I am …
… Pia, 26 years old and lives in beautiful Central Hesse.

I am responsible for hotel purchases in Ireland from a package tour operator.

Why am I with Lipedema fashion blog?
That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

My perfect day
Actually, I'm pretty easy to please - send me to a festival and I'm completely satisfied (yes, even in the mud). Probably nobody can imagine that my perfect day will start in a tent heated to around 40 degrees with my best friend, continue under the shower on the campsite and culminate in a (more or less) chilled beer in front of the stage.

My best friend values ​​me because ...
... I laugh not only with my mouth, but also with my heart. You can talk to me about anything, understand everyone and offer my help. Why shouldn't we take everyone for who they are? Tolerance is one of the most important qualities that should characterize a person. And according to my best, I have an incredibly positive charisma and self-confidence.

I love fashion ...
... because you can easily express your own feelings with her. Fashion underlines our personality and can give us an incredible amount of self-confidence. You are automatically more confident when you first wear a new piece of clothing that you are totally proud of, right?

My style icon / style role model is ...
... Dita von Teese think of it, the woman is just awesome.

That should never be missing in my outfits ...
... a large, expressive chain and a beautiful make-up. Actually, you can then go in black very inconspicuously - both things add a lot to an outfit and even make it suitable for going out!

My all time favorite
Denim jacket and trench coat always work! Plus lipstick in all imaginable colors!

Favorite shops
Asos, H&M, Bijou Brigitte - actually, I am pretty run into my favorite shops. Once you've found some where the cuts are, everything is great!

My biggest bad buy
I think there is simply too much as a woman - unfortunately, instead of basics, we prefer to buy trendy items that we put on twice and then got fed up with them. I am such a trend victim too.

My favourite colours are …
... lilac, pink, pink and (even if it is not a color) black

I have a weakness for …
… Cheese.

I admire …
... women and men who simply stand by themselves and do not allow themselves to be bent by other people. People who pursue their goals and are not deterred by setbacks. And above all I admire: my mom.

What is particularly important to me ...
... to be myself and to always keep my freedom. Without my friends and family, I could certainly only be half as happy.

I still want to achieve that in my life
Live - Laugh - Love… I think that describes it pretty well!

Name: Pia

Place of residence: Wetzlar
Birthday: October 16, 1990
Profession: Hotel buyer for a tour operator

 My favorite things are fashion, beauty and travel. Plus size fashion has so much to offer - there is something for everyone!