Compression - My daily struggle

 With a lot of effort

My fight. drrring, drrrring ... my alarm clock goes off. Let's start the new day. Tired and with half-open eyes, I sit on the edge of the bed. I look at my pile of things laid out for the day. Skirt, shirt, cardigan, lingerie and ... compression. My heart is getting heavy.

Another day, another fight

Somehow I don't feel like torturing myself into compression today. The thought alone makes me shudder. But live with a day without compression? Accept the pain for a little freedom? A little vote starts to circle in my head. Pros and cons. Pro wins. So bring the rag and the thing! Easier said than done. First lay it out nicely, then bend your feet piece by piece. The first little fight sometimes starts at the heel. Well, clever as I am, of course I easily mastered it - one jerk and over. Would have laughed.

Further in the text

Take a short, deep breath and then, with one or two strong pulls, pull the small wetsuit down to the back of your knees. Phew! Wonderful - if the phone rings now I am not incapacitated. Even if the house is on fire now, I will probably sit here a little longer and watch. So gather new strength. I fumble the Kompri slowly over my knees, pulling it hard so that no creases appear. Now I have you on my thighs at medium height. And now? Sack race? Well, at least something like that.

To gather courage

I stand there, my head thinking about undoing the whole thing. Simply take off again quickly and pepper in the corner. My little demons go out of their way to convince me - little bad things! But no! Not with me! I'm going to do this now. 3 - 2 - 1 - GO! A strong jerk and the pants are now sitting over my bottom. Almost in the correct place. A little jump, a little gymnastics, three little lunges, five squats and ten yoga poses later, everything is actually in place. What am i good at! Actually doesn't feel that bad now. I look in the mirror - yes hello Miss - send how it all brings it into shape!

lipoedem fashion fight compression drawingConvinced

Yes, it wasn't that difficult, I say now. Worked perfectly, looks good. Where was the problem? My little demons have hid in the farthest corner, they are writing something there on paper, but I ignore you. I won today, I look good - confidence level 100 - the day may come.

I look again in the corner, there you are sitting, holding up signs "Tomorrow is a new fight". You are right, but I am armed - I am the WINNER.

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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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  • Hi Anya,
    Daaaanke for this post, for this page! I am not alone. For 2 days I have had a compression capri and knee socks KKl 2. I can handle the socks really well. Not at all with the pants. It takes well over 30 minutes just for this despite gloves. After going to the toilet at least 10 minutes until she sits properly again .. I dread going to the toilet every time…. In the morning I lie in bed and don't like to get up…. I have problems at the top of the thighs, at the back of the bottom and in the crotch. It constricts and hurts when you put it on, it only goes a millimeter further ... sweaty and nasty for the hands. As a teacher in school, how do I do that in the 10 minute breaks? How about a doctor's visit? Somehow it's not suitable for everyday use. Please encourage me! Will it go faster and better at some point? Greetings Yuna

    • Hello Yuna!

      I can tell you with certainty that practice makes perfect. In the beginning it is really difficult and your hands will suffer, now this comes BUT (!) You will get faster. Your hands will get used to the new strain and you will see that 1-2 weeks later everything has worked out.
      For sores, I can recommend “baby wound cream”, which helps the hands to recover. Please stay tuned. As a teacher, you should just imagine that it is a subject. Practice, practice, practice and then it works! I wish you a lot of success and strength - you can do it.


  • Hello my dears,
    yes, the contributions are great here and encourage! 🙂 first (5 months ago) I had round-knit stockings up to my thigh and they were also a little bit cramped to wear. not wearing them was not an option for me. I left them out only 6 times in the almost 2 months for 2 celebrations (afternoon to evening). 🙂 I put 2 pairs of support stockings from the normal store on top of each other to have some support. that worked well and looked cool too. 🙂 I've been doing flat knitting for a few weeks now, the 2nd pair, because the first ones were so crap (pebbles on the outside, so that you could forget to wear a skirt), they slipped, so after about 15 minutes when going for a walk . everything was already hanging on my knees. 🙁 now, changed brand, nothing slips, got it in 2 minutes. dressed and the pain in my hands (which was really severe at the beginning) is as good as gone. I creamed them (and also their feet) with shea butter (unrefined) over and over again. i only know summer with circular knitwear. let's see, pointed out with the flat-faced is. I can do it too. 🙂 we can all do it !! 🙂

    • Dear bobble,

      To put it in your words “we can all do it”!
      I think your attitude is great, really exemplary. Giving up is not an option.
      I also think that the compression really helps you and the pain gets better - great feedback! With words like that, we all know why we're running this site. Thank you!

      Best regards,

  • Hello Anja, thank you for your feedback. I felt so alone because I don't know anyone anywhere who has that lippie. I feel better now thanks to this site. Today at work I was so hot again, I rolled up my pants. Basta!!! Now the inhibition threshold has fallen! Showed my cherry red asterisks. Wink. Now I have to, no, may, I want to go to the lymph. That was just a cramp. But after half a year I haven't been out for two weeks and I'm in pain again. I'll go through with it. And there are also successes. My suave are gone. Pull it off! I'm sending you a huge portion of courage out there. LG bobble

  • Dear Anja, I laughed so much at your morning fight report and thought, where is the hidden camera in my bedroom? I've been doing this every morning for 8 years, thank you very much for your fashion tips.

    Buying the right clothes is a real drama. Many a great piece that was believed to have disappeared quickly because it was a bad buy. If I see the possibilities based on your photos, then hopefully it won't happen to me again.

    • Dear Sonja,
      I am very happy that I could put a smile on your face.

      I hope you find some nice things for your closet. I use every inspiration I can get the same.

      Wish you all dear.

  • Very nice article from you! It reflects our everyday life well.
    I cried every day for the first few days. It was 35 degrees outside, and I didn't want to get up because the Kompri was waiting for me, but I pulled it off. Going to the toilet? Well, my colleagues smile when I go to the bathroom with my work gloves on
    At the temperatures you are only gawked at by other women, the men seem to care.
    The first time driving a car was horrific because my very high waistband constricted me so under my chest. My stomach volume also seems to be kept within limits due to the pressure.
    Now I've persevered and still struggled to run, went like this, except for the uncanny feeling of heat. Two weeks have passed and I'm happy to have persevered. Unfortunately, I now notice that the body part is slipping. That sucks in the crotch, the waistband and around the knees. Now I would like to have that changed. I was measured in the hottest weather and with a swollen stomach, so I fear the error.
    Oh yes, a lot of money went out for new clothes. Three new bras with exotic sizes, because the high waistband constantly collided with my bra underwires to slip into shoes because I hardly want to bend down through the waistband. And I can't bear any of my jeans anymore, because they are too warm, too much fabric on the knees and the fit is ...
    Well, but I'm still alive and ranting. In any case, my boyfriend seems to like my bottom in the compress and I imagine a pain reduction.