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Hello dear readers,

today we are dealing with an absolutely important topic. The media and society like to tell us what the perfect woman should be. There are no compromises - the perfect woman is just flawless.

Let's take a closer look at the matter:

  1. The perfect woman is slim and sporty, but at the same time feminine and erotic.
  2. The perfect woman is always in a good mood, but at the same time she can express her opinion without being (!) Bitchy.
  3. The perfect woman is always fashionable on top, but at the same time she doesn't spend too much money on clothes.
  4. The perfect woman is professionally successful and at the same time she is raising her two children like a lion mother.
  5. The perfect woman takes care of the household, at the same time she pursues numerous interesting hobbies.
  6. The perfect woman supports her man wherever she can, at the same time she is the perfect lover for him.
  7. The perfect woman keeps in touch with all of her many friends and colleagues, at the same time she cares devotedly for grandma and grandpa.
  8. The perfect woman always has a plan for every situation, but she is still totally spontaneous.
  9. The perfect woman almost never gets sick if she does all the work at the same time as before.
  10. The perfect woman is simply flawless and at the same time more perfect!

The perfect woman …

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The perfect woman is just bullshit! There are no perfect people, no perfect ways of life, no perfect families. Why is this suggested to us? Pressure is built up. We should function more and more.

I'm standing at the checkout in the supermarket - advertising: "Buy Redbull and fly through the working day even faster". I think "even faster?" I have 24 hours in which to do my job, take care of and raise my child, take care of the household and keep myself in top shape. No problem! Really! Multitasking is mine anyway. Can I, I do, I can - Burn Out, I'll come.

The constant pressure

I just want to make it clear what pressure we are exposed to every day. We want everything and much more but one thing falls by the wayside - namely our own happiness and ourselves. 

I notice it now in pregnancy. Many forums have pictures floating around. Many have theirs four weeks after birth Before figure back. Congratulations. And now? I don't want to offend anyone, I just don't want to be exposed to this pressure anymore. As a woman I would like to be able to say that I just leave something there, no night shift ironing, no additional sports unit because tomorrow will be too scarce. We are all available 24 hours a day. What we make of it is in our hands.

You don't have time, you take your time - so let's just try to be perfectly imperfect. Who knows, maybe it will work out if you are in a good mood!

Give me your feedback on the topic, how are you coping with your life with this disease and family?

In this sense,

Handwriting Anja

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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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  • Dear Anja,
    the (advertising) industry doesn't want us to be perfect. She wants us to feel completely lousy and inadequate. Because only such “deficient copies” consume properly. And because of all the stress we don't even get to think about it, but honestly, would you want a perfect woman as your girlfriend as described above? So leave something behind. Experience has shown that the work does not go away. Most of the time, nobody else does it either. Because men usually have a much thicker fur ... 😉