3 tips for cleaning out your wardrobe: The test for your wardrobe

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Everyone knows them, everyone has them - the problem children of our wardrobes. They are those parts that we might have bought half-heartedly, in the touch of a sale rage or in a state of mental derangement, and which are now vegetating in the closet. Let's be honest, we often use the same parts over and over again and at some point we have nothing to wear because of all the clothes. And what do you have a lot of time for during a pandemic? Muck out for the wardrobe.

In principle, you already know how to do it, but I developed a special technique that has protected me from overflowing my wardrobe for years. Here are my best tips for a well-stocked wardrobe - from Dr. Sprott tested and awarded the fashion label. So have to be really good.

5 tips for cleaning out your wardrobe

Tip # 1 #Sorry child outfits

I recently had an idea how I could put my cupboard oak to the test even more. Because basically I'm pretty good at sorting out. But they still existed, the perhaps unjustifiably dusty pieces that keep moving back in the drawer. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they really problem children or don't they deserve a second chance after all?
  • Why is it that you have become a problem child? (Fit, color, lack of possible combinations, taste, condition)
  • After all this time, do you have something now that will make the combination easier?
  • Can you still resell it or donate / throw it away?

Pick up this item of clothing and take a close look at it. What memories do you associate with him? Does it speak to you? Do you want to try again? Now challenge yourself to give this piece a second chance and wear it for a day. Find an outfit in which it can be integrated and, throughout the day, gain experience with why it has not become one of your core pieces. In the evening you are smarter and, above all, you can decide whether you did him wrong or whether the day wasn't so bad after all.

Get creative together

I have this technique #Sorry child outfits and on Instagram even more girls from the network have joined the challenge. For example, this article is featured by one of my favorite problem child looks. The green pleated skirt had to wait almost nine months to be used and now I love it all the more!

Along with mine mediven® 550 A great look was created here in gray, which lures the rather neutral color with a pastel freshness from its reserve. Even a calm gray becomes a real herald of spring and a wonderful summer companion.

I am amazed at this challenge because I never thought that my problem children weren't so bad after all. With today's fast fashion movement, this is exactly the right signal against waste.

Open up, do the same for us. Clearing out the closet is kind of fun and, above all, creative!

Tip # 2 No doubles please

Hand on heart, how many doppelgangers are hiding in your closet? I've noticed one thing over the past few years: you don't necessarily need three styles of the same garment. Put all the white t-shirts in a pile. If at some point you need a ladder to stack with, there might be too many. But which pieces do you keep and which do you pass on?

The Japanese Queen of Order Marie Kondo taught it wonderfully and I can only agree with her. A piece of clothing has to bring you pure joy. Take it in your hand and feel it between your fingers.

  • Do you like its quality
  • Do you feel really good and good in him?
  • Does it make you feel a little happy?
arm compression lipedema lymphedema mediven 550

If you answer these questions with no, you've actually already given yourself your answer, haven't you? Only keep clothes that make you happy. So no piece can perish in the corner, because you will always prefer something else.

Tip # 3 Part comes, part goes

A project that should run for a lifetime after clearing out the closet is the principle “one comes, one goes”. This means that with every new piece that you integrate into your wardrobe, an old one has to give way. In this way you can prevent that at some point you will fall back to the current starting point and have to start over.

There is even the approach of a "capsule wardrobe", which follows the idea that you have significantly fewer items of clothing and that all items from the wardrobe can be combined with one another. This has the advantage that the outfits are created very quickly, but could become a bit monotonous in the long run. It all depends on your goal.

Reduce your wardrobe to the most essential, important and popular items of clothing, and at best stick to this number of pieces. If you buy something new, let something old move on into new hands and give someone else new joy. It is always nice when they find a new home with friends.

Your perfect project for April weather corona days

Mucking out my next wardrobe is imminent and it will be wonderfully liberating to become a little lighter again and, above all, to get the big favorites in my wardrobe to hand much faster. Get involved, become more aware of your clothing consumption and show us your creative ones #sorgekindoutfits!

muck out wardrobe tips

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