5 tips for the right purchase of shoes with lipedema

Unfortunately, I notice more and more how many lipedema women are cared for incorrectly on their feet.

When we talk about therapeutic measures, we often only think of flat knit, manual lymphatic drainage in connection with sport and Nutrition one. But there is more we can do to keep the pain and consequential damage under control.

A large number of lipedema women are also overweight, which is why the joints are severely affected even without lipedema. Unfortunately, the lipoedema fat promotes the misalignment of the legs again immensely and that is why many women already have to wear orthopedic insoles to reduce pain while walking.

But unfortunately it is not enough with just deposits. Even the best orthopedic insole only works if it is allowed to work on the right, solid surface.

My 5 tips for buying shoes with lipedema

  1. Fixed heel cap to support the heel for a secure stance
  2. Thicker shoe sole, so that the load on the foot sole is inhibited
  3. Footbed - with pad and side support
  4. Possibly lacing - because with a lymph component, the width of the foot changes during the day, so re-lacing is an advantage
  5. Don't buy too short to avoid pressure on the toes and ensure the perfect rolling movement

I know that some women find it difficult to dig deeper into their pockets for their shoes and like to fall back on shoes from the supermarket discounter or similar. My request to you:

Do something good for yourself and consider several factors when buying shoes, because our feet carry us for a lifetime and must be protected.

Not everyone has the necessary financial background to spend € 150–200 when buying shoes with lipedema. But it doesn't have to be.

My tip: even the big, well-known brands always have discount campaigns for models from the previous year or similar, which do not take advantage of the quality. These shoes can usually be worn for years and in my opinion a higher price is worthwhile. So let's go to the great retail stores in your city. Let us advise you, try it out and still try something new.

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Author: Jule Prekel

Hello, I'm Jule, born in 1993 and work in my parents' shoe store in beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony. I got my diagnosis in 2016 after seven years wondering what was wrong with my body. The diagnosis gave me new strength, new hope. I no longer hid, I lived with the disease that was now mine. Fashion helped me a lot, it has always been my constant companion and yet I learned how to deal with it much more intensively. I love to dress well, to develop exciting color combinations and to put my body in a different light. Nobody should hide behind ill-fitting clothes and that should be my message on this great blog.

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    • Dear Catinka,

      That's individual for everyone. Personally, I love to wear Paul Green or Gabor, but I don't have any extreme foot problems either. The workmanship and the footbed are very important to me ... try it yourself 😉

  • "In my opinion, a higher price is worth it"

    The question is not whether you think a higher price is not worth it. And buying cheap shoes has NOTHING to do with being stingy and therefore "would like to fall back on shoes from the supermarket discounter or similar". "With pleasure". Such statements are hurtful. I would very much like to buy better shoes that don't pinch and last longer.

    The question is how to B. with a low EM pension and top-up through social assistance ever discounted, but still finance expensive brand shoes. Do you actually know how expensive shoes in size K and larger are? Especially when they should look reasonably good and not granny? My current shoes are 3 years old, had cost 55, - € and were the only ones affordable after saving that I could find in Weite K, Medicus brand by Deichmann, Not nice, but Weite K. I can't go for what I want like what I can pay for. By the way, these shoes are my only shoes =, for spring, summer, autumn and winter, for three years. Their condition is corresponding.

    Comfortable and optimally good-looking clothing in plus sizes is only possible for people with enough money. But not z. B. for people like me who were torn from the middle of their professional life and have since seen how they get along. Then having to read that you "like to wear shoes from the supermarket discounter or something similar" and shouldn't do that (which you know yourself and don't want to)
    l is cynical and hurtful.

    • Dear Mia,

      I am so sorry that my article hurt you so personally. I hope you believe me that wasn't my intention!

      If you have to live in a financial situation as you describe it, I am fully aware that you have to manage your money very differently and that sometimes you have no other options.

      I wish you a nice weekend, best regards.


  • Hi Jule! As if I had guessed it, I smiled at two pairs of shoes today: once sandals by Waldläufer in width H and once Gabor ankle boots, both from last season, both reduced; where I would have to ask about the sandals from the medical supply store. After all, 10% just went down because I asked.
    I totally agree with you: if you have good shoes, they will last longer than a season. The most beautiful fashion shoe is of no use if it makes me feel more painful.
    I would have liked to know a few more brand names from you.

    • Hey you 🙂

      Well that was fate !! Sometimes you just have to buy it and yes - ask the price again, often there are still options!

      I always struggle with brands because it is completely individual. I love Paul Green, sometimes Gabor too… but I don't need fullness either. So everyone has to find the right partner for themselves somewhere ...


  • Hello
    I am Anita 40 years old
    Mother of three and got
    The diagnosis was made in the middle of last year.
    But thank goodness I've only had tights for three days.
    What fashion can I wear?

    • Hello Anita,

      it's a bit like asking which car to drive. 🙂 It depends so much on your taste, your figure and your budget.
      However, many buy from Asos, C&A, Ulla Popken, Sheego or Navabi. There are many opportunities.

      Best regards,

  • My sister wants to buy rangers for women. Thank you for the tip that even with well-known brands there are regular discount campaigns on last year's models that don't take a beating in quality. I also think it's important that shoes can be worn for several years.

  • For me, thick shoe soles are the be-all and end-all. I also wear orthopedic insoles. Without this, I get instant pain. In addition, sneakers help me especially everything else becomes difficult.

  • Hello Jule,
    Thank you so much for your input. Please tell me what do you think about ECCO? My legs and feet hurt really bad I need some good support for my heels and legs