Sport with lipedema: aqua jogging

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Aquajogging - The diagnosis of lipedema has brought about a number of changes in my life. Among other things, the design of my running training. I have to say, I've never been the “super dupa enthusiastic” runner and was therefore open to a little variety and hope that the variety will bring some momentum to my running again.

My doctor always says that I should reduce jogging to a maximum of twice a week, as this is not good for lipedema and if I want to run, then always with compression!

Aqua jogging, the alternative

While looking for an alternative, I came across aqua jogging. At first I didn't like the idea at all. Hop into the swimming pool with a belt and then step into the "void" underwater? What should the rest of the bathers think? Well, all complaining doesn't help, the complaints won't get better on their own! So get on your belt and into the pool.

Sports with lipedema Aqua jogging

What do I need for aqua jogging?

The most important thing is to find the right swimsuit (right = you have to feel comfortable). This is the only way you will repeat your swimming pool visits regularly. If it pinches / pinches and you constantly have to adjust your swimwear, then the desire for aqua jogging will quickly evaporate. It also took me a little longer to find the perfect swimsuit.

I'm very happy with that right now Speedo swimsuit - I especially like the colors.

Sports with lipedema Aqua jogging

In addition to the swimsuit, you need one Schwimmgürtel. What do you need the belt for? It enables you to stay afloat - there are no weights in it! I also got my swim belt from Speedo, I'm super happy with it, it sits very comfortably and doesn't seem annoying.

Sports with lipedema Aqua jogging

You don't need more for your first aqua jogging. After the first swimming pool visits, I still have Gloves taken in addition. When you put them on, you have increased water resistance and at the same time involve your arms in the training.

However, this is not a must and everyone has to find their own pace. Slowly feel your way to aqua jogging.

Wet lymphatic drainage

Water sports in particular are very good for us with lipedema. The water pressure has a very positive effect on our lipedema. Water sports are the only sports we can do without compression.

Positive aspects that speak for water sports:

  • works like a lymphatic drainage
  • protects the joints
  • unblocks the legs
  • cools the legs
  • Condition is built up for jogging (on land)

How do I wear the belt?

Sports with lipedema Aqua joggingSports with lipedema Aqua jogging

If you are unsure about aqua jogging, contact the surrounding swimming pools and ask about various aqua jogging courses. I was amazed at how many pools offer aqua jogging. Here it may well be that you will even be provided with a swim belt for the lessons, which may be very useful for the first test. I've already attended a course here and found that they are usually really nice and funny. Perhaps you will also get to know women here with whom you can exercise and exchange ideas outside of the course.

Sports with lipedema Aqua jogging

My personal conclusion

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing and couldn't really get excited about aqua jogging. I now enjoy using aqua jogging as an alternative to my normal sports program. In addition, aqua jogging helped me advance in my normal running sport. After swimming, my legs feel much lighter and the cooling effect is very pleasant.

I hope that one or the other reader will feel motivated by my experience report and that aqua jogging will perhaps find an alternative to practicing painless exercise with lipedema.

Put on your swimming belt and into the swimming pools - I wish you a lot of fun!


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Author: Laura

I'm Laura, 24 years old and live in Bingen in Rhineland-Palatinate. Professionally, I work in a bank. I have successfully completed a degree in nutrition and am a Nordic walking trainer. I had seen lipedema fashion and thought it was amazing the energy with which the five women built this site. It gave me courage and I would like to pass this courage on to other people with lipedema. Therefore I am writing about all my new experiences with lipedema.

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