Camouflage is everything - how do I hide the compression?

Hide compression

Today I have a topic that many are very interested in. We're on the side for Pro - compression. Don't be ashamed of the compression garments, wear them with pride. But many of you have a problem with that. You try to hide the compress but fail, so you don't wear it regularly. I have prepared a few variants for you, how you can easily be worn invisibly. Curious; excited? Well then go!


This is probably the variant for the brave. Just put on the compress, pull a skirt or pants over it and you are obviously on display. Requires courage and self-confidence from some people affected - but it is also the most comfortable way to carry them.

lipedema fashion compression tights camouflage hide help outfit compression

Sheer tights

Take a pair of tights in black or brown and pull them over the compression. It looks deceptively real through the skin-colored compression. You shouldn't choose support tights, but normal sheer tights. This variant is really pretty to look at with an evening dress or skirt and is hardly noticeable.

Opaque tights

In winter it is too cold to wear the compression alone. I like to wear opaque tights over it. The whole thing has 2 advantages. Advantage 1 you are wrapped up warm, advantage 2 the compression is not visible. Please note that you buy the tights one size larger than normal. So it does not restrict you further and just lies loosely.

lipedema fashion compression tights camouflage hide help outfit compression


Some hate you, some love you. there are innumerable versions and I think you can pull you over the Kompri. Here, too, it depends on the size and also on the amount of stretch. The more flexible the more comfortable.

lipedema fashion compression tights camouflage hide help outfit compression

Treggings / denim leggings

Personally, I don't like wearing rigid jeans over compression. I quickly feel immobile and restricted. Thank God, the manufacturers have come up with something for this. Jeans-look leggings. These adapt wonderfully and fit like a second skin. Under such pants I would recommend a compression from Medi with the Buttocks forming to pull. Goodbye to diaper!

lipedema fashion compression tights camouflage hide help outfit compression


As already mentioned, I'm not a fan of jeans about compression myself. But that can be very different for you. Here again the stretch percentage is very important. The more pliable, the more comfort you have. The compression is no longer visible. Sometimes it is necessary to choose one size larger.

lipedema fashion compression tights camouflage hide help outfit compression

Personal opinion

I hope you got some inspiration. My preference is the compression without wearing anything over it, that's how I like the wearing comfort best. In winter I like to put on opaque tights to give myself a little more warmth. Give it a try!

All the best

Handwriting Anja

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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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  • Hi Anja,
    nice post 🙂
    Personally, I'm more of the pants type. So I usually “hide” the compression automatically 😉
    However, especially in summer, I have no problem showing them in my free time and wearing open shoes. However, I have a small problem: I quickly develop lint on my heel from the compression. That looks really ugly. Maybe you know that or do you have tips? Hopefully I'm not the only one, otherwise I'll be embarrassed…. 😀

  • I mostly wear jeans. But also jeans leggings over compression stockings. But in summer it is warm. Now there are fashionable long skirts. Stretch skirts too. I already bought the first one. Very comfortable to wear. Airy. And sandals. The one with the rubber bands. In fact, it looks very good. My counselors are my daughters (23 and 8) and my mother. They are absolutely thrilled with the long skirts. You great. My little one is even disappointed when I don't wear it.
    Professionally, I am a nurse in a nursing home. Since I am a small person, I buy these 7/8 pants. The cheapest. Because they break regularly. The suffering of many people with lipedema. My skin-colored or colored stockings look out below. No matter. The main thing is that I can run. 😉

  • Hello Mila, I guess many people know about the lint, but nobody dares to answer, or nobody has a solution, unfortunately I don't know any 🙁

  • Hello Mila,
    I'm new here, but I also have this lint on the compression. So you are not alone. The question is where do they come from?

    • Hello all,

      nice that I'm not the only one with this problem 🙂
      Hm, I mostly wear sneakers or Birkenstock. And extra soft slippers at home so that nothing rubs ...
      At least I don't want to wear socks over my compress too. Then there is nothing else to do than pull the lint away. I don't want to cut around with the nail scissors either.
      LG Mila

  • Hello!
    I know the problem too. I always fumbled them at the beginning. Now I let her. Is too exhausting for me. At medi, they don't come as quickly as at juzo ... But I'm not satisfied with that either.

  • Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I also have the problem with the lint. I just removed it with a lint razor. It worked well. Try it out. LG ILONA

  • Hello dear ones,
    I know the lint problem too - dark lint on the skin-colored stockings, light lint on the black stockings ...
    They go well with a normal lint razor, I am more annoyed by the increasing discoloration (in my cashmere stockings) on the toes (probably from closed shoes) or when I wore them under jeans then between the thighs in a delicate blue ... I've never been washed out again. It's okay in winter, but in summer these stockings are no longer wearable, discolored toe area in sandals ... so I don't dare to step out.
    I am open and grateful for ideas to solve this problem 🙂

  • I also have the lint problem. You could only show the compression openly for the first time, after a few weeks of wearing and washing it doesn't look so nice anymore. Then you'd better hide them.