Contraception with lipedema: symptothermal cycle computer cyclotest myWay

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I've been testing the for a good three cycles now Symptothermal cycle computer cyclotest myWay and can now draw a first conclusion about the device.

What is the cyclotest myWay actually?

The cyclotest myWay is a cycle computer that works with the temperature method. Optionally, it can also be used symptothermally. This means that in addition to the basal temperature, another ovulation symptom can be entered, thereby increasing safety even more. With these methods, the device evaluates whether you are fertile or infertile. When used correctly, the cyclotest myWay has a Pearl index of 0,4. For comparison: the pill has a Pearl Index of 0,1-0,9.

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How does it work

You can start the measurements with each new cycle. It is only important that you do not use hormonal contraception at the same time. As soon as your period comes, you enter the start of your cycle in the cycle computer. You choose the measurement location for the existing cycle. You can measure orally, vaginally and rectally. It is recommended to measure orally. You also enter your four-hour measurement time window.

From then on, you take your basal body temperature every morning right after you wake up, even before you get up. It is recommended that you have slept for at least five hours before and have not gotten up in the last hour. To do this, place the probe as far to the left or right as possible under the tongue, close your mouth and press the measurement button. As soon as the cyclotest myWay has recorded your temperature, there will be a small beep and it will show you your temperature with today's fertility status. If you are seeing a fertile day and want to have intercourse, you should otherwise use contraception (e.g. condom), if there is no desire to have children.

Everything in view

The cyclotest myWay has three different displays on which you can observe your cycle. The daily chart - appears after every measurement and contains the most important information, the calendar - offers you a complete overview of your cycle and the cycle curve - on which you can see your temperature curve. So you always have everything in view and can follow your cycle exactly.

Cyclotest myWay can also be used symptothermally. The cervical mucus is also evaluated. Observations of the cervix can be recorded, but are only used for documentary purposes. Apart from the cervical mucus, the LH value can also be evaluated. However, one has to choose one of the two, both symptoms cannot be taken into account. That is: temperature + cervical mucus or temperature + LH. I find it easiest to observe the cervical mucus. This changes in its consistency over the course of the cycle and is another indicator of the fertile days. In addition, if you want, you can also enter your sexual intercourse, your menstruation, middle pain and disorders. Disturbances can be, for example, little sleep or illness that affects the temperature. If you enter a fault, the cyclotest myWay records this and takes this into account in the evaluation of the fertile days.

My conclusion

At first I was a bit stunned when I read all the information about the device. In the beginning it was also a slightly unfamiliar feeling to rely on a device. However, I got used to the whole thing very quickly and now I get along very well with the myWay. The operation is quite easy once you have found your way around. What I find particularly good is that everything is clearly and clearly explained in the operating instructions. There you will find a lot of information about the cycle. In addition, I also found out about the symptothermal method and dealt with it. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to buy. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to invest the money. With the Cyclotest myway, I would like to introduce you to just one of many possibilities.

But if you choose one, we have something for you.

Since a reliable cycle computer always involves a small investment, you can secure a € 10 discount on your purchase of a myWay by clicking on our affiliate link! (except for installment payment)

You can order here:

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  • If you want to try the method first (or something like that) you can simply enter a clinical thermometer (that measures two decimal places) and that in an app (there are a few). The then also calculates the cycle. I've been doing this for a long time and I've always got along well. In the beginning I even just entered it by hand in a suitable graph and calculated it myself, that works too. Only as a small addition. 🙂

  • Hello Tanya,
    I've stumbled across this method of birth control over and over again recently. I think it's really interesting, but I don't know enough about it yet. Where did you find out about it at the beginning? Did you have a book or a great website where the method was explained again in detail?
    And have you stayed anywhere else since using the Cyclotest myway? I travel a lot, from tent camps to city trips, and I always have to take it with me. Maybe you already have some experience? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂

    LG Eva