Book review "Sophia Thiel - Simply slim and fit"

Book review "Sophia Thiel - Simply slim and fit"

Sophie Thiel is considered the starter of the fitness industry and helps many women to find their dream body with their personal sports program. In addition to the fitness program and her own sports collection, the 22-year-old has also devoted herself to the important topic of nutrition separately and her book "Simply slim and fit" published by riva Verlag. This includes nutrition tips and 120 recipes that should make the path to the dream figure easier.

Through your personal career, you have gained a lot of experience in the field of nutrition and weight loss. Because Sophia has also gone from being a “chubby” to a successful power woman with a six-pack and has lost 30 kilos. With lots of delicious recipes and the right nutrition tips, everyone can get closer to their small or large personal goal and that without going hungry with lots of delicious and light recipes.

One grip, one hit

I bought the book because I was looking for delicious healthy recipes that would support me in my goal. They shouldn't be restrictive or contain ingredients that I would never buy in my life or that I have to pay a huge amount of money for in order not to really use them up in the end. In the Thalia of my trust, I am about the book “Simply slim and fit” by Sophia Thiel stumbled. Since I had already heard a lot about her and am really impressed by her transformation, I didn't have to think twice and just took a look. And there it was, the book I was looking for. For 19,99 € it was mine after a few minutes.

Simple but tasty recipes

On 185 pages, Sophia Thiel introduces herself and her success program and goes into the basics of a healthy and balanced diet. Their delicious recipes are divided into five categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and shakes, and after-workout shakes. The dishes are straightforward and easy to prepare. You can get all the ingredients in a well-stocked grocery store, regardless of whether it is a discount store or a supermarket. Many recipes have little notes stating that they are vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free or low in carbohydrates. The food information is especially cool for various dishes, where important information about certain foods is provided. All dishes can be prepared very well and are therefore great for work.


Why do I recommend this book to you? That's exactly why! If you don't feel like a fitness program, but still need a healthy inspiration and want to lose a few pounds, the book is for you “Simply slim and fit” by Sophia Thiel manage very well. The book is very lovingly designed and addresses the predominantly female clientele precisely. The recipes are delicious and look appealing, are also easy to prepare and can be conjured up quickly. If you are busy counting calories, you will find the number of calories as well as protein content, fat content and carbohydrate content under each dish. So just right for everyone who likes to be in control. And for 19,99 €, in contrast to the expensive fitness programs, a really affordable alternative.

Anyone who, like me, would like to lose a few pounds in a tasty way without starving and also want to do something good for their body on the side, is in good hands with the delicious recipes by Sophia Thiel.

So get on the bacon, girls!


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