Confident despite lipedema: Your key to pain management

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When I was diagnosed with leg lipedema, I felt very unwell due to obesity and years of losing faith in myself. Two years later I was diagnosed with my arms and I got into a negative spiral of thoughts that I couldn't find my way out of on my own. Compression care is often demonized as an enemy and an armor. You may find it hard to believe, but for me it not only meant pain relief, but also a challenge that I was able to overcome.

Today I am confident despite lipedema.

Today I would like to show you how I managed to do this International Women's Day and hope that this might be the first step for you back to yourself.

My joy in life was smothered by pain and fear of the future

After the diagnosis of my arm, I felt very bad mentally. I had crying fits every day and a dark veil lay over my thoughts. Thanks to psychotherapy, I was able to organize my thoughts piece by piece, but that alone wasn't enough to be happy again.

I have learned that it is important to approach problems creatively and understand what lights up my soul again.

Before I wore compression garments, I... just dressed. I didn't really have an interest in fashion, like many people probably do. However, it was difficult for me to accept that the arm stockings would now become part of my everyday life and therefore also part of me. But I knew I had to do something. Should I feel like this for the rest of my life? No! So I decided to take full flight forward - my fashionable self-therapy was born!

The tank becomes armor

Since then, I have dressed perfectly every day. Every time I consciously take 5 minutes to “get ready” for the day. I always dress according to my gut and body feelings and thus determine my appearance and - very importantly - my self-esteem. The latter often suffers from all the negative influences of the environment and I know only too well how you probably feel sometimes. The best part is, you can take it back and become stronger than ever.

And your compression stockings can help you more than you may have previously imagined.

Of course, we would all prefer not to have to wear them. However, it makes a decisive contribution to reducing pain and gives you the support you need in everyday life loadable To be, it should adapt to your life as best as possible. Personally, through fashion I have found the way to unity with my compression, which has become so incredibly important for my self-confidence. Without one perfect fusion of both worlds I wouldn't be able to shine like that today.

And my photos today show you how I can shine thanks to her mediven® cozy in chestnut with Classic design element from medi trage. Discover more outfits with the color chestnut here.

Less pain, thanks to better self-confidence

I firmly believe that your self-confidence significantly influences your perception of pain and your ability to reduce stress. The more you approach your self-management with self-confidence and the color of your thoughts brightens again, the sooner you will be able to muster the strength to stand up for yourself and your needs. As soon as you realize that you are taking self-management measures, including wearing compression clothing, for yourself and not for the illness, it might be even easier for you to switch your mindset to “declaration of war”.

It is not about, against to fight the disease, but für dich and your quality of life. Let the compression support you and if this is not yet possible, talk to your medical supply store and find out what might still be missing to provide you with optimal care.

Don't give up, you've already overcome so many hurdles, you'll succeed in this one too. I believe in you!

Health influencer Caroline Sprott lipedema arm compression mediven 550 chestnut

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Author: Caroline Sprott

Caroline Sprott is a remarkable personality involved in the world of lipedema. Born in Bochum in 1989, she now lives in Augsburg. Her professional career began as a trained media designer and she works full-time in marketing. But that's not all - Caroline is also a lipedema speaker, author and model. She is committed to the fight against lipedema and is passionate about supporting the community of those affected. Caroline founded the Lipedema Fashion Blog to share her experiences and knowledge with other sufferers. She wants to create a place where women with lipedema can find information without having to go through private Facebook groups. She combines her passion for fashion with her commitment to the lipedema community. Some interesting facts about Caroline Sprott: Style and fashion: Caroline loves fashion and sees it as a passion and therapy at the same time. She doesn't let compression stockings limit her and opts for creative outfits. Style Icon: Your style icon is Grace Kelly, a woman of natural elegance and inspiration. Favorite colors: moss green, yellow, pastels and navy blue. Weakness for animals: Caroline greets every cow - a loving gesture that shows her love for animals. Important life philosophy: Stay inquisitive, curious and optimistic - life is too short to waste even one day. In addition to being a model and entrepreneur, Caroline Sprott is a health influencer who advocates for the lipedema and lymphedema community. Her commitment and positive attitude are inspiring.

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