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Mein Name ist Caroline Sprott and I've had lipedema in my arms and legs for over ten years. After three liposuctions I decided to use the blog Lipedema fashion to found. Unfortunately, I did not remain symptom-free after the operations and had to look for something that would give me new courage, strength and, above all, self-confidence.

Since then I have been combining a new outfit every day and transforming this "flat knit armor" into shining armor. My own fashionable therapy was born. But the work does not stop there; it forms the foundation for successful self-management.

Together with a great team and a wide variety of guest authors, I will show you that the diagnosis does not have to be the end, but rather offers the chance to grow with unusual challenges.

# lipedema fashion

Life with lipedema is about a lot more than just fashion. Lipedema Mode is your advisor who accompanies you through everyday life - with full energy, concentrated knowledge and many years of experience.

Many women suffer from the second flat knit skin and are easily unsettled by their appearance. We hope we can show you that the supply of both arms and legs does not have to be limits for you. It is a tool that reduces our pain and lets us struggle a little better through everyday life. So let's tackle it together and make this life with lipedema as worth living as possible.

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  • Hi everybody,

    I was diagnosed with lipedema in September, after which I was pretty down and didn't really know what to do. Then my doctor wrote down a pair of compression tights, but I couldn't cope with them, I developed an allergy. I also received lymphatic drainage, after which I feel better and 1 kg lighter and have lost 6 kg since the beginning of October. Family doctor said I should combine hypoallergenic thigh stockings with Capri pants.
    My medical supply store said that it doesn't exist, I'm a little unsettled and desperate now.
    Do you have any ideas?

    Lisa Kuhn

  • Hallo,
    what a coincidence that I read the report. I got the diagnosis by accident
    Lymphedema / lipedema on both legs and arms. Although I have had the disease for a long time
    Doctors to this day did not recognize them ... until now!

    Since I can't have anything tight on my legs and certainly not the need to wrap my legs, I don't even know what else to do for me. Even I do not wear tights, and in the winter I "only" socks.

    Since I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, the medical supply store (because my legs are so big) cannot prescribe anything.
    Do you have an idea?

    Kind regards

    • Dear Marion,

      oh dear, that really doesn't sound good. Now of course we cannot offer medical advice, but if you need a fashionable one, I would like to ask you about your height in advance. Because you can of course wear great maxi skirts to have maximum legroom or knitted dresses.

      Best regards,

  • Hello pannekoeken,

    am a pants person. I wore the last dresses / skirts as a small child. I am 161 cm tall, clothing size between 54-56, it always depends on how the pants and tshirts are cut and turned out.

    Dresses, skirts don't suit me and I wouldn't feel comfortable in them.

    But thanks for listening.

    Best regards,

  • Hallo,

    I was mega surprised to read about this page in a magazine ... at the physio while I was waiting for my lymphatic drainage. I think it's really great what you've done there.
    Unfortunately, the disease was only recognized 10 years ago (in my mid-30s), both legs and arms, but I've been suffering from it since puberty. In the meantime I have already had 2 liposuctions behind me. Would like to do the arms and another one on the legs.
    For me it is important how I can dress best. The most difficult thing for me is buying trousers ... where there are trousers that fit or tops where the arms are cut a little wider ...
    So, keep it up…. I'll stay with you.

    greetings from Bavaria

  • Hallo,

    my mother brought me a newspaper with your article today. I (54) have suddenly suffered from lipedema in my arms and legs since the spring and still struggle with the stressful tight compression, the painful tension and the look in the mirror.
    I have the feeling that I can hardly carry anything out of my closet anymore.

    I am therefore very happy about your blog and will be happy to follow it up.
    Kind regards, Katrin.

  • Hello, I've just discovered your site and I think it's great that there is a platform for those affected. Have you already had experience with other therapy options? I just found something on the subject of liposuction. I have a practice for aesthetic beauty treatments and also some patients with lipedema diagnosis ... We have meanwhile achieved very good success with cavitation and the rate is currently 100%. Unfortunately, the health insurance does not bear the costs for this, but this is only a small downer if the patients then regain a new quality of life. Maybe you can dedicate an article to this topic (if you haven't already). I am also happy to answer any questions you may have. Lg Jenny

  • I urgently need your advice. I am over 70 years old and wear around size 54, with trousers short size 28/29. My problem, no stomach but a very bulging bottom and very wide thighs. I can't get pants anywhere, preferably made of viscose. Do you have a seller for me? The local tailoring shop doesn't sew pants.

    I'm at a loss, always wear black pants and colorful long tops

  • I have often thought about the relationship between lipedema and nutrition. It reads so easily: Diet without sugar. But somehow I can't find the beginning. There's actually sugar in everything. And if you also want to take fructose into account, it gets really bad. To put it another way: What do you still eat? 🙂

    • Hello Beatrix,

      I have now found your comment. Unfortunately you did not comment under the article, so the author Kristin could not receive any notification. I'll pass on the information to her and hope she'll find the time to get in touch with you.


  • A question,
    my wife has extremely strong elephant legs.
    To what extent the device can still be used
    please reply
    And question of costs ???

  • Hello everyone, I came across this page by chance and I'm thrilled.
    After years of pain and of course the optical changes I finally got a diagnosis. I am 54 years old and would like to exchange ideas with others. I especially like the fashion tips but also all the information.
    Thank you for that and for your great commitment. .
    I would appreciate news.

  • Hi all,
    I only got the diagnosis of lip / lymphedema a little over 1,5 years ago.
    Now I have caprices plus knee socks as a supply.
    What do I wear to this in summer?
    Do you have tipps for me!

    • Hello dear Jana,

      I can't give you any general fashion tips on the multi-part supply itself, because the color actually plays a more important role, depending on your personality. 😉

      Best regards,