The right skin care for lipedema and lymphedema

I don't want to sugarcoat anything here - as a compression hero with lipedema, lymphedema or venous disease, skin care will always be an important topic for you. Below I would like to introduce you to the most important topics relating to skin care for lipedema, lymphedema and thrombosis. There are different factors, such as foot care, the care products themselves and the scrubbing that allows you to remove dead skin cells.

Why is skin care so important for lipedema and lymphedema?

Well-cared for skin is more resilient and less prone to irritation from wearing your compression socks or bandages. Dry or cracked skin can become irritated by the friction of the compression garment, which can lead to inflammation or infection.

On the one hand, regular application of cream can help you painful itching (you can find one here in case of an emergency Acute itching spray) save. On the other hand, well-hydrated skin also improves it Location of your compression. Especially with leg compression, it can happen that it slips over the course of the day.

The care products in Power Sprotte online shop, such as b. callusan extra, in contrast to many conventional creams, can applied before tightening the compression and improve hold thanks to the moisturizing effect. Make sure that you do not apply any body lotion, as this can cause deposits to form in the tissue. So please grab it only on care products that are direct intended for compression straps are.

To help you choose skin care products that are right for your skin type, we have this Nursing Quiz created.

Take the test now and find your ideal skin care for compression wearers

Your skin care routine

It helps me to not just see skin care as a “to do” that comes with my diagnosis. Rather, I create through rituals Wellness moment, with which I consciously do good for myself. A possible ritual for your skin care could be that you drink a cup (or better yet, a pot) in the morning. Lymphatic tea pours on. While the tea is steeping, take your time with your skin care, then drink a cup of tea and when your care is absorbed, you slip into your compression hero garment.

You can repeat the same thing in the evening when taking off the compression. At night your skin finally has the opportunity to take a breather after a long day. Support them in regeneration and apply plenty of cream before going to bed. Your night cream should be very rich so that the time without compression is used perfectly. We recommend this medi night or callusan vinum. 

Skin care and self-massage

And if you're like me when it comes to self-massage and like to neglect it as much as I do, here's my bonus tip: Plan just five minutes more for applying your skin care and massage your morning skin care with a massage roller (e.g dem Roller blind T-Rexo or Rollo banana)or one Massage dry brush .

Skin care in spring and summer

It makes sense to vary your skin care routine slightly in the warm and cold seasons. To start a warm spring or summer day, I recommend either this medi day gel or Cosvena Venengel for the day. Both not only nourish when applied, but also have a pleasantly cooling effect. You get an extra kick of freshness if you store your gel in the fridge. The perfect start to the morning!

Skin care in autumn and winter

After you have mastered the hot summer in compression thanks to our little helpers, you will probably be grateful for your warming compression clothing in autumn and winter.

So that you can wear your flat or circular knit garments all winter long and your skin still remains supple, the right skin care is extremely important. Because as soon as it gets colder, the size of your skin changes due to the dry outside and heating air. The moisture from the skin evaporates in the warm heating air. This happens more slowly in the cold outside air, but blood circulation in the skin is also reduced because our blood vessels contract in the cold. Overall, the skin is in good condition in the cold months less nutrients and moisture available, if you don't take some extra care of them.

Because the skin is a compression hero by wearing compression every day additionally claimed now it's even more important to “cream, cream, cream!” so that the only flakes that fall at Christmas are snowflakes and not the flakes of your dried-out skin.

In addition, you should make sure that you drink enough, do not take too long and hot showers and avoid nicotine and caffeine.

Don't forget to scrub

Did you know that dry brushing in the morning can stimulate your lymphatic system and rid your skin of dead skin cells? Yep – tried and tested! Scrubbing not only stimulates blood circulation - but also lymph flow. In addition, regular scrubbing also improves the Comfort of your compression. A real win-win situation: you treat yourself to some relaxation, pamper your skin and in the end you have more fun with your compression in everyday life because it fits better. But why is that? 

Dead, loose skin flakes are deposited in the fabric and cause the supply to slip. If you scrub and brush yourself regularly, you will not only get velvety-soft skin, but... also prevents ingrowing hairs. With the one specially put together for this purpose scrub set From the Power Sprotte Shop you are optimally equipped.

If used regularly, brushing can also prevent clogged pores. Goodbye, unwanted pimples on your bottom, back or décolleté. Hello, peach skin! Incidentally, scrubbing has a long tradition in the Ayurveda teachings and will be there Garshan dry massage (from garshana = “to rub”). The massage is usually carried out with a glove and takes place Use for fatigue, obesity, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, edema and lymphatic congestion

Scrubbing after liposuction

Brushing stimulates blood circulation, among other things. This can speed up the wound healing process after liposuction. It also helps to reduce swelling. It's important that you approach it very slowly and don't scrub too hard. This is where “less is more” applies. You get the greatest effect in conjunction with the two massage rollers Rollo banana and  Roller blind T-Rexo, which prevent so-called fibrosis.

And when should you not scrub?

Scrubbing is great - but under certain circumstances you should avoid it or avoid certain areas of skin: Kontraindikationen can include inflamed skin, psoriasis, eczema, open wounds and infections, after sunbathing, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. If you are not sure whether one or more points apply to you - it is better to hold on Consult your doctor.

Now it's time to scrub

Dear compression hero, would you like to get into the scrubbing game now? Small sprat recommendation: Slowly approach the brushes approach and don't try them all at once. From “zero to hero” is ambitious, but it can be a bit overwhelming for your skin. In addition, it can Establishing new habits be advantageous, yourself in small steps to approximate (see Blog articles about goals and habits). The so-called is also particularly important Anlymph before brushingso that the stimulated lymph flow does not stand in front of “closed doors”. You can do this with deep abdominal breathing and massaging your groin and armpits. You can find out more in the book "The little coach for the lymphatic system" by Henry A. Schulze.

Now I don't want to keep you from your happiness any longer. Here you go scrub set made from certified FSC wood. How to use the different brushes and what to pay attention to is explained in a guide specially created for you Scrub routine workbook.

Where do you start now?

If you are still at the beginning of your skin care journey, then I recommend that you start step by step and not implement everything straight away. This can easily turn into stress because it might not work right away. I've felt bad about myself countless times and then I often boycott myself even more.

So if you only want to do one thing first, it's applying cream before putting on your compression. This only takes two minutes and you will see that your compression fits better straight away. Afterwards you can add, for example, applying cream in the evening or a mini massage while applying cream and so on.

Maybe a habit tracker, where you can put a cross every day when you have completed a building block, might also help you? No matter how specific you want to establish your skincare routine, just have some fun with it. Not much can happen if you do something “wrong”.

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Author: Christine Bauer

Hello everyone, my name is a Christian and a lipoedema fighter from beautiful Augsburg. I received my lipoedema diagnosis back in 2014, but I didn't really accept it until the summer of 2022. Since then, I've delved deeper into the world of flat-knit compression and lipoedema every day. I produce text and image content for Power Sprotte and invite you to share my insights. I also love putting together fair fashion outfits that show off my compression.

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