Dr. Witte, my hero - liposuctions in the LipoClinic in Mülheim an der Ruhr - part 1

When the cancellation of my health insurance arrived in January 2017, I didn't hesitate and called the LipoClinic for advice on the liposuction.

The LipoClinic in Mülheim an der Ruhr, near Essen, is very well known. Many know the chief physician Dr. Rear. But this has extremely long waiting times, which is why I embarked on a little experiment and made an appointment with the completely new and above all strange Dr. Witte accepted. Dr. Witte only started at the LipoClinic in March, was previously senior physician in plastic surgery in a large clinic and was now looking for new professional challenges.
So I got my consultation appointment in early June. The time up to then flew by, I was really happy, was diligently wearing my compression clothing - because that is a prerequisite for a consultation - I continued to go to lymphatic drainage twice a week for one hour and deal intensively with the different treatment methods for liposuction.

The first step - the consultation in the LipoClinic

The day came ... my mom and I - you should always take someone you can trust with you to such a conversation - drove the two hours to Mülheim and didn't really know what to expect. I only had a few pictures of Dr. Witte seen - a tall man, mid 40s with light hair and huge, stylish horn-rimmed glasses. There he stood in front of us and we liked him immediately! The clinic rooms are bright and modern, and the team is incredibly nice.

In the consultation, he explained to us, more likely to my mom, because I had already been so well informed through my hours of research how liposuction according to the WAL method works. How the fat reacts when the water jet hits the cells. It was very informative and he was completely trustworthy. The three of us were immediately on the same wavelength.

After 40 minutes of professional banter and my story of suffering, the first horror came.

"Please take off your underwear once, I have to take a closer look!" Uff, who likes to do that? You have to say that at the end of the second stage I was in transition to the third, weighed 118 kg by 170 cm and was of course deeply unhappy with my body, especially undressed. But he didn't let me feel that. On the contrary, he praised my beautiful waist, slender feet and hands. It didn't feel so strange anymore, all the fear was gone. Then wonderful pictures (pure sarcasm) were taken and the measurements were taken, because documentation is really the be-all and end-all for our disease, which has been poorly researched in some cases.

Dr. The aesthetic is very important to Witte. He is a plastic surgeon and wants to conjure up the best possible optics for us affected and still operate thoroughly. He asked me what I want most, what I expect from the operations. Well, that's easy. I wish to go to a normal clothing store, grab the biggest pair of pants and they should fit. That would make me overjoyed because at that point it was absolutely impossible with a size 52-54.

lipoedem mode liposuction LipoClinic stadium 2 3 dr. witte lipedema mühlheim an der ruhr operations report experience

The dream of a normal size pants

At the end of our conversation it was clear that I would need four operations. Three on the legs (front and inside thighs, total lower legs, back and outside thighs, including buttocks) and one on the arms. It is important that the suction is really extensive and accurate, so that all bad lipedema cells are gone as well as possible. The costs ... as a self-payer, always the saddest part ... amount to 4995 euros per operation. So easily a fluffy 20 thousand euros for a medically necessary operation. Sad but true.

On the way back, my mom and I were just happy. Dr. Witte just asked us to think about everything, but we didn't have to. Because it was clear.

He's the doctor we trust. The one who should lend a hand and help me find a new, pain-free life.

That evening I wrote an email to the clinic asking for the surgery dates and suddenly everything became real.

August 8, 2017 - "The Day of the Beginning"

It should start there, with the front of the thighs. Relief surgery to relieve pressure on your knees and calves.

Before such an operation can be performed, an EKG and blood count must be done. Because liposuctions are a huge procedure for the body and you should prepare it well in advance in order to avoid bad circulatory problems as best as possible. Also, the tissue must be heavily prepared. Despite lymphatic drainage and compression clothing, my tissue was still very firm, so I went to lymphatic drainage four times a week for four weeks - that helped enormously.

