Self-Lipedema Therapy: How I Made Peace With My Compression

Living with lipedema has never been easy. Suddenly, a significant part of everyday life revolves around conservative therapy, lymphatic drainage, doctor's appointments, compression supplies and, above all, the nervous strain caused by constant pain.

Each of us affected can certainly tell of several low points that their soul had to endure in their life with lipedema.

[Caroline is sitting in the treatment room of her angiologist and tearfully tells that two years after the leg diagnosis, her arms were now also aching.]
“You seem stressed. Are you looking for a new hobby, maybe Indian cooking or something. That will distract you. "

Every doctor has a bad day. But unfortunately, this soothing thought does not help me to neutralize the gravity of this statement at this sensitive moment. He couldn't understand what it meant after such an uphill battle 30 kilos loss, Sport and Therapy adherence but to have lost to the lipedema and to have to watch helplessly as the pain spread around the body.

Self-lipedema therapy:
I take my luck into my own hands

I was on the verge of depression and was doing talk therapy as a last resort. How this went and what I was able to draw from it, I would like to report again separately in a separate article. But one thing was clear: the basis for my own lipedema therapy had been created - the flight forward.

As you probably all know, fashion is my therapy. But it's not just the fashion aspect behind it that was so healing for me and still is today (!), But the knowledge that it's in my own hands. I can actively influence my happiness and satisfaction and this knowledge is infinitely precious. Just as I have chosen this path in fashion, I also try mine Bosom complex to dedicate.

And damn it, it works!

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The power of the community:
Inspire and strengthen one another

Petra yearend, a dear friend from the lipedema community and Book author, has rounded up some great strong women to make one Video series to bring to life and to give our illness a face. Now it is my turn to tell you about my life with lipedema and, above all, to give you courage that it can be a worth living one. If you only trust yourself to achieve this strength!

I wish you a lot of strength in the fight against lipedema and remember that you are never alone in this fight.

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Author: Caroline Sprott

Caroline Sprott is a remarkable personality involved in the world of lipedema. Born in Bochum in 1989, she now lives in Augsburg. Her professional career began as a trained media designer and she works full-time in marketing. But that's not all - Caroline is also a lipedema speaker, author and model. She is committed to the fight against lipedema and is passionate about supporting the community of those affected. Caroline founded the Lipedema Fashion Blog to share her experiences and knowledge with other sufferers. She wants to create a place where women with lipedema can find information without having to go through private Facebook groups. She combines her passion for fashion with her commitment to the lipedema community. Some interesting facts about Caroline Sprott: Style and fashion: Caroline loves fashion and sees it as a passion and therapy at the same time. She doesn't let compression stockings limit her and opts for creative outfits. Style Icon: Your style icon is Grace Kelly, a woman of natural elegance and inspiration. Favorite colors: moss green, yellow, pastels and navy blue. Weakness for animals: Caroline greets every cow - a loving gesture that shows her love for animals. Important life philosophy: Stay inquisitive, curious and optimistic - life is too short to waste even one day. In addition to being a model and entrepreneur, Caroline Sprott is a health influencer who advocates for the lipedema and lymphedema community. Her commitment and positive attitude are inspiring.

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  • Dear Caroline,

    Thanks for making this blog.

    I believe I have had lipedema since puberty. Since I'm crazy about fashion, I've always fought my pounds. I did sport every day and accepted that I was fuller downstairs. Despite my discomfort, I could mistake size 38 for skirts and pants. - But my private thoughts only revolved around sports and nutrition. In addition, there was always the malicious mockery of my former partner.

    My diagnosis came in my mid-30s.

    I wanted to have spider veins removed, and varicose veins were diagnosed. The venereologist diagnosed lipedema. In addition, he was diagnosed with Hashimoto in his late 30s. I finally know where I am!

    Since then, I've been reading your blog and listening to your podcast. It is good to know that others also have to live with this particular challenge. I am now able to confront remarks about my figure and, above all, my own inner critic more calmly. Your contributions motivate me a lot to stay tuned!