3 dressing aids that immediately make life easier with compression + competition

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Every morning our compression stockings present us with a challenge. Because no matter whether you have lipedema, lymphedema or thrombosis – putting on the flat-knit or circular-knit garment can be quite sweaty. Do you often lack strength in your arms? Then you will love these dressing aids!

Has kept its promise every morning for over a decade

When I got my first compression tights and arm socks 14 years ago, I made putting them on a little easier with these dressing aids and even today, as an old hand, I still prefer to use them Arion Easy Slide Arm here. Why struggle when it can “easy” about?

The special thing about these striking green dressing aids from Arion is this Material. It has been in use for 30 years of expertise in its field, because due to the coating over the high-quality textile, it is not only very robust, but the stockings also slide perfectly over the skin. This gliding property is a real blessing, especially if you have a wound or are very sensitive. Plus, she makes sure that getting dressed might also please you less stressful and it's a little easier for you to wear the compression. By the way, the products are so easy to fold, that you can take them with you in your suitcase when you're on the go and you don't have to do without the practical helpers when traveling.

Since we all wear very different compression supplies, there are also a wide variety of different types of donning aids. I present to you today my top 3 that I have enjoyed using over the last few years.

Dressing aid for arm compressions

Putting on arm socks is not that easy. On the one hand, you only have one hand free, on the other hand, you can easily slip off and on There's a lot of noise in this. Believe me, I have given myself a few of these and hope that in the event of an impending attack, this hard backhand will protect my belongings with similar vigor.

To avoid this risk is – my favorite – this Arion Easy Slide Arm optimal. You slide into the slide, brush against it arm sleeve via (by the way, it also works with one Bolero) and pull the dressing aid out again using the loop. I always hold the stockings a little tight so that they stay in place. Zack, done. Easier, faster and with even more less effort it hardly.

arion dressing aid lipedema lymphedema thrombosis arm compression

Donning aid for compression stockings with open toes

If you have compression stockings for your legs and have them over a open toe has, is Arion Easy Slide the right one for you. Similar to the arm variant, Slide your foot through your compression stocking and when it fits well, pull the donning aid out again. If you need this help by Thigh If you need one, there is one for that too Renewal, Arion SlideX.

arion dressing aid lipedema lymphedema thrombosis leg compression

Donning aid for closed-toe compression stockings

If you have stockings for your legs, which ones? closed toe Of course, you can no longer pull the dressing aid out by your toes. For these purposes there is Arion Magnide® 2in1, which not only helps with dressing but also undressing. With some magnets provided, you loosen one after slipping into the stocking Mechanism which makes it possible to open the donning aid in the stocking and then pull it out towards the knee. Don't worry, it is dead easyto bring this mechanism back into shape.

How do I get the dressing aids?

As is often the case, yours Supplies the best advice center. If you and your Sanifee/Sanielf agree that the dressing aids can also offer you a lot of relief, then go for it Recepies from your treating specialist and your medical supply store will take care of everything else.

You can find more information and the respective aid position numbers for the Arion dressing aids here:

Arion celebrates his 30 anniversary and has stood for innovation and reliability in the area of ​​donning aids for compression clothing for three decades. With a heart for her customers and an eye for detail, Arion has always developed products that improve the lives of People who need compression facilitate and improve. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, they are now known and valued worldwide and are now proudly celebrating three decades of success and customer satisfaction.

We're celebrating with them and, together with Arion, we're giving away 1 copy of "Diagnosis lipoedema? You're not alone!" among all participants who can answer the following question:

“What is Arion’s favorite dressing aid for the Power Sprat?”

Comment on the answer under this blog article! The deadline for entries is June 9, 2024, at 23:59 p.m. Depending on the platform, the winners will be notified via comment, PM or email.

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