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The bellicon looks like a normal trampoline. But what is in this piece of sports equipment could perhaps even change your life. You think now, "Oh, now she's gone completely crazy. ", and you are not wrong with that either. But if my enthusiasm doesn't jump towards you from this sentence, then I don't know either. Because movement with the bellicon is love at the first hop. But let's start from the beginning.

The bellicon

Anyone who has ever jumped on a trampoline knows that it is almost always fun and puts you in a good mood. So why didn't we take this wonderful device with us from childhood into everyday life? Now you can catch up on that and, by the way, integrate what is probably the gentlest kind of sporting exercise into your life besides swimming.

What is the difference to a normal trampoline?


Most of you will wonder why bellicon is something special now, even though trampolines have been around for ages. And there is a very simple answer to that: instead of metal springs, rubber rope rings are used. This further dampens the strain on the body and protects the joints and ligaments. But that doesn't mean that it also reduces the strain on all muscles in the body. Exactly the opposite is the case! And here I unfortunately have to let my passion run free again. The constant tension and relaxation of almost all cells and muscles in the body through the flight phase and braking not only train the body, but also influence the lymph flow, fat burning, digestion, back, intervertebral discs and posture. If you are interested in studying these realizations, you can here Read.

But I don't dare because ...

So that people with and without restrictions of any kind can use the bellicon, there is a healthy selection of accessories such as handles or edge pads. The width of the jumping surface can also be selected in three levels and the strength levels of the rubber rope rings in five levels, so that you can set the comfort width and the resistance based on body weight and training intensity. The trampoline is configured to suit your own needs and if it does not fit, you can of course make use of the 14-day right of return. If you have little space available, you can opt for the folding legs so that the bellicon can be stowed away even more easily. But I have to admit that I get on so often in between that I never stow it away in three months wanted.

What equipment do I need?

lipoedem fashion bellicon sport slimming

First of all, I recommend a really good sports bra because you can feel gravity all too well during this workout. Which model is best for you depends of course on your physique. If you are unsure, you can get advice from a specialist shop.

Furthermore, I have made the experience that it can quickly become slippery on the jumping mat with the tights alone. I therefore recommend that you wear flat sneakers like Chucks or Nike free or put on bellicon studded stockings. Unfortunately, the latter solution is not necessarily optimal for us, as the socks naturally slip on the tights. I did light swinging and small exercises in between without any equipment. But as soon as you get active in sports, you should dress for the training.

Isn't that getting boring?

Oh no believe me I can't live without a change. I have the requirement of my sports units at all times to keep myself busy and entertained. If the bellicon couldn't deliver that, I wouldn't tell you about my new heart with the same smile on my face.

This trampoline is for everyone and I mean everyone! Depending on how intensely you move on it, whether with ball weights, one floor below directly with your body on the jumping mat, just stretching your arms or simply jumping - you can really train anything. And listen to yourself, when was the last time you stretched your foot muscles? How often do you feel your abs just because you swing a little? How does the resistance to outstretched arms feel again?

Even I, as a sporty and reasonably trained person, was so often surprised at the beginning and still today with new body feelings that I didn't want to believe it. If you bob up and down for only a few minutes while keeping your arms outstretched, you will feel so much tension in your upper body but at the same time no stress. After my first harder workout, I got off the bellicon and was surprised how much I felt the training session in my muscles, but how little my joints responded. And I know that more than enough from running ...

If you still do not want to do without instructions, you will get a lot at hand. Training DVDs for all types of training, from an introduction to using and getting used to the device to advanced 45-minute training units.

Pure life

Then I have one of the most important recommendations for you. The gym Pure life from Weilburg has established itself as the first live online fitness studio and offers all courses that take place there in a video database that can be accessed at any time - a kind of sports YouTube. You are partnered with bellicon and offer a great selection of easy to difficult workouts for it. This is what I train most for and often let myself be surprised at what is still possible.

lipoedem fashion bellicon sport slimming purlife

Der Preis

The price range starts with the cheapest model at € 378. This is too expensive? Absolutely not. Because the device is produced in Germany and is therefore absolutely worth its price in terms of quality. It's basically like any other product that you can buy. Either you buy the patented high-quality device once and know that it is the best version available on the market, or you opt for a duplicate from Asia. So you spend 100 € and also run the risk of it breaking or emitting any toxic substances when rubbed. Every time I buy an investment, I weigh up whether it is really worthwhile to save here, to make compromises, in the worst case to pay twice and to have produced unnecessary waste. Many pay € 300-600 for a new cell phone, but is a long-lasting, high-quality sports equipment too expensive?

Does it help with lipedema?

A definite yes! Since I had an operation and have already experienced significant relief, I wish today that I had perhaps discovered it beforehand. The concerns that I might have saved myself the operations do not really want to go away. Nobody promises healing, that would also be dubious. But being able to stimulate the lymph flow so easily and simply every day might have saved me at least a little time.

So today, after long days in the office, car trips and when the tea is boiling, I go for a round on the bellicon and notice how something is going. The girls among you who know the tingling and goosebumps from the MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) will know what I'm talking about. Over time, you develop a feeling for the lymph flow and recognize when it is stimulated. And I get this feeling after a few minutes, which is a huge plus for me.

I drink a lot throughout the day, so I have to go to the toilet often anyway. In this context, it is difficult for me to judge whether I have to go to the bathroom because of the trampoline workout or naturally shortly afterwards, but it is noticeable. Since my water retention today is in no way compared to the one before the liposuction, it could be that this effect occurs more clearly in more strongly affected people.

The relief that I experience through even a slight swing and with my expression is worth the purchase and the customer satisfaction on the Internet that I have felt so far leaves nothing to be desired. For me it is the gentlest type of sporting activity that I know besides swimming, but in comparison it is even more time-saving because it is accessible at all times.

It is of course important to point out once again that I recommend wearing compression stockings during training as well as in everyday life. The friction of the skin when moving in compression is very important and crucial for the activation of the lymph flow.

I'm sure I'm too heavy for that

In order to speak out again for the quality of the bellicon, I would like to refer you to the weight table. Because the trampoline can even be used up to 200 kg and is an absolutely perfect entry-level device, especially for people who are still at the beginning of their sporty life or their weight reduction. I have the yellow clips myself and get on really well with them. I could almost imagine the red ones.

lipoedemmode_bellicon_seilring STRENGTH_BODY WEIGHT

Do i need a high ceiling?

The website shows the minimum ceiling height with Minimum ceiling height = your height + 50 cm declared. And for my experience, this information is realistic. I am a tall person and I had doubts about my high ceilings, but they immediately fizzled out. It is because when jumping on the bellicon you jump significantly more into the depth than with normal trampolines. I have attached a comparison video for you, where you can see it very well. The immersion is of course very deep here, but the clips are used to individually target you.


Love, it's just love Not a day goes by without at least jumping on it very briefly and recharging my batteries. Please try it out! Get infected and feel the relief, the strengthening, the well-being and the fun that this piece of sports equipment brings with it. No product makes your entry into an eventful life easier than this!

You can watch the bellicon directly in the Online-Shop configure or times in Showroom in Cologne seek advice.

Transparency: We would like to thank bellicon for providing the test product free of charge and unconditionally for three months.

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