The day I met Barbara Schöneberger

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I would have one euro for each time “And, excited?”, “Well? Are you nervous yet?" or "Are you looking forward to Barbara Schöneberger?" I would have been on a Caribbean island for three weeks now.

I was a guest at the medi booth at an orthopedic technology trade fair in Leipzig and was able to get to know an incredible number of friendly specialists and have great conversations for three days. Even though I've been to events a lot for some time, everything was still exciting for me.

After all, most of the time in the last few years I have sent my stuff out there into this Internet and had no idea how many this really would reach.

I always assumed that most medical supply store specialists only knew me from advertising. But at the fair, I was surprised again and again by such lovely feedback about our site and the stories of your customers that it really touched me deeply.

Too much reality at once

I am a person who approaches things without great expectations. That is possibly also the reason why I am so enthusiastic about. And when a wave of so many positive experiences rolls over you, you can imagine how flat I was. The fact is, the internet doesn't work like reality. Even if thousands of users see and read the posts, only a tiny percentage of the reaction comes back. Then, of course, such three days of direct personal feedback form a stark contrast.

And now imagine, between all these nice encounters, you also get the opportunity to meet someone you have been following since your early teens.

I was a nervous wreck.

No longer useful, tense and excited up to my arms. "God, oh God, how is that supposed to be when she stands in front of me?"

Hello …

That was all I could say. A small team of medians, the moderator and I met in the VIP rooms of the fair and then she came. Barbara Schöneberger entered the room while we were waiting for her, walked over to me and shook my hand. "Hello.", I got out somehow and already thought at that moment that it could be fun with me. If I start talking like that, where should it end?

The press conference

We met a few people from the press and had them put questions to Barbara. I stayed in the background because after all they were there because of her. And all of a sudden a technical question came from a gentleman and she simply asked me to come over to give her a little support.

From that moment something happened. With her and me.

Unsure, I went forward, stood next to you and finally began to be in my element again and lost all tension. Sharing knowledge has always been my passion and when this knowledge was asked I couldn't help but blossom. I was able to confidently answer the more specific questions and show myself not only as a blogger, but also as a well-informed person affected and perhaps also an ambassador. And there we stood, circular knit and flat knit ambassadors. It felt like we mutated into a little duo and started our mission together.

Two women in the name of compression. Debdedeee, dedededededeeeeee… * Hum Superman Theme here *

barbara schoeneberger lipoedem fashion caroline sprott medi compression ot world

The big moment

The real highlight was our conversation, which we were allowed to hold on the medi booth. Because that's where our two priorities came together. You as the heroine in circular knit tights and I as the flat knit Wonder Woman - together show that compression can enrich both fashion and medicine.

Interview with Barbara Schöneberger and Caroline Sprott at OTWorld 2018 in Leipzig from medi GmbH & Co. KG on Vimeo.

As you can now imagine, I went into this interview without any real expectations and could only be overwhelmed. Barbara and I got together very quickly in a great exchange and she sincerely showed her interest in our disease, which is behind the flat knit care. Relentlessly and honestly, I told a lot about life with lipoedema and lymphedema and didn't even notice how quickly time was passing. We might have sat there for hours and it wouldn't have been boring for a second.

barbara schoeneberger lipoedem fashion caroline sprott medi compression ot world

"Well, she just does that every day, nech."

Yo. Of course she is a professional and having conversations is her job too. But the attention and respect they give to this subject too behind the scenes tolled was what brought all the dams to collapse on me at the end of that day.

Over and over! For an hour I was in tears. And unfortunately far too many have seen that for me to lie here now. Niagara Falls, torrential torrents - it didn't want to stop.

She showed me on stage and afterwards in a private conversation at the bar so honestly that it was an exciting encounter for her too, that it touched me indescribably. And the best thing about it is that you always see each other twice in life. Next time I'll just hopefully be able to eat before that.

barbara schoeneberger lipoedem fashion caroline sprott medi compression ot world

Thank you, Barbara.

