10 uses for coconut oil # 1

A small all-rounder - coconut oil

Phew, when I think of my bathroom cabinets, I have to admit: I've heard a lot of cosmetics. I don't want to talk about decorative cosmetics here. I mean eye creams, day creams, night creams, body lotion, lip care, hair oils, hair conditioners ... the list could definitely go on and on. But how can you finally muck out?

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The simple is often so obvious

Last year I got into conversation with a friend who uses coconut oil for everything. She has healthy skin, great teeth ... what more could you want? What is your secret now? When she said that she uses coconut oil for almost everything, I laughed at first.

... but then tried it out. Below you will find a list of 10 areas of application for coconut oil. You won't believe how versatile this great smelling oil is! You feel like a little Raffaello after using it.

I myself use the native organic coconut oil from DM.

A little digression on the ingredients

  • Laric acid - Our body cannot produce the main fatty acids in coconut oil itself in the required amount. It has an antimicrobial effect. The lipid membrane of bacteria and viruses is penetrated, interrupted and destroyed. The body protects itself against troublemakers from within.
  • Vitamins, minerals, trace elements - By consuming coconut oil, deficiencies in vitamins, for example, can be compensated.
  • amino acids - These acids cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be absorbed through food, for example. Quasi a natural increase in performance of body and mind ...
  • Antioxidants - Protecting our cells is particularly important, and that is exactly what the antioxidants in coconut oil do. They have a preventive effect against premature aging and various diseases that can be caused by free radicals. In the worst case, they attack our cells and can render them inoperable. Antioxidants protect against such free radicals.

10 uses of coconut oil

  • Cooking baking
    Using it for cooking and baking is probably the original purpose of coconut oil. It tastes delicious, for example, to fry chicken or its fried egg (yes, fried egg!). Just try it out! Mega delicious ...
  • brush cleaner
    Ok, why should I clean my brushes with oil now? Simply because it's good for your hair! And coconut oil also has an antibacterial effect. You dip your brushes in the liquid oil and massage it in carefully. Then you remove the oil with a small towel until you can no longer feel / see the oil. Rinse again briefly with lukewarm water - done!
  • bath additive
    Add a few tablespoons to the bath water and relax. It smells good, it nourishes and for the lazy among us: you don't even have to put on lotion afterwards.
  • Coconut oil as lip care
    Tired of expensive lip care products? Why don't you also use coconut oil for your daily lip care? Since it melts at 23–26 ° C, you can fill it wonderfully into a small crucible and put it in your bag for on the go.
  • Overnight hair treatment for brittle ends
    No shine? Brittle hair? Just do something good for your hair overnight? Before going to sleep, massage coconut oil into the lengths and ends and tie your hair in a braid. Leave everything on overnight and wash as usual the next morning. The hair really shines again and is super supple!
  • Toothpaste or oil pulling before brushing your teeth
    Granted, not my favorite. You can do it, but you don't have to ... I find the feeling of brushing your teeth with oil not particularly pleasant. Even pulling the oil is not for me. Nevertheless, both variants are intended to prevent or remove tooth decay and tartar.
  • Remedy for dandruff and dry scalp
    Do you have problems with a dry, itchy scalp or dandruff? Massage the coconut oil on the scalp for about 15 minutes and leave it on overnight. The next morning the symptoms should be better. By the way, this variant is great to combine with overnight hair care in the lengths and ends.
  • Eyelashes!
    I already have the effect on the eyelashes in my last article noted about coconut oil. If you massage the eyelashes briefly with coconut oil in the morning and evening, they will be cared for. You could already see a clear difference in length and density! They were well-groomed and simply didn't fall out as quickly and could therefore grow longer. After all, it is no longer a hassle if you use it for everything else anyway to think about your eyelashes.
  • Wound and healing ointment
    As a wound and healing ointment or for small burns (if the wound is NOT open), antibacterial coconut oil can be used wonderfully. It cares for, prevents scarring and promotes overall healing. (If the symptoms are worse, please see the appropriate doctor.)
  • Shave legs
    With dry legs, it is often difficult to find a care that does not leave pimples after shaving or an even drier, roughened skin. Massage your legs with coconut oil before shaving. Then shave right in the shower - done! And a clear advantage over shaving foam: the oil stays in the desired place even when the shower is running.

sequel follows

Haven't got enough yet? Sure, there are many other uses. Look forward to the Part 2!


All the best,

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