Dr. Witte, my hero - liposuctions in the LipoClinic in Mülheim an der Ruhr - part 2

The first 9,2 liters of fat are out, but what happens next?

After such a violent procedure, the body is missing everything. The blood loss and the anesthesia show their effects and the body now needs its rest and above all a heating device, because the body cools down very strongly during the operation. In the LipoClinic Dr. For this reason, hot air blowers are placed under the patient's duvet. When the body has slowly reached its normal temperature, it is time to get up. The first trip to the toilet, the first steps on the new, shaky legs. Now it's time to take a deep breath, don't look down, and get everyone who can't see blood out of the way! Because the last water from the suction cannulas, mixed with blood, looks for the way out. Which is great, because the body no longer needs to break down all of this on its own and can therefore concentrate fully on the healing of the vessels and wounds.

After the first liter of mineral water and a delicious roll, I felt a lot better. My circulation was amazingly good. I was exhausted, but never seriously deteriorated at any moment. So the day went by, I lay down, walked across the hall again, then I lay down again.

Basically: get back into the aisle as soon as possible and then alternately put your legs up again.

For dinner there was delicious pasta from the local Italian in connection with IBU 800, antibiotics and thrombosis injection, because thrombosis is probably the last thing you want after an operation.

Attempts to sleep in compression, almost impossible

The night was not really sleepy, because turning was hardly possible. And this feeling in flat knit and throbbing legs is not exactly beneficial when falling asleep. But somehow the night goes by and after a hearty breakfast and a latte macchiato, my mom came at half past eight to pick me up. Dr. Witte took another look at me and was once again impressed by my stability, because most of them are very weak with such a suction volume - but luckily you can rely on my circulation!

Goodbye LipoClinic, let's go home. Moving as much as possible ... running, alternating between high camps. The flat knit compression should now be my friend for six weeks - it should be worn day and night after the operations. And that's a good thing, because the tissue simply needs strong pressure to heal quickly and thoroughly. For support, I went to manual lymphatic drainage on the second day after the operation, freshly showered. In the first moment incredibly painful and yet so beneficial. After a week the strings were pulled and from then on things improved noticeably. The pain decreased significantly and I was much more flexible. I went swimming for the first time 2 days after surgery and then every day. Water is an absolute blessing. The light massage from the water pressure, the freedom of movement without compression, these light legs.

So the weeks went by, every day I was a little more enthusiastic about the relief that this first of three operations gave me. The optics also showed the first successes after three weeks and the scales showed me a clear minus for the first time in a long time. Even if the sucked fat is not that much weight, the metabolism was boosted extremely and finally the pounds fell. Therefore, it was soon time for a new compression that could be knitted with a significant difference in size.

With less pounds and lighter legs, we enjoyed a short break in Munich and then ...

Soon, on October 13.10.18th, the next operation was planned. The lower legs should be processed. The liposuction that's supposed to be the most painful. And that on a Friday the 13th - great. I had thought about that well. But postponing was not up for discussion, so a week before a new blood count was done, which turned out really well and so I was just happy that it was finally going on.

So we drove - this time my friend Nils accompanied me - to Mülheim an der Ruhr to the LipoClinic Dr. Rear. I was accommodated in my standard room again, but with a roommate, dear Janina. She had her first operation and so I told her about my experiences and got along really well. The doctors entered the room, it was diligently drawn and everything was discussed again in detail.

"Here I am going to make you a great shin with wonderful cuffs, ah - that will be great! I love the lower leg surgery, you can always see a great difference! ”Said Dr. Witte beaming with joy.

He is always so euphoric, he loves his work, he wholeheartedly stands behind the patients and tries to fulfill all wishes. He was very happy about my loss of almost 7 kg, because he is known for always motivating women to work even more on themselves and their weight - because only with a healthy weight will the results be as you would expect wishes. The anesthetist came in, put the cannula and after kissing my loved one goodbye, it was off.

Bye Bye lower leg ... Dr. Witte give everything!

After the usual disinfection routine, I finally lay on the operating table and got my anesthetic shot initiated via the vein. This operation was really much more uncomfortable than the previous one. There is simply a lot less skin / fat down to the bone on the shin and ankle, and the anesthetic dose is a little lower because you have to turn around on your own to work on both sides of the lower legs. After the two hours I was just glad that we were done. I turned back and looked at my calves. Was that really my calves? They were so slim, there was a shin, there was an ankle. And there they ran again, my tears. An always welcome companion in the operating rooms of the LipoClinic.

This time, Dr. Witte 4,6 liters of lipedema fat taken from me. Whole 13,8 liter I was already going.

When the elevator door opened and I drove towards my darling in a wheelchair, the tears ran again. He beamed at me, saw my calves, and couldn't believe it either. It looked so different, it was a completely different leg shape. Dr. Witte was absolutely right, you can see the difference immediately in the calves (at least the first two days until the swelling takes over) and that is totally motivating. To carry on, to pull this marathon operation through ... for a pain-free, lipedema-free life.

Six patients were in the clinic that day. We were all doing great, we walked in the hallway, got on wonderfully and enjoyed our time together, exchanging ideas about our previous path with lipedema. The whole hallway and the rooms were covered with traces of blood, but that didn't bother anyone - because we were just happy. Even the team at the clinic, who barely kept up with the mopping, because the nurses rarely experience that everyone is so fit.

The bottom line for the lower legs ... circulation again great, pain very strong and still absolutely satisfied. Witt's calves were born.

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The zombie crew of the LipoClinic ... it was an honor!

In the morning we went home early and the routine started all over again. Run, camp high. Compression six weeks day and night, lymphatic drainage three times a week, swim as quickly as possible and the main thing is to move.

But the previous speakers were right, the lower legs are ass *****. It took ages to heal. The pain persisted for a very long time, after three to four weeks the pain was really bearable. Incidentally, I went back to work after just under two weeks (as with my thighs), but I work independently, mostly on an ongoing basis and was able to rest again and again.

The visual sense of achievement was not long in coming. Since I am a shoe seller, I am of course always surrounded by the most beautiful shoes and, very important at this time, boots. Almost four weeks after the operation, I dared to try long-shaft boots - they had never fit me. Even the riding boots didn't fit at the age of 11 and we had to cut them. But that day I put one boot on, one by one, and I got them closed. An indescribable feeling. And my mom and I lay happily in each other's arms again. My calf circumference had decreased from 51 cm to 41 cm at the time. Now (5 months later) it is 37 cm. I couldn't have started the Advent season happier.


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Hello, I'm Jule, born in 1993 and work in my parents' shoe store in beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony. I got my diagnosis in 2016 after seven years wondering what was wrong with my body. The diagnosis gave me new strength, new hope. I no longer hid, I lived with the disease that was now mine. Fashion helped me a lot, it has always been my constant companion and yet I learned how to deal with it much more intensively. I love to dress well, to develop exciting color combinations and to put my body in a different light. Nobody should hide behind ill-fitting clothes and that should be my message on this great blog.

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