My mom also accompanied me on the day of this first liposuction. She came to my apartment, braided my freshly washed hair into a wreath and we left early. My stomach was awake very early and suddenly I wasn't feeling well anymore. Even if I wasn't at all excited the days before, I was overwhelmed that day. I knew everything was going to change. My life will change. I will change.

Finally there, it's getting serious

When we arrived at the LipoClinic, we were immediately brought to my room. Since it was the summer vacation, there were only two patients there that day and so we both got a room all by ourselves. Which was really great in retrospect.

Dr. Witte came in, greeted us as warmly as he had two months earlier and from that moment on I was deeply relaxed. He drew out the places where he had to suck harder and left me colorfully in the surgical gown and with the surgical cap. Shortly afterwards it got exciting again, the anesthetist came in with his pile of needles ... and wanted to get to my bad veins. After four attempts, he finally made it, which is always an act.

We opted for local anesthesia, with which I would stay awake, because with my starting weight, strong anesthesia is always a risk.

And off we went ... into the operating room, slippers in the corner and walking to the operating table on sterile towels - and stop. Smock off. Please what?

There I stood, completely naked and was sprayed from top to bottom with what felt like three liters of disinfectant. Man, was that cold! Then I was allowed to sit on the table and after my field of vision was limited by a cloth at stomach level, there was the affectionately named "Don't give a shit" means, it feels like drinking five ouzos on ex. You are present, but not really able to say anything. A strange feeling, which fortunately disappears quickly - at least in the head, because the body remains calm.

lipoedem mode liposuction LipoClinic stadium 2 3 dr. witte lipedema mühlheim an der ruhr operations report experience

Liposuction is an absolutely bloody affair

Dr. Witte anaesthetized the puncture sites again locally and then it started. The anesthetist repeatedly gave painkillers via drip as soon as I asked for them, or even grimacing painfully. Everything was absolutely bearable - it was actually really funny, because we sang together, talked about God and the world, poked fun at the Internet business and so the time flew by.

In the LipoClinic you can take your smartphone with you into the operating room and the nurses and the anesthetist always take “wonderful” photos of you. A beautiful memory.

"Wow, what a beautiful knee!" Witte. Um, knee? I?

The photo followed immediately and when I saw it, I immediately started to cry ... with joy, with relief, with disbelief that I was really taking this step. From then on, I laughed and cried at the same time - an incredible feeling.

lipoedem mode liposuction LipoClinic stadium 2 3 dr. witte lipedema mühlheim an der ruhr operations report experience

After just under two hours, Dr. Witte satisfied with his work, he emphasized again and again how great I did, that I was so lively and that he could suck more with a clear conscience. Overall, he's proud from the thigh front, inside and the knee 9,2 liters of pure lipedema fat sucked - 36 packets of butter. Who can not understand my tears?

After the sisters forced me into my flat knitwear, we went to my mom in my room ... she looked at me and we cried together, it was so beautiful. It was done. The first step into a new life.

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lipoedem mode liposuction LipoClinic stadium 2 3 dr. witte lipedema mühlheim an der ruhr operations report experience

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Author: Jule Prekel

Hello, I'm Jule, born in 1993 and work in my parents' shoe store in beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony. I got my diagnosis in 2016 after seven years wondering what was wrong with my body. The diagnosis gave me new strength, new hope. I no longer hid, I lived with the disease that was now mine. Fashion helped me a lot, it has always been my constant companion and yet I learned how to deal with it much more intensively. I love to dress well, to develop exciting color combinations and to put my body in a different light. Nobody should hide behind ill-fitting clothes and that should be my message on this great blog.

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  • Thanks for participating. I cried when I just read your post. I am very happy for you and at some point I also wish the redeeming operations. And through such great contributions, existing fears are also taken away, thank you!

