Aluminum-free deodorants: hot, hot, baby!

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You sure are like me. Summer is here and you are sweating in your compression, which I also lovingly call the portable home sauna. Sweating is supposed to be very healthy and others pay a lot of money to have a sauna installed in the basement. But that's not really any consolation either. So what do you do? Sure you cool off as best you can and you use a lot of deodorant. But then you remember that you shouldn't use your previous favorite anymore because the deodorant contains so much aluminum.

How does aluminum work?

Our sweat pores are contracted by aluminum salts and these close up. That is why many deodorants contain aluminum salt. There are increasing allegations that aluminum could be a factor in the development of breast cancer. There are numerous opinions and partly contradicting studies. I don't even want to go into that here. It is up to you how you assess the current information and whether you want to use aluminum-containing deodorants or not.

Since I wanted to exchange my previous deodorant, I started looking for an aluminum-free deodorant. Due to all the media hype, these have been provided with large "without aluminum" stickers for some time. So I just grabbed one of the deodorants and thought the subject was over. But then the disillusionment. The deodorant hardly seemed to work at all. Even if I applied it several times a day. Since this was not an alternative for me, I have tested myself with numerous aluminum-free deodorants over the course of time (I think it's almost two years). But they just couldn't match the effectiveness of the aluminum deodorants.

After a long search, I actually wanted to give up and then posted a post on Instagram Caroline Sprott about the Speick deodorant seen. So I made one last attempt and what should I say? I'm excited.

lipoedem mode deodorant deodorant without aluminum aluminum-free deodorant speick

The smell of Speick is a matter of taste. I think it takes getting used to, but is pleasant. And the deodorant really helps and I've finally found an alternative. I have now bought my fourth Speick deodorant. I like the spray bottle best.

Which deodorant do you use? Have you ever thought about aluminum? And if you have any other great deodorant tips, please always bring them on.

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Author: Jasmine Reimann

My name is Jasmine and I received my diagnosis of lipoedema / lymphedema (stage II) over two years ago. Meanwhile my arms are also affected. I am a member of the self-help group Lily Ludwigsburg and I post on Instagram at about my daily lip / lymphatic life.

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  • Dear Jasmine, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and successfully endured the therapy for the last 1,5 years. Unfortunately, I have had severe problems with edema and lymphatic congestion since chemo, which is why I came across this great blog in the first place. And then I read this article, which of course hits me in the core! I have also been testing myself through thousands of deodorants for 1,5 years and have the same experience - they just don't work! But aluminum no longer comes into my house - so I'll get that from Speick today, because I've never bought that! Thank you for this article! All the best from Kerstin

  • Hello Kerstin, hello Jasmin,
    I too have had the problem Kerstin described since I got breast cancer. For 6 years I have tried everything that does not contain aluminum (including baking soda and baking powder - unfortunately my skin was very badly damaged) but so far nothing has worked for me. Then I read your report dear Jasmin. At first I thought Speick was my salvation, but unfortunately it doesn't work 100% for me either. But better than other deodorants. When I was at DM last week to buy Speick, a deodorant cream caught my eye. And what can I say ... direct hit. Aluminum-free, without animal testing, no more odor !!!!!, and caring for the armpit skin. It is from Greendoor Naturkosmetik. So far I am thrilled.
    LG Claudia

  • Hello dear ones,
    I've been using the Nuud Deodorant Cream for some time. It doesn't stop sweating, but it does stop odor quite reliably. Apply an amount the size of a pea under the armpit. This is enough for me at normal temperatures up to 4 days. Of course I wash or shower, but then reapply is not necessary. It's not cheap, but since I don't have to use it 3 times a day, it pays off. Unfortunately, it is only available from a Dutch webshop. Check out the page for the info. There is also a FB page. For me there is nothing else. Kind regards Jutta