Book review: Gut mit Charme by Giulia Enders

"How do you poop?"

lipoedemmode book review gut with charmWith this question begins the journey through the unpopular organ and that Tabu-Topic of many people. Giulia Enders has taken on this question meticulously and in her debut work Gut, with charm, goes into the multifaceted inner workings of what is unfortunately probably the most underrated organ in our body ... Because the gut is much more than just shit!

A well-functioning intestinal flora is more than important for our health and our state of mind. It also shows us every day how our health is doing. In this way, Enders shows not only what different types of “feces” have to do with our state of health, but also why it is so important for us to fart now and then.

The author

Giulia Ender, born in 1990, won first prize at the Science Slam in Freiburg, Berlin and Karlsruhe in 2012 with her lecture “Gut mit Charme”. She is studying medicine and doing a doctorate in gastroenterology in Frankfurt am Main. Her lecture "Gut mit Charme" was on YouTube published, whereupon Enders received the offer to write a book on the subject. In March 2014 “Gut mit Charme” was published and reached number 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list.

With her book “Gut mit Charme”, Giulia Enders shows us in a very relaxed, funny and easy-to-understand way the fascinating functions of our intestines and why a healthy intestinal flora is so important to us. So if you have problems with your bowel movements, you shouldn't miss this book.

Gut with charm - my conclusion

The book "Gut mit Charme" has a pleasant, relaxed style of writing and lets you penetrate the complex world of the digestive organ with simple explanations that every layperson can understand. It's easy to see how much you're doing wrong with the most natural thing in the world and how to do it right. That you don’t have to be ashamed of a small or large fart, because it is extremely important for you! With a smile on your face you get a new, more relaxed view of a “taboo” topic. Personally, I have taken a lot of useful and important information from the book and will incorporate it into my everyday life. I would definitely recommend the book and pass on some important tips that I received from the book, because you really should listen to your stomach more often!

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Have fun while reading!

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