michaela dazu, einen Blog ins Leben zu rufen.

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