Athleisure - the sporty, elegant trousers for women with lipedema / lymphedema

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Das Label Luna Largo stands for fashion for special curves and as the first German fashion label also for women with lipedema and lymphedema. Today we introduce you to the relaxed yet high-quality jersey pants Athleisure .

You may already know them from ours Athleisure outfits.

lipoedem fashion luna largo athleisure

What does athleisure mean?

The word athleisure is made up of the English words athletic (sporty) and leisure (leisure) and that is exactly what this trend is about. The chic jogging can basically replace your suit or Marlene pants and give your outfit a sporty, casual look. So if you are looking for a comfortable feel-good alternative to jeans and maybe you don’t really dare to wear a skirt - this could be your new favorite piece.

lipoedem fashion luna largo athleisure blouse

What makes it special

Thanks to the elegant stripes on the sides, these special jersey trousers are absolutely suitable for the office, everyday and party and cut a really great figure with their relaxed fit. Due to the light fabric, you don't even notice that you are wearing pants and that is the best thing these pants can do for compression wearers. Detached back pockets create a nice buttocks shape and the elastic waistband offers a good hold.

What do I combine with the pants?

The sporty look

If you fancy your active side, you can of course stay in the sporty segment with the pants. How about a suitable one Athleisure shirt, one sweatt shirt, that picks up the strip again or a simple t-shirt with it Jacket?

The elegant look

If you want to go to the office or for a chic dinner, it can be a little more elegant. Here I recommend a classic top like one sleeveless Blouse or a long-sleeved shirt, if possible because of the upper arms, or a high quality shirt.

The party look

It can be a little more conspicuous with the girls-night-out outfit, because we want to shine with the lights! On such special occasions you can go to the Metallic shirt, One Valance top or a eye-catching color to grab. Let off steam and have fun!

 How we combine them

For which figure type is athleisure suitable?

Due to the straight cut, these pants are best on curvy women with a narrow waist, wide hips, large buttocks and thighs. For boxy figures with a stockier torso, she might not do that much good.

Where can i buy it?

You can get the pants online at Luna Largo order in one of the branches of Orthopedics Forum in Bavaria or sometimes at events. The navy blue and black athleisure pants are available in the Sizes 38–56 and for the first time also in normal and long length (yeah, finally one for me). And don't worry, as with any good online shop, you can send it back free of charge if something doesn't fit or you want to try two sizes. The price of the pants is included 119.95 €.


I hope you enjoy experimenting!

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