Barbara Schöneberger: New brand ambassador for medi and ITEM m6

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Wow! What an inspiring and impressive woman. Barbara Schöneberger is known by 95% of Germans for her witty, open and eloquent manner and together with medi she is now helping the world of compression to shine again.

When medi approached me and learned how unbelievably much compression can do, I was completely convinced. This is about much more than just advertising for individual products. It's about a campaign that shows women new ways to feel better and more beautiful and to love their bodies.
- Barabara Schöneberger

The aim of the campaign is to inspire women to experience any compression more positively and to learn to appreciate its benefits. And as we know Barbara, with a lot of winking and her easy-going manner, that will succeed perfectly. I'm already on fire for the new hashtag #Compressionist. Girls, hit the keys - we are not just patients, we are everyday artists!



Compression is versatile

We edema patients naturally have an ambivalent relationship to compression, because primarily it is supposed to relieve our pain and positively influence the course of our disease. But the motto "Strong effect for strong women" hits the nail on the head in connection with any knitting quality. Turn the tables in your head and look at the daily wearing of compression from a different angle. Our flat knit definitely has one positive visual effect: The Röllekes are well packaged. For the shaping effect I really like to wear the tights and you know my attitude towards the whole conservative therapy. I wear them with dignity and fun, because everything else is wasted energies that I prefer to put into a positive life. So I'll take a good example from this power woman: "Feeling good is the best look."

Barbara Schöneberger takes a look behind the scenes


We are very much looking forward to what awaits us with the new brand ambassador and maybe with this campaign she will give many women out there the power and strength to rediscover compression for themselves. Here You can take another look at the campaign on the medi website.

PS: Do you remember our visit to medi? Here you can see the video and pictures from our visit to Bayreuth again.



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