The compression - for a lifetime instead of a lifetime

Who has dreamed of permanently wearing compressions? My new life partner is always good for a surprise.

Let's be honest, very few of us have dreamed of wearing compression over the long term. After the diagnosis everything goes very quickly and before you know it, you are in the medical supply store with a prescription for compression supply. A short time later, the new compression tights adorn our legs. 

It all happens so quickly that the head doesn't even have the opportunity to sort the impressions and thoughts. The time until the first compression tights flies by and since compression is not the only change in the life of a lipedema or lymphedema sufferer, there is again little space to deal with one's thoughts. What will everyday life and daily use of compression tights be like? It can happen that you are overrun by the new situation. 

The compression - my new partner

Although I had a vague idea of ​​what to expect, the first confrontation with my new companion in life was different than expected. On the one hand, I wondered how I could get in there alone without having to take a shower again and, on the other hand, I realized that I just thought I was well prepared. The first walk in the wild was a bit of a challenge.

In the first few days it quickly became apparent that my new partner was always good for a surprise in everyday life. I had to plan extra time just for getting dressed. Toilet visits were meticulously planned and although I proudly presented my compression tights, sometimes doubtful thoughts crept in between. For the first two weeks, it felt like my entire everyday planning revolved around the compression tights. Of course, that was not a permanent solution. However, I knew why and what I was wearing them for and was actually in a positive mood. 

That was the whole point, I had to change my attitude to get a positive view of things.

I tried to change my perspective and looked at the situation from the outside again. It became clear to me that compression tights are like a new life partner. Since we haven't chosen this life partner ourselves, it naturally seems a little more difficult to accept them. You grow together in everyday life and with challenges. This includes accepting and getting to know one another. 

Above all, learn to appreciate the benefits. We can't change it anyway, so we can get the best out of the situation right away. 

A big band-aid

Wounds are treated with plasters, my plaster is just a little bigger and at the same time balm for the soul. 

When I didn't have alternate compression and my only compression tights were in the laundry, I had to run without compression the following day. Inwardly, I thought to myself that this could not be an effort for me, because ignorantly I have been walking around without compressions for decades. In the afternoon I felt every millimeter of my legs and in the evening I could hardly walk. I didn't have such pain with my compression. Since then I have seen the compression tights as a large patch that helps me cope with my everyday life. Others also use plasters and bandages for their ailments. Mine is just a little bigger and very important, I can always rely on it. 

By rethinking, I found solutions and no longer blamed my compression tights for all the efforts. 

Every day I got the feeling that we were adjusting to each other. After a few weeks I had developed a routine of hand movements so that putting on and taking off the compression tights didn't take any extra time. It has become everyday life and I've got used to wearing it and the feeling of compression. There are gloves in each of my pockets. So I don't get angry anymore if I've forgotten them and indirectly blame my compression tights for it. 

Everything is not always rosy

Of course, in every good relationship there are also days when you don't like each other. That's perfectly fine. After all, you have to adjust to each other anew every day and also learn to take care of yourself in such situations. 

After all this time we are a well-rehearsed team and I no longer have the feeling that I was sentenced for life to wear compression, but rather that I have a good partner by my side all my life. Partners don't hide. That's why my compression tights accompany me everywhere. It is not my focus, but it does play a role in my life. It doesn't keep me from life, but rather supports me so that I can live it as I imagine it. The compression tights are not my problem, but rather a part or rather a component of the solution of how I can be supported as a person affected by lipedema and lymphedema. 

Every beginning is difficult. Take the time you need and go your way, which seems right to you. So that you too can celebrate your compressions. 

But why do I write it all down in such detail, although one or the other has already noticed that I celebrate my compressions on my arms and legs and call them jewelry and a fashion highlight? Here even as a life partner ... 

Quite simply, with the recipe we get an aid. Nobody asks whether you are emotionally ready for it. Every beginning is difficult and I didn't jump in the air with enthusiasm either. Because mostly you have already had to listen to a lot in life in relation to the disease that had a negative impact on you. I hope to give one or the other suggestions and to be able to support them through my experience, even if we are of course all different and everyone needs their own time and has to go their own individual way in order to be able to identify with the compression.

It is understandable and normal to feel overwhelmed by the new situation.

Having a positive attitude and accepting the compression has helped me tremendously to accept what I cannot change.

I also tried stay positive, in which I visualize them as a partner with whom one grows together and develops little routines. Every day you have the opportunity to get to know your new companion better. Take the time you need to find out what is good for you. Nobody expects you to walk across the street in miniskirts tomorrow.

Set small goals for yourself. If you're wearing long trousers, just roll them up above the ankle and let the compression shine through. If it feels good to you, next time try some ripped pants or shorts. The compression tights are your ally in the fight against the disease. It also helped me a lot to exchange ideas and to watch how others find their way and go. Find out what makes sense for you and I am happy if I have supported you a little. 

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Lipedema Mode Simone Schäfer Author

Author: Simone Schaefer

Hello my dears. My name is Simone and I was born in 1981. I live in the beautiful Eifel with my husband, my daughter and our dog. After I was lucky enough to furnish the models at a lip / lymph symposium on behalf of my employer at the time in September last year, I was confronted with the disease for the first time and recognized myself immediately. I got my diagnosis in November 2019. For me, fashion has always been a way of underlining one's personality. I want to show and motivate that even with curves beyond the usual clothing sizes, nothing stands in the way of the fashionable variety and the compression even supports you as a fashion highlight.

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