Flower outfits: Invitation to stroll and shop in Rothenburg

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A very important one side effect For me, wearing compression stockings is the courage. I used to be more of the jeans and black pants type, today I dare to wear skirts and dresses. The best part is, I like myself!

The pink outfit

With medi, Caroline and the new Fashion Element Flower, I was able to go on a shopping tour to Würzburg in spring. Because it was so great, I treated myself to another shopping spree today. In mine City of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in mean Favorite compressions too mean Favorite clothes by Anett Perner at AnRa - Mode & Accessiores. The result is very yours here.

lipoedem fashion anra ursula thome medi flower

lipoedema mode anra ursula thome medi flower 5

Purple outfit with flower pattern

When I used the trend colors purple and pink with the flower pattern from average held in my hands and saw the new AnRa collection at the spring fashion show, I had a thought.

"THE! Must be together, somehow. "

lipoedem fashion anra ursula thome medi flower

AnRa - My favorite shop

In 2007 Anett Perner founded a company that stands for feminine, sensual and colorful fashion - timeless and without fashion dictates. The collections consist of high-quality natural materials and are designed and hand-sewn in the local shops by their 20 employees.

Each dress can also be made to measure in any size, which can be very important for us lip / lymphies. You are welcome to look over the shoulder of the team at work!

Anett has achieved a lot for Rothenburg and the surrounding area. Their social commitment, the involvement of other small start-ups and their presentations and fashion shows are an integral part of the city's calendar of events.

Rothenburg - my city

My personal relationship to Rothenburg is diverse. My children were born here, I worked here in the Rothenburg book market as a bookseller, later in the Christmas village at Käthe Wohlfahrt's (definitely go!) And went around the houses making music at the annual Whitsun Festival with the Rothenburg sutlers. These are a worth seeing multi-day spectacle with hundreds of Rothenburgern in historical costumes, theater, with parades, camp life, market and old music. My band MATSM-Project is out and about with handmade Frankenrock here in the pubs and in private gigs. It is my regional shopping city for anything and everything in still numerous retail stores.

For 20 years there has been aqua jogging three times a week in the local Franconian leisure center - a blessing for my lymphedema.

Every day in Rothenburg is a bit of a vacation for me and with the shoot yesterday something like a dream came true.

Without the compression tights from medi in the new trend colors of pink and purple, I would never have put on such dreamy dresses. I felt like a queen in it! Give it a try, that's pure quality of life!

Do you still need tips for Rothenburg? Write to me!

Kind regards, Ursula

Photos: Danijela Christian, Schrozberg
Compression: medi
Clothes and accessories: AnRa - Mode & Accessoires, Rothenburg, www.anra-mode.de

ursula thome

Author: Ursula Thome

Hello, I'm Ursula Thomé, born in 1956. I developed secondary lymphedema in my abdomen, groin and thighs after cancer operations. I am a classical philologist, used to be a teacher and worked part-time at ballet schools and in sports studios. Music and sports also accompany me in (non-)retirement: I continue to work in a fitness studio where I can support edema patients and rehabilitation athletes, and I continue to play the bass on stage. I have been wearing compression garments since 2017. Caroline's blog helped me a lot with valuable information to overcome obstacles and problems related to my edema. I love my colorful compris - preferably with patterns and jewelry crystals in a rocking outfit (also openly on stage). They don't restrict me, they help and underline my clothes and my mood and enable me to continue an active and fulfilling life.

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