Confident with lipedema

Learn to accept yourself and the illness

My name is Ulrike Wagenländer, I am 35 years old and come from Bad Dürkheim - the beautiful Palatinate.

In the spring of 2016, I was diagnosed with lipedema. On the one hand, this was a relief in terms of why I wasn't really losing weight on my legs and the constant pain in my legs. On the other hand, it was a huge crash for me and my self-confidence.

confident with lipedema

Indirectly, you are told: Sooner or later you will get bigger and bigger and you can't do anything about it.
You only notice that first and imagine all the most terrible things that are inexorably coming your way.

I had my compression stockings measured and ordered, but I only picked them up there after the medical supply store asked. At home, these skin-colored stockings and trousers came in the back of the closet. At the time I thought: suppressing is the only correct solution at the time.

The other task that was assigned to me by my phlebologist was to go to manual lymphatic drainage regularly 1-2 times a week. After a long search I finally got a free place with an evening appointment. There I met my physiotherapist, who is still today, in January 2017, who opened my eyes. As soon as I got to know you, she said to me:

“I'll do the lymphatic drainage for you, but only if you do your part and wear the compression regularly. Because we are working together on your illness here. "

This clear announcement shook me awake and brought me out of repression into thinking and the decision to take my life into my own hands again.

Clear words from outside opened my eyes and got me out of the darkness and self-pity

A short time later I got new compression clothing in black. It was now easier for me to implement the compression every day. This then resulted in a completely new style of clothing in which I feel comfortable including compression - which I would never have dreamed of in the beginning. Compression is now automatically part of my everyday life.

Little by little I regained my full self-confidence and meanwhile I no longer keep a secret about myself and the disease. On the contrary: I would now like to be a role model for all the women who may have just received the diagnosis and can no longer see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

I recently started a running course. At first I heard from some of them: "Do you think you can do it?" Or "Do you think this is good for your legs?"

confident with lipedema

Confident with lipedema

In all honesty, I am now ready to say: “Everything that is personally good for me and that I do in moderation is good for my body. Because this is my life and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. ”And as the saying goes:

"If you don't stop, nothing and nobody will stop you!"

When I eat, I pay attention to what I eat every day and that I exercise regularly - which is also important.

I am enjoying my life as much as possible with the disease and, above all, self-confidently. Every tenth woman is affected and I think every single one of us shouldn't let that get them down. Life is too beautiful for that and despite illness (or because of it) you are unique and can be a beacon for others.

confident with lipedema

I would like to share all my experiences with YOU!
Remember every day: YOU are a GIFT for the WORLD!


Kind regards, Uli
Lipedema coach

Ulrike Wagenlander

Author: Ulrike Wagenländer

I'm Ulrike, most of them call me Uli. I was born on August 3rd 1983 and come from the beautiful Palatinate. For me personally, there is hardly a more beautiful piece of earth. In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2 lipedema on the legs. Then I fell into a big hole and first had to learn to accept this disease. Now that I have found my way with the disease, I want to be a beacon for others who are also affected. As a lipedema coach, I want to be your companion from out of the dark, into the light and into full self-confidence - in order to be able to enjoy life as best as possible.

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