Sport with lipedema: Aqua Fitness - exercise in water

Aqua Fitness - own experiences

After my diagnosis seven years ago, at first I didn't even know whether or which sport I was still allowed to practice. At that time I was very active in fitness and the Zumba classes in particular had done it to me.

The doctor at the time couldn't give me a real recommendation, so I just gave it a try. Sport in compression. A real challenge, but I quickly realized how important the trousers are for movement and how good it is for the fabric. Still, I looked for an additional alternative and ended up in the swimming pool. Really horror back then, but honestly? When I look at the women in the swimming pool today, then we are no longer alone with our fat legs and the fear that we will be mocked is largely unfounded.

The women want, but don't dare

The regular meeting of the Self-help group in Munich it became very clear again and again: the ladies want to do something, but don't dare to go public. So I thought to myself: man, then I will create a niche for the motivated people affected, where they can play sports together in a closed group and in principle that was the hour of birth lymphatic, the unique training offer with a mixture of aqua fitness and relaxation gymnastics for lymphatic patients in Munich.

Restraint through immobility

The fact is: many of those affected are very limited in their movement, because it is not uncommon for their legs to rub uncomfortably against each other or are very painful.

An unfortunate fact, but one that can be easily avoided in the water and it is also the only way to exercise without socks. Whether aqua fitness, Aqua Jogging or aqua cycling - training in water has a consistently positive effect on the body. It is a comprehensive full-body workout that is completely effective and intensive thanks to the positive properties of the water. It's also fun and makes you feel right at home.

The advantages of training in the water over training on land

  • The buoyancy of the water creates a training that is gentle on the joints and ligaments enables. Did you know that the submerged part of the body then only weighs 1/8 of the actual body weight?
  • Movement in the water promotes that Muscle strengthening and improves the performance of the Cardiovascular system. The heart rate is reduced by approx. 10–15 beats per minute!
  • The Energy consumption is many times higher in the water than with a comparable training on land, since many more muscles have to work against the inertia of the water and the Fat metabolism is stimulated.
  • Due to the water pressure, the venous reflux favored, which means that the blood pressure drops and the heart works more economically, so it is not stressed as much.
  • Due to the water resistance, all movements in the water must be carried out with higher effort be performed. The resistance works in all directions of movement, ie that really all muscles are used. Even those who are not trained on land!
  • Movement in the water improves that circulation and acts on the skin and connective tissue like one massage.
  • The risk of overload and the danger of one Injury is very small, as only flowing movements are carried out.
  • It arises no sore muscles. Really not 😉
  • The Sense of balance and the ability to concentrate is specifically trained.
  • It improves that Condition, the posture, attitude and the Mobilitywithout putting too much strain on the joints.
  • Aqua Fitness motivated with music and makes one Great fun.

I find it particularly interesting how positive the hydrostatic pressure has on the legs. Because when you stand in chest-deep water, the pressure of a class 4 compression stocking is created on your ankle - where else can such a high compression be generated so easily? This is also the reason why you often have to go to the toilet first after exercising in the water, because the water pressure pushes the water up from your legs. Make sure you watch it very consciously when you get out of the water!

So you can see that aqua fitness effectively strengthens endurance as well as strength and mental well-being. And all that without compression stockings. If that isn't a motivation! Just have a look around for offers in your area and take advantage of the positive effects of water.


Have fun splashing around





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Author: Melli

Hello everyone, I'm Melanie, born in 1985 and live in beautiful Munich. I have been the proud mum of a cute daughter since 2017 and from then on my life became even more colorful. I was diagnosed with lipedema completely unexpectedly in 2011 - a real relief for me. I've been wearing my flat-knit compression with love for six years now, because it can be combined very well with fashion and is always an eye-catcher. I also deal a lot with the topics of nutrition, exercise, self-help and compliance - because lipedema requires holistic treatment. You just have to remember to live anyway and this is exactly the combination that concerns me!

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