Bolero or arm sock - which fitting suits me?

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Do you need a flat knit armrest for lipoedema or lymphedema? Then you may be faced with the question of whether a bolero or arm sock is suitable for you. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you make your decision.

In general, trying is better than studying. I can impart as much knowledge to you as I can, in the end your flat knit compression has to suit you and your personal everyday life. So let yourself be inspired by this article and go well informed into the next conversation with your Sanifee. She can best advise you on your suitable options.

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Bolero or arm sock - the differences

The big difference between the two types of restoration lies in the connection between the shoulder blades. Der Vorteil What is important about the bolero is that it is not two individual arm socks that can slip down, but the arm warmers always stay in place. You can also use it to pack the little clouds on your upper arms well. Otherwise it can happen that they bulge over the sleeve end. A disadvantage is in my opinion that in summer you can of course see the additional cord under a top or a cut-out dress.

lipoedem fashion bolero arm socks arm compression flat knit arm compression flatknit liopedema lipedema
The mediven 550 arm as a bolero has a connecting piece between the shoulder blades for an optimal hold.

The connecting piece on the bolero from medi is comparatively narrow. If you also wear a leg harness, sometimes every cm of fabric is already too much - that's what happens to me sometimes. Have the arm socks the advantage, that the connecting piece is omitted and thus the neck remains free. They are also taken off faster than the bolero. It cannot be easily removed without dropping the covers.

It has to be right

Caution: The bolero should be measured absolutely perfectly by your Sanifee, otherwise you run the risk of rubbing your armpit. The sensitive point is not forgiving of any measurement errors.

In the case of an arm sock, however, it is important to ensure that it ends as high as possible in order to guarantee a comfortable fit on the upper arm. If you need additional hold, I recommend a wide adhesive border with micro nubs. Are you prone to allergic reactions to the silicone? Then, however, the bolero could be the right solution for you. This works completely without adhesive tapes.

lipedema fashion socks jeans blue nature design element medi plus size lipedema model healthfluencer carolien sprott
The mediven 550 arm in denim blue with nature design element

Hurray - patterns, crystals and functional zones are there for everyone!

The nice thing about both flat knit supplies is that you don't have to do without the functional zone on the elbow, the pattern option or the sparkling crystals. This way you can do your work at your desk much more comfortably and don't have to choose a fashionable accent from the range of colors and patterns from average without.

Here you can play with the different variants and choose your next combination. Let your taste run wild!

Choose for you personally

Mainly, I will personally stick to the arm stockings, because that is simply THE choice for me. But me and that Ruhrpottfraulein Carina can be seen that the decision is super individual, since they use the bolero z. B. greatly appreciates. Here do you come to a great article of hers on the topic!

You can also get in contact with your medical supply store and discuss with your Sanifee which solution is the best for you. Often you only get smarter from one care to the next. So dare to try a few experiments and let yourself be guided by the experience of your medical supply company. If they don't completely advise against it in your case, it is definitely worth a try.

What is your choice for the next recipe and do you still have questions about the topic? Then write it to me in the comments. I will be happy to answer them for you!

medi mediven 550 lipedema compression bolero arm sock

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  • I've noticed you are also wearing the leg part, over the stomach area.
    I have lymfoedema in both arms and legs, big possibility that is also in my torso, I am getting my stockings tight hight.

    Do you have tips and tricks for me?