You know Barbara, you couldn't have influenced this little (admittedly not that small) teenage Caro better through the tube TV. To meet you once at the end, to get to know you, even about me, to be able to tell the painful everyday life of so many people and finally to realize that I was not mistaken about you, made this day one of the most beautiful of my life.

And maybe I can now be a little (admittedly not that little) Barbara for a few people out there.

barbara schoeneberger lipoedem fashion caroline sprott medi compression ot world

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I'll get started: "Fashion is my therapy" and because subtitles are always important: "A girl who went out to face lipedema - with fashion and compression."

I wish you the best of luck and I'm really looking forward to your submissions!

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lipedema-fashion-outfit-purple caroline sprott

Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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  • A wonderful article, very authentic and funny .. I'm very happy for you that you met Barbara. I think she exudes a friendliness that is just great.

    • You are both really great together. I am very happy for you, dear Carolin, that you were able to get to know dear Barbara Schöneberger live ...
      My title would be:
      Despite lipo-lymphedema or precisely because of my lipo-lymphedema, I am who I am today ...
      Don't see your chronic illness as a flaw, just embrace it, accept it and make the most of it ...
      And with pink compression stockings a lot is easier ... !!!

  • Hello everyone, on top of an article would be: 'Sixty-one and not a bit quiet - with bass and compression on stage! Kind regards - great, moving letter up there! Ursula

  • Dear Caroline,

    For me you are not a little Barbara - but much better: a great Caroline! Your authentic and cheerful way of facing the disease has helped me a lot to tackle the topic of disease acceptance in the first place and no longer hide. My miracle weapon is perhaps less fashion, so my headline sounds more like: "Heroine of everyday life" and the subtitle: "Find out how you too can use your strengths to lead a self-determined and contented life". Thank you for being the way you are you are woman of the heart - you are healing because you are you!

  • "Hide? No thanks! "Or" Show me what you have! "Or" Never down without it "

    Thanks for the touching article! You two are awesome ... and I love Barbara very much

  • The article is great, I like it a lot. You can be very proud of yourself! Barbara Schöneberger is a woman who has always fascinated me.

    Power woman and heroine of everyday life!
    Full-time job with child and husband and studying at the same time - anything is possible with the right attitude.

    Keep it up! You encourage me not to let the diagnosis drag me down.

  • A really great article. Thank you very much for that! My article would be "Back to life - lipedema a diagnosis that made me" happy "!" It is provocative, but true - finally a diagnosis that is not "you are fat"! I am 54 years old and have been diagnosed with grade 2 lipedema for 3 years

  • Living with lip / lymph ... how do I cope with it ???
    Subtitles Can the environment get used to the misshapen woman - yeah, it has to be !!!

    Thank you for the great contribution and the effort in the fight against the ignorance of the environment ... I also fight against looks and against my pain every day - but we are strong and can do anything!
    Because of my job as an educator in the children's home, I am very often exposed to new clients and this means that I have to explain myself again every time. Every new encounter a challenge

  • Dear Caroline,
    what a great item! I think that's how I would feel if I met you 🙂
    The article would read: 'flat knit on the left & circular knit on the right - the main thing is colorful' What a mosquito bite can change!
    Lovely wishes,

  • "With compression and passion on the stage - how she fulfilled her dream of studying musicals despite lipedema"

    Very great article dear Caroline, feel very tight

  • It's me! Self-determined being a mom

    Defy the daily madness with healthy vanity and a lot of self-humor

  • “Help yourself, otherwise nobody will help you” with the subtitle “through compression and initiative to gain a new awareness of life!”, That would be the title of my article.
    Your article, dear Caro, touched me very much.

  • Great article 🙂 Meetings like this are always inspiring, take this with you while you can!
    I also celebrate her for her commitment and positive attitude.
    My article would probably be called
    "If you are too strong, you are too weak - why a woman should never put her light under a bushel"

  • Caroline written very well and I could really empathize.

    Life is colorful in compression - the clothes get swing and the legs forget about lipedema!

