Life with arm socks

Arm socks: Life with her is poop and it has catapulted me to the edge of my strength, far beyond my frustration limit. But there is always a way out if you don't leave your fate to the looming hole.

A hard blow

Most arm sufferers have come a long way before realizing the pain in their arms as well. To experience this development in one's own body is difficult to bear, because one actually hopes to get the disease under control somehow with conservative therapy. And then the arm socks on top, of course you are then unsure what to expect.

I myself just couldn't cope with the pain and the impending diagnosis and only short-term therapy was able to give me the new perspectives that are necessary for a healthy view of this matter. So there's no shame in admitting the weak moment and tackling the problem before you get too deep into it.

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Arm socks

There are several versions that you can choose from. As with compression tights, personal feelings, the degree of lipedema and mobility also play a role here. Basically, at the beginning of the diagnosis, I recommend that you try out all the variants that are possible for you, one after the other. In this way you can determine what is important to you in your compression and what you can best cope with.

The most common options are:

  • Arm sock + gloves with finger segments
  • Arm stockings with gloves attached
  • Bolero with stockings


I have a few tips for your arm socks so you don't have to repeat my mistakes. As I said, your personal findings also play a significant role here, but maybe my experiences will help you get a better start on the whole thing.

  • Fingers too short
    It happened quickly and the fingers were measured too short. In my experience, unbelievable but true, you achieve the best wearing comfort with finger parts down to the last limb. Only your fingertips peek out, but they don't run towards you. Because if you do it too short you will quickly come to a point where the motor skills are more restricted than by the long arm socks.
  • Full sleeve stockings
    I have seldom seen designs that managed without separate arm socks. I am more in favor of being able to take off the gloves from time to time. I can only recommend it for washing hands and cooking.
  • Compression too high
    With most manufacturers you can choose between different material thicknesses. Please let the medical supply store advise you what the right choice is for your findings.
  • Bolero or socks?
    This decision is very personal, because it depends largely on mobility and diagnosis. I didn't have a bolero myself, so I ask you to share your experiences with us here so that I can add them if necessary. From the self-help groups I have read about the experiences that boleros would slide less, but arm socks are easier to put on. But I wear them z. B. not during sports, because I would have to take off my gloves and then I could watch my fingers run up. So if you would also like to take them off for sport, arm socks would also be an advantage here.
  • Sleeves too short
    Make sure that the arm socks are not measured too short. They should always be a good 2-3 fingers wide under the armpit from the wrist.

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Courage to color

Don't be afraid of brightly colored arm socks because they can be more decorative than you think. I have an outfit here with aqua and here one with cherry red socks, where you can see that the colors can be wonderfully integrated into the look without disturbing. I take the view that you shouldn't do without this accent if you're just concerned that people might be looking. They look anyway, no matter what you wear on your arm. And when they look, it's only because they're not used to arm socks. Each of us would be interested in an unfamiliar sight. So we can't hold it against them either.

eyes shut and go for it

If you imagine life with stockings on your arms, you probably already have the first horror notions when you think about going to the toilet, cooking or just holding hands. And yes, you really can't talk nicely in these situations. Restrictions can be found almost everywhere in everyday life, because gloves can hardly fit over them in winter. Telephoning becomes torture after a while, because with the kinked arm sock your arm will quickly fall asleep. When cooking, you take off your gloves temporarily, but you still have in mind that in the worst case, your fingers will run faster than you can see. Anyone who drinks a lot will curse the steady walk to the quiet place ... Gloves on, gloves off, gloves on, gloves off.

However, there is definitely one thing not to worry about because bacteria don't stand a chance. Manufacturer (as here at average) have considered this problem on feet and hands and processed material in our stockings in which bacteria and germs have no chance.

But it doesn't help, because if you omit the arm stockings for such reasons, you risk deterioration and pain in the affected areas. And so far they have nipped every one of my convenient arguments in the bud. Nothing is as bad as the lipedema pain my care has saved me from.

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What must be on the recipe?

Upper arm - wrist + gloves:
1 pair of arm socks G - C, KKL 1 (2 or 3)
1 pair of gloves AC (D or E), KKL 1 (2 or 3)
Flat-knitted made to measure, individual finishes
Diagnosis: lipedema / lipolymphedema
1 additional pair for alternating supply for hygienic reasons

You can find all variants here. If you want to be on the safe side, just call your medical supply store beforehand and ask if they would like something else on it.

I hope this article will help you with the first steps towards a well-fitting arm sock.
Good luck!


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  • The arm support has a very positive effect on me, especially when doing sports. My fingers no longer run full and I can finally put full weight on my arms.
    Since I have had the arm support, I always have a pack of disposable gloves with me. Especially in places where the toilet has to go quickly (gym, university, etc.), I find it more pleasant to put on disposable gloves and to refrain from washing hands including gloves off and on.

  • I wear the Juzo bolero and I am very happy with it.
    I find it easy to put on and it fits perfectly.
    Nothing can slide here:).
    At the moment I'm waiting for my first Juzo arm socks, I wanted to try them out.
    But since I am allergic to adhesive tapes, I fear that the arm socks will slip without the adhesive tape: (.

  • Hallo,
    I was diagnosed in April last year. Directly the (almost) full range with knee socks, arm warmers and gloves. I have to admit that I only wore the gloves twice. Then I have the feeling the gloves are too tight on my fingers, the fingers start to throb, as if someone has wrapped a plaster too tightly around the finger. And then times 2. Even widening your fingers with a pen doesn't help. Besides, I don't know what to wear first. First the gloves and then the arm warmers, or is it the other way around? When I put on the arm warmers, I notice how my fingers get thicker and thicker. In summer I show my arm warmers at the company or when I'm with my friends.

    • Hello dear Steffi,

      Unfortunately, that sounds like fingers that are too tight 🙁 Get a new recipe and let your fingers measure to the fingernail and, above all, not to pull too much. The order is arm sock and then the gloves over it so that you can take off the gloves for the toilet or something similar.

      Best regards,

  • As of today I have my medi stockings for the poor. Got from wrists to armpits.
    At the moment I have the feeling that it is scratching or burning in the area where the stockings below the armpits can be heard. Is it just a matter of getting used to it?
    The area in the crook of the arm is really annoying. Somehow as if something was pressing extremely.
    In the medical supply store they said you could work in padding on the elbow. But what do you do when exactly the other side is disturbing?

    • Hello Nadine,

      have redness or small blisters formed on the studded tape?

      Yes, I also often have the problem with the crook of my arm. Maybe you could also have tricot fabric sewn in there, similar to the back of the knees. I've just never tried it myself.
      At the elbow it wouldn't change the problem, I would say.

      Best regards,

  • Hello, my name is Tanja and I wear a bolero with arm socks and I am very satisfied because nothing slips and I can do everything. My luck is that my hands and fingers don't fill up. I have been wearing bolero since December 2017 and stockings and leggings up to my stomach since August 2017 and have already had great success. Do not give up. Good luck

  • Hello, I wear my arm socks as a bolero. It sits better and you have no visible end in short sleeves. I have one in blue with black tie-dye and once in a deaf white tie-dye. I wear matching gloves.
    I not only find a good solution, but also very chic. I find the gloves exhausting to wear, so I often don't wear them.

  • Hi,
    I'm wearing a Juzo bolero and I'm very dissatisfied. Despite various changes I always have chafing points in the transition from arm to back, on the armpit…. can it be that I wear it wrong somehow?

    LG Carol