I am …
… Jule Prekel, I was born on October 15.10.1993th, XNUMX and live in the beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony.

Professional ...
... I am currently working as a clerk in retail - in my parents' shoe store, while I am doing my business administration degree, I would also like to work as a clerk in accounting soon.

Why did I become part of LipedemaMode?
I have read in all forums and self-help groups since my diagnosis in January 2016 and have come to LM again and again. This honest, personable writing style has absolutely inspired me and since I just love fashion, I immediately noticed when Caroline started the call and was looking for new authors. That was my chance 🙂

My perfect day ...
... usually starts later - I'm an absolute sleep junkie. There is no such thing as ONE perfect day for me, it is only important to me that I am with my loved ones and that it is harmonious. I am an absolute family and harmony person. It doesn't matter whether you experience something great, exciting or simply cook together, the main thing is that you are together and happy.

My best friend values ​​me because ...
... i am an absolutely honest person and a good listener.

I love fashion ...
... because it makes us special and unique. Fashion doesn't just mean pulling a pair of jeans and a shirt out of the closet. Fashion shows much more how a person feels. No matter what size you have, fashion can do a lot. Can put people in a different light and enchant others.

That should never be missing in my outfits ...
... the color-matching shoe. Regardless of whether it's sneakers, pumps or ankle boots - in my closet you can find it for almost every item of clothing matching shoe.

My all time favorite
Leather jackets! They really always work - whether in classic black or colored. Whether with an elegant thread or a sporty rock outfit.

Favorite shops
in shoes - Paul Green, Gabor, Maca Kitzbuehel ... and in clothes - Vero Moda, Only, H&M, C&A or Asos and Mango

My biggest bad buy
A sequin embroidered pilot jacket from H&M. It just emphasizes everything that you don't want to emphasize ...

My favourite colours are …
... Red, pink, black. That describes my wardrobe pretty well. Just no blue - I hate blue.

I have a weakness for …
... Sunglasses.

I admire …
... strong fighters. My mum, for example, has been living with multiple sclerosis for 8 years, in addition to lipedema in the 2-3 stage. But she is always positive, does not complain and lives her life the way it is - happy and content.

What is particularly important to me ...
... to always remain true to me. To face people with an open mind and to treat everyone honestly and respectfully.

I still want to achieve that in my life
A question that I cannot answer at all. I enjoy every day of my life and I am excited to see what the future holds for me professionally and privately.

Jule Prekel

Place of residence: Freren, Emsland
Birthday: October 15, 1993
Occupation: shoe seller, business economist in Spe

  • January 2016_Diagnosis stage 2-3 lipedema on the legs and 2 on the arms
  • August 2017 – March 2018_4 liposuctions (arms and legs) in the LipoClinic Dr. Heck 22,8 l lipedema fat was sucked off - since then no more compression!