I am …
... Kristin and walk towards 40 with big steps. I live with my small family in the suburb of Munich.

Professional …
... am active in adult education.

Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog?
I would particularly like to address the concerns of young mothers who may have to deal with a new surge in the most beautiful phase of their lives. Finding time for yourself while the demands of everyday life seem to be overwhelming.

My perfect day ...
... is every day when I wake up with my family and all three of them beam at each other and the little chatterboxes tell about their dreams. Even better if we don't have any appointments and even better if there is no laundry to be done (ok, that's an illusion, but you're allowed to dream.)

My best friend values ​​me because ...
... I'm funny in and of itself.

I love fashion ...
... because fashion and the multitude of possibilities contribute to being able to do something good for yourself. And suddenly the hated compression tights become a "statement piece".

My style icon / style role model is ...
… Jane Fonda and Queen Maxima. Both are relaxed and elegant in their own way, without a lot of frills or overloaded make-up. Even in large gala outfits, they stand for themselves.

That should never be missing in my outfits ...
... of course the compression stockings, because #withoutcompriohnemich

My all time favorite
A self-knitted merino cashmere stole in a dark green (Grumpy old sailor was the name of the color according to the label).

Favorite shops
Navabi, H&M, Esprit, Marc'O'Polo

My biggest bad buy
A mealworm-colored pullover top from Wolford with suggested collar and cuffs. Was a "super bargain" and cost "only" 249,00 euros instead of 125,00 euros. I never wore it because it was extremely clinging to my stomach and the color ... not very flattering. My family still likes to blaspheme to the great amusement about the part (because I still have it!)

My favourite colours are …
... already girl colors, like pink. But I'm trying not to stiffen up there. Everything in its time or as it suits the occasion.

I have a weakness for …
... one (or two) measure of beer.

I admire …
... my mother, who was widowed at a very young age, let us three children travel through life.

What is particularly important to me ...
... a certain amount of confidence and optimism. Everything always works out fine somehow. And humor! Harmony too, especially in the family.

I still want to achieve that in my life
I've already achieved everything that I could wish for emotionally. So I can only hope, above all, to stay healthy and flexible and that my edema and I will become friends again (we are well on the way there).

A few facts about me:

_ Diagnosis January 2010
_ two operations in August 2010 (after a very successful and intensive period of the KPE, which continued after the operations)
_ Recurrences at the end of both of my daughters breastfeeding periods and now I rely entirely on conventional, multimodal therapy.

I wear a patterned mediven 550 with a closed toe and a mediven mondi uni with an open toe