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The skin of us lipedema girls in particular needs a lot of attention and care. By wearing the compression every day, it is even more stressed than by external influences and it dries out more easily. More and more of those affected are also doing without hormonal contraception, which can change the skin on the face and body. Often the pimples sprout or the skin changes completely. Anyone who may have had dry facial skin before will now develop signs of an oily one. It is therefore important to take enough time to look after your skin and to use good products.

The Dermasence company

The dermasence is medical skin care that is developed in close collaboration with dermatologists. The Münster-based company was founded over 25 years ago by a group of dermatologists and a pharmacist. After the first product line only comprised basic products, a wide range of products with numerous cosmetic products has now developed. At Dermasence you can find something for almost every skin. From normal skin to atopic dermatitis to those affected by rosacea. You can get the products in pharmacies and get comprehensive advice there. There is also the option of doing a skin analysis on the homepage.

My personal skin

Since I stopped taking the pill in October, my skin on my face has bounced back to teenage years and, especially before my period, always sprouts on my chin with small pimples. But I have dry skin outside of the T-zone. So the perfect combination skin. I have also always struggled with redness on my cheeks, which is especially pronounced in the summer months. Due to my job as a landscape gardener, I am also very exposed to the weather all year round. This gives my skin another struggle. With this information, the following products have been made available to me for testing since December.

The facial care

Tonic - Refreshing facial toner

“The moisturizing facial toner refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. It regulates the pH value and is particularly well tolerated with a low alcohol content. Also suitable as a mild aftershave. "(Manufacturer's description)

The toner is my absolute favorite. I really like the scent and the feeling after using it. Afterwards my skin always feels refreshed, but also very well cared for thanks to the panthenol content. I really appreciate the low alcohol content, as it doesn't dry out my dry areas on my face any more. The tonic doesn't prevent my little pimples, but they don't get really bad and usually remain invisible. As long as I leave her alone * grin * I apply it every morning and evening after cleaning with a cotton pad on the face and entire cleavage.

dermasence tonic product

Refining gel - Oil-free gel for skin prone to reddening

“The gel is a care product for skin that is prone to reddening. The 6-fold active complex is ideal for those with a tendency to couperose and stronger blood circulation. The plant extracts in combination with the cooling effect of the gel achieve a vasoconstricting effect. The newly contained rutin, a flavonoid, protects the skin from oxidative stress and also inhibits the inflammation cascades. The DERMASENCE Refining Gel is also recommended as after-sun care. "(Manufacturer's description)

The gel is my daily companion, especially now that it has become warmer. The light texture is quickly absorbed and does not leave a film. Nevertheless, it cares for and cools my sun-stressed skin and reduces my redness a little. Unfortunately they haven't completely disappeared, but they don't get stronger during the day as they used to. I apply the gel in the morning and in the evening after the tonic. You only need very little of it, as it is very economical.

dermasence tonic product

Cream Soft SPF 30 - Light day care with a high level of UV protection

“The unscented day care with a high level of UV protection is ideal for the daily care of sensitive, oily skin that is prone to blemishes. The innovative UVA / UVB filter system protects the face, neck and décolleté from UV-related skin damage, even in the deeper layers of the skin. Glycerine, bisabolol, panthenol and vitamin E provide moisture, soothe and care for the skin. The gel cream is quickly absorbed and can also be used with a tendency to rosacea and Mallorca acne. "(Manufacturer's description)

At first I was slightly shocked by the consistency. I couldn't imagine this cream being absorbed quickly and not leaving a film, as it felt like a normal rich, greasy day cream. However, I was taught better.

After a very short time I can no longer feel it at all and any remaining feeling of tension has disappeared thanks to its care. I especially like the sun protection factor of 30, as I'm exposed to the sun almost all day. And apart from the sunburn, we are all not getting any younger * wink *. Only in the cooler months did I notice that the day care was not rich enough for me. The stress from wind and weather was too strong. But that's not a problem, because it is all the more suitable for the warm season. I apply it every day in the morning after the gel all over my face and cleavage. It is also very productive.

dermasence tonic product

The personal hygiene

Wash and shower lotion - Mild cleansing, pH skin-neutral syndet

“The skin-neutral syndet cleanses the skin thoroughly without irritating. It contains lipid-replenishing substances to maintain the skin's natural protective acid mantle and nourishes with minerals from the Dead Sea. "(Manufacturer's description)

I used the washing and shower lotion on the face and body. Therefore it is unfortunately already used up. It actually doesn't smell like anything and cleanses the skin very thoroughly without drying it out. My eczema in particular has improved thanks to the lotion. I suffer from flare-ups, most of which are caused by stress, and while the lotion didn't prevent them, I could contain them. My eczema never got really bad and was usually gone quickly. I used the washing and shower lotion to shower every day and used it to clean my face in the morning and evening.

dermasence washing and shower lotion product

Adtop cream - Care cream for dry to very dry skin

“The protective skin coat that can breathe.

The fragrance-free cream is an effective care product for dry skin prone to neurodermatitis. Due to its amphiphilic character, it forms an effective, skin-related protective film that is breathable and binds moisture. Roughness and possible stress from mechanical stimuli are reduced. Bisabolol relieves the skin of tension and soothes. Daily use has a regenerative effect on the skin's barrier function. The preparation is ideal as part of interval therapy for skin prone to neurodermatitis. The cream is not greasy and is immediately absorbed. It is also suitable for sensitive children's skin. "(Manufacturer's description)

The cream is really good against the feeling of tension in the legs, which we are probably all familiar with. It cares for the skin very richly without lying heavily on it. However, I find the protective film a bit annoying. I also don't like it at all when lotions or creams are greasy. It doesn't do that, but I still feel the protective film. That's why I only apply it to the body every 2 days in the evening and this feeling will have subsided by the next morning. But everyone feels that differently. Nevertheless, I also tested to tighten the compression after applying cream, which worked without any problems. To do this, I only waited a few short minutes until it was really completely drawn in. Thanks to the breathable protective film, the skin is optimally cared for under the care. And after a few uses, the little white flakes that we almost all know when we take off disappear.

dermasence adtop cream product

My conclusion

Dermasence was a completely unknown brand for me and I am glad I found and got to know it. Since then I have got on better with my skin in many ways. Even if the products cannot do magic, they have made my life a little easier.

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