The new Bauerfeind colors 2019

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Whoever says A must also say B like Bauerfeind. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avowed Bauerfeind lover. Not only that the company philosophy appeals to me. No, of course it is much more important that I am totally enthusiastic about the VenoTrain curaflow flat knit product. Some time ago I had you guys from the new campaign "Hi I! And bye lipedema and lymphedema " and the VenoTrain curaflow tells. I was allowed to be a testimonial in this campaign and of course I'm super proud. This product is so unique and has shown me in my lipedema career what good flat knit compression can do.

Bauerfeind colors 2019 -
My personal highlight

Finally there are new colors. Yes, even if the color is of course not decisive, we all know how nice it is to have varied compression. With the unbelievable bright color orange, they have more than exceeded my expectations. This color attracts everyone's attention and leaves nothing to be desired. Luminous, striking and independent. You can combine them perfectly with any outfit. Just the thought of it puts you in a good mood.

In addition, the color royal is now new in the range. In addition to marine, there is now a wonderfully bright blue at Bauerfeind. The nice thing about this is that you can combine these two colors really well. Whether you repeat them in the outfit or even combine the flat knit with each other is completely the same.

Everything is possible

These incredibly great colors paired in a knitted fabric, which is not only super air-permeable and breathable and therefore perfect for the coming seasons, but also so pleasantly compressive that even more pronounced edema like mine feel at home. So if you have not yet tested the exciting and great compression supply for lipedema and lymphedema, you should try it now with the super great colors at the latest and then of course let us participate in how you like it.

From me personally there are two thumbs up and I can only say:

And absolutely Lippa Britta approved.

Handwriting Britta

I would also like to wholeheartedly agree Ulla Popken thank you for the beautiful dress that was kindly made available to me.

Author: Britta

Hello everyone, my name is Britta and I am a spring child from 1984. I love fashion and make-up and, as a person affected by lip and lymphoedema, I deal with it very intensively. My motto is loosely based on Pipi Longstocking, "I make the world as I like it". I would like to take you on my journey and share my discoveries with you.

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  • Hello Britta,
    I finally have them, the orange peasant enemy. I am really excited. I hope you are fine.