10 uses for coconut oil # 2

Little helpers save time in everyday life

As in the last post Mentioned about coconut oil, you can save a lot of time and money with the use of coconut oil. How nice it would be if you only needed one product for each type of care.

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The motto is simply to try it out

Be brave, you can't harm yourself with coconut oil. Even if it turns out that the oil does not have the desired effect on you - there is not much you can do wrong with cooking or baking. I personally use the native organic coconut oil from DM.

10 more tips to try out

  • To remove makeup
    Do you enjoy using waterproof make-up, mascara, eyeliner, etc. as much as I do? Then you will surely be happy about this tip: rub some coconut oil between your palms until it melts. Then massage into the face and use it to loosen the make-up etc. Then remove with a cleaning cloth. Clean!
  • Lip peeling
    Fancy a matte lipstick, but your lips say: no ?! Mix some coconut oil with sugar and rub it over your lips with your fingers like a scrub. Then the lipstick can be applied and looks great!
  • Tattoo care
    Since coconut oil has an antibacterial effect, it is ideal for maintaining a freshly made tattoo! Care is also essential for older tattoos.
  • Strengthen the immune system
    “An Apple per day keeps the doctor away!” That's what they always say, but there is also another way of doing something for your immune system. A teaspoon a day is good for the immune system - you can find out what's in it in Part 1 here ...
  • After shaving as a cream
    In Part 1 Have you already learned that coconut oil can be used perfectly as a shaving foam substitute. Even after shaving as a cream, the oil is unbeatable and makes the skin wonderfully soft.
  • Against split ends in dry hair
    Brittle and dull hair and no idea what to do about it quickly? Simply heat a small amount of oil in your hand and massage it into the dull tips - the sheen will blow you away! Just be careful: not on the hairline ... that will unfortunately look slightly greasy. Use only in the tips if possible. Otherwise you will have to wash your hair again.
  • Body cream / massage
    Wonderful after shaving on your feet, but also unbeatable as a body cream! The oil is absorbed relatively quickly and you have a natural, light coconut scent. And if the partner likes the scent so much, the oil can also be used as a massage oil.
  • Cuticle care
    Those little bits of skin around the nail are corrosive! To prevent this, you can massage the nail and the surrounding skin with coconut oil before going to sleep. This is how the small cracks regenerate and over time you have perfectly cared for hands again!
  • Insect / mosquito bites
    Since coconut oil has an antibacterial property, the puncture site is protected from inflammation by the oil film. On the other hand, the itching is eased slightly.
  • (Artificial) leather care for more shine
    Imagine - you are on vacation, your going-out shoes made of (artificial) leather are totally messed up and you don't know what to do in a hurry. Catastrophe! A quick reach into the beauty case provides a remedy: a little coconut oil with a cloth over the (artificial) leather shoes and they shine again like on the first day. A dream!


Curious? Then go to your organic or drugstore and buy the wonder oil. You have nothing to lose ...

Keep up to date on whether you have other areas of application or how things are going for you 🙂

All the best,

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