The perfect sports outfit for autumn

Today I wanted to introduce you to my personal (!), Perfect sports outfit for longer sports programs (> 30 minutes) on autumn days and in cool temperatures.
Longer sports programs can be with me: walking, jogging, hiking, mountain biking, etc.

  1. Hydration pack

Camelback hydration packCAMELBAK marathonerCAMELBAK marathoner

First of all I would like to introduce you to my new hydration pack. I am absolutely enthusiastic about him and super happy! He is also an absolute eye-catcher with the great color!

Finding a good hydration pack wasn't that easy. Especially if you don't want to spend a fortune on it. Hydration packs in particular are often reported to disrupt the running rhythm by constantly sliding back and forth or rubbing their arms. After studying reviews on the Internet for days, I kept coming across the Camelback hydration pack. The ratings for this were 95% positive and I really liked the color (purple in my case). However, if you order a hydration backpack, you should be clear beforehand what this backpack should or must be able to have.
The following points were important to me:

  • 1,5 - 2 liter hydration bladder
  • Additional closure on the chest (better hold)
  • 1 compartment for another small bottle
  • 1 compartment for cell phone / keys / money
  • Space for a vest & shirt to change
  • And it must have a chic color!

The Camelback backpack has fulfilled all of these points - just add it to the shopping cart and order. The backpack can also be wonderfully taken to sports without a hydration bladder to transport your cell phone, keys, shirt, etc.

You can get the backpack at Amazon order.

  1. vest

Since I sweat very quickly when doing sports, especially on the upper body, I always have a light wind vest with me (in a hydration pack) or on when the temperatures are cool. You can get running vests everywhere on the internet. It doesn't always have to be an expensive vest, but it should be windproof so that the cool wind cannot penetrate the wet body and you get cold.

Here are two running vests that I use frequently (just click on the pictures and you will find the article on Amazon):


Odlo headbandVery important for the perfect sports outfit for autumn - a headband. As soon as the temperatures drop, I always have my headband with me or on my head. The body loses body heat very quickly through the ears. I prefer a headband to a hat. Why a headband and not a hat? As soon as I put my head under a closed cap and it can no longer breathe, I sweat very quickly. As soon as my head is sweaty, I often get cold on my neck and get headaches. The head can breathe through the headband. I only wear Odlo on headbands. They are thin and still keep you warm.

Available e.g. B. at Amazon.

  1. Long compression sports pants

2XU Runtight-Elite lipoedemmode The perfect sports outfit for autumn

Now we come to the most important point, especially for us lipedema patients - long compression sports pants! I used to often run in shorts through autumn and sometimes even winter. Now that compression is paramount, I almost always go out in long pants. Finding really high-quality compression sports pants, especially for sport, is not that easy. So far I have not found any pants that offer me the same support as the compression tights from Medi's medical supply store. A few weeks ago I was at a sports fair on the pants of 2XU caught on. The trousers are not cheap at EUR 139,90 and I thought for a long time whether I really wanted to buy them. Ultimately, I made up my mind and I have to say I am very enthusiastic of these pants! Here are a few points for you at a glance:

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Design is very chic
  • Has a waistband with a cord
  • Compression can be felt
  • Keeps you warm especially for the autumn runs
  • Can also be used as a compression for a day at home

2XU Runtight Elite2XU Runtight Elite2XU Runtight Elite

You get the pants at Sports block .
When you buy products from the online shop, you receive 15% off non-discounted goods. Please indicate our blog with your order.


  1. Buff cloth

Finally, I would like to introduce you to a buff cloth. A buff cloth was not known to me until 1-2 years ago. I don't want to think without it now. You can protect your head, face and neck from the cold wind with a buff cloth. The Buff towels are now available in many different colors and can therefore be optimally combined with a sports outfit.

For example:

Buff cloth 

The perfect sports outfit for autumn

That was my personal perfect sports outfit for cool autumn days. Perhaps there was one or the other point that you will use in the future.

Choose the perfect sportswear for you and get out into the woods!


Author: Laura

I'm Laura, 24 years old and live in Bingen in Rhineland-Palatinate. Professionally, I work in a bank. I have successfully completed a degree in nutrition and am a Nordic walking trainer. I had seen lipedema fashion and thought it was amazing the energy with which the five women built this site. It gave me courage and I would like to pass this courage on to other people with lipedema. Therefore I am writing about all my new experiences with lipedema.

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