  • "Diagnosis of lipedema breakdown and new life"
    Subtitle: “YOU don't get me small! "

    My article would be called.

    Very nice report and article

  • Dear Caroline!

    First chapeau for this rousing article - I could literally feel your tension and had the feeling of having been there - written really well!

    The “little Barbara” in you is everywhere to me - since Bonn, where I got to know you, you have become a tangible, positive example of “If I want, I can do it too” - thank you

    My article would be called -
    "Miss Compression in every way - when printing is fun" - from the individual everyday life of a "Sanifee"

  • Hello dear Caoline,
    is awesome article. Barbara is a strong and authentic woman who carries me away every time I see her on TV. Just like you with your contributions.
    My title would be: Berta-Leben with Lipedema.
    Subtitle: Lipedema is just a guest in your life, makes us fight and enjoy our lives.

    Please keep it up

  • Wonderful article! ♥
    Two great women - absolutely admirable, warm and authentic! Dream team!

    My article in the Barbara would read:
    "Beauty and the Beast - as I wrote the love story for life with myself."
    The article would be about self-love, how to show yourself proud and confident. Regardless of “too much” bacon on the ribs, thick legs, a big nose, too many freckles,…. That everyone is wonderful just the way they are.

    • Oh Menno, now there is also an error in it -_- ..
      "Beauty and the Beast - as I wrote the love story for life myself."
      The little "with" has crept in here without permission 😉

  • Hallo,
    Thank you for this great article and I am so happy for you that you could meet Barbara Schöneberger.
    My article would be, "With fun, joy and color into a new life" - the subtitle would be "How rheumatism and lipedema go through the world with me"

  • I am very impressed. I did not know that Frau Schöneberger was involved in this matter. My respect! And I can only say to you Caro: “Please, please keep it up!” When I visited your website for the first time, I felt at home and understood. Thank you for your commitment!

  • This is how I master my small seasonal farm with lip / lymphedema, that would be my headline in Barbara.

    A wonderful report from the fair in Leipzig. And you can put yourself in your place very well.

  • Hello my dear Caro ... Hach, I can understand you so well - and Barbara as well. You were great together! Each for themselves and both together!
    So, because I would also like to participate, the headline for my article is as follows:
    "Show your colors - how I combine my illness with my passion"

    Please continue as before! You are such a great (and also beautiful, mega personable) role model ... for ME and many other people affected.

  • Dear Caroline,

    I like your writing style and like to take part in the competition. By the way, your article title and subtitle suit you perfectly. I was able to convince myself of this in a lecture at the Lymphtag in Fritzlar

    The title of my article would be "Secondary lymphedema is what it is - chronic"
    and subtitle "But it will be what you make out of it by consistently wearing the Compri"


  • Such a nice article and I can understand your excitement and your dissatisfaction.
    But when you meet your idol, you can't be cool anymore 😉

    An article about me? Mmmmh difficult. But maybe ... "How I started my life all over again when I was 40"
    So much has changed since that day and the journey continues. You are, dear Carolin, a valuable companion with your blog and your presence on various social media channels - thank you for that!

  • Totally nice article. I really like barbara because she always shines, is happy and courageous despite the curves.
    My title would be: despite lipedema to the pole dance or wedding with lipedema, how lipedema has changed me

  • I would like to dedicate my title to a quote from Ghandi, which reads
    “First they ignore you, then they smile at you, then they fight you and then YOU win! “—– Once to hell and back, my fight against lipedema and eating disorders. "
    Thank you that you are one of the women who give the disease a face.
    You two together, that was just awesome! Down to earth and charisma in person ♡♡♡

  • Great report, well written. I would have been very excited too. My title for them is: “Providing them with a flat knitting profession and calling. How my love for flat knitting came about. "

  • Dear Caroline,
    a really great article that I enjoyed reading. Nice that you could meet Barbara and that you had such a great conversation.
    My article would be “Wunder Women - We won't let lipedema get us down”.
    Keep up the good work and best regards, Christiane