Boudoir shooting - a path to self-love

You are probably thinking to yourself “Boudoir ... what? What is that supposed to be new, modern? ". To explain: Boudoir comes from the French and originally described an elegant dressing room into which the lady of the house could withdraw. In today's world of photography, it stands for sensual, erotic, elegant images.

OK. So dingy ones
Erotic pictures, right?

No, this is not the case with a boudoir photo shoot. Here you are in the center of attention as a person and it is about putting yourself in the limelight in style, not revealing everything head-on. And especially it's about strengthening your self-confidence and giving you a good feeling for your body.

wedding dirndl

My personal boudoir shoot

Like some at the moment, I have decided to do a boudoir shoot at the time of my wedding and to use my wedding lingerie for it. I loved the idea of ​​being able to put my dirndl blouse (we got married in traditional Bavarian church clothes) and my dressing gown in the limelight.

In addition, I have found a very nice photographer. She made me feel good the entire time and the longer the shoot went, the more comfortable I felt. We also agreed that she would not retouch me later when editing, but that you should still recognize my “peculiarities”. So she drew the silhouettes just a little softer.

lipoedem fashion boudoir shooting tanja 6_web

Be brave

For me, trust in my photographer was very important. Because a special challenge, in addition to that permissiveness, was that we shot outdoors. Means that I not only had to bring myself to show myself so freely at all, but also not have a problem with strangers seeing me like that. And what should I say? In the end, I didn't care if someone drove by or walked by now and then.

I found myself beautiful and I became more and more aware that there are people who love me for who I am. With every flaw, with every dent on the thigh and with every stretch mark. So why shouldn't I do that too? Then why shouldn't I love myself and especially accept myself as I am?

And that's exactly what I've been trying to do since the boudoir shoot, even more than before. Of course there are always days when I don't find myself so attractive either. But it is precisely on such days that it is particularly important to keep in mind that we are all beautiful as we are. And the pictures support me a lot.

I can only advise you, if you have ever thought about such a photo shoot, dare. It's really worth it. Afterwards you come out stronger and with more self-confidence. And along the way, beautiful pictures are created.

Images: Photo cat Katharina jokuschies

Dirndl picture: Michael Hadwiger

Dirndl and dirndl blouse: Dirndl love

Dressing gown: Needlepoint Lace

Lace jumpsuit: Bonprix

wedding dirndl

Author: Tanya

I'm Tanja, born in 1988 and from beautiful Bavaria. Professionally, I am a landscape gardener and I don't really have much to do with fashion there. However, I really enjoy writing and I think it's nice to get inspiration again and again and learn to realize yourself. I would like to pass this feeling on to others and fight together against our illness and achieve that we still feel good in our skin and beautiful.

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  • Dear Tanja,

    these are very nice pictures and a great contribution! You shine properly and the photographer has put your natural beauty in the limelight ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Thank you for your openness! I wish you all the best on your way.

    Best regards,

    PS: what kind of dressing gown is that?