    • Thank you for your feedback, Rita. I am very happy that my article touched you and took away your fears. It's not an easy step, but the result is worth the pain. Greetings, Jule

  • Thank you for this great contribution !! I cried a lot just reading it. I think each of us can imagine how great that must have felt.
    Now I'm all the more looking forward to my appointment and part 2 🙂

  • Hello Jule, I have to say your report touched me a lot and definitely contributed to dealing more intensively with the reports of the LipoClinic and what can I say, I have just made an appointment with Dr. Witte for the end of June and I'm really excited.
    Thank you again for your great report and all the best to you with wonderful knees (I can't wait for this moment to actually see my knees).

  • Hello Jule…. wow ... great report from you. Got my rehab notification today. I'm so happy…. I have now decided to take this step first. Then I'll see.

  • Hello Jule,

    I would like to exchange ideas with you more closely. I have level 2-3 lipedema, am almost 50 years old and now have severe problems and pain.
    I am interested in a surgical procedure and came across this article while researching.
    It would be very nice if you would contact me
    Since I am currently selling my house (so that I can take out a loan) and moving in with my partner, I am currently in the renovation and relocation stress in addition to the workload.
    Therefore, I would like to exchange an e-mail in advance, so that we can arrange another contact.
    Thank you for your reply
    Kind regards
    Guda Heger

  • Dear Jule, I am absolutely overwhelmed and even had to cry while reading, because I can absolutely understand how you felt before your operation, I have decided to go to the Lipoclinic for a consultation. Your great report once again confirmed my decision! Your legs look great and I know what a great feeling it must be to finally see your own knees and be able to buy normal pants. Respect for your courage and congratulations in a new and pain-free life! I would love to see pictures of the results from the poor! Greetings Selina

    • Hey Selina,
      thank you for your kind words. It's always emotional when I read my own words and put myself back in the situation. And that's why I'm so happy when I can motivate other women to set out on their own and get advice and maybe even dare to take this step. I hope you are fine and maybe you would like to report how your conversation at the LipoClinic was 🙂

      LG Jule

  • I've had the experience that if you don't want to wear compression stockings you will be turned down there. That really offended me ..

    Well, I'm still happy for you and your report is really very in-depth. I wish you all the best!

  • Dear Jule,

    Your contribution reminded me very much of my experiences 10 years ago and was very touching. I was in exactly the same situation then. Without thinking twice, I also decided on liposuction, but I was in a clinic in Lübeck. I have never regretted the 3 operations and have lived pain-free ever since. What never went away with me: the sensitivity to touch and the susceptibility to developing bruises. However, being able to walk without the daily pain and heaviness in the legs is a real relief.
    I wish you all the best.

  • Hello Jule,

    Thank you for your detailed report, you can empathize directly 🙂 I still have my operations ahead of me and am still (due to the costs) unsure where I would like to have an operation. Can I ask you a few questions about it? Unfortunately I can't find anything about this on the homepage.

    - You had front, inside and knee OS done in one operation, did that cost 4900 together?
    - Is financing possible there?

    It would be great if you could answer me by email, I would be very happy!

    LG. Mona

  • Hello Jule,
    I just came across your blog and I'm excited. Earlier I found out about the Lipoclinic Dr. Heck experienced and a little light dawned on me. I've had problems with my weight for as long as I can remember, but the excessively fat legs and knees have always been a problem for me. I've always had a fairly slim upper body, even a flat stomach and a nice waist. But always these legs ... I thought it was just my body shape, but now I think that I also simply have problems with lipedema. Of course, I still have to get checked out and wonder how I can best begin. I am 1,60 m tall and currently weigh 96 kg. Dieting and exercise were done over and over again, but my legs always bother me, they just don't get slimmer and my knees just can't be seen, no matter how much exercise I do.
    Unfortunately, of course, the enormous costs put you off ... How did you manage to pay the costs? Can I pay off the costs in installments?
    I would be very happy to receive an answer and hope your blog is still up-to-date.

    Best regards,

  • Dear Jule, congratulations on the successful operation. I had to swallow when I read your story.
    I would also like to see who the KK pays for the suction costs in the Clinto clinic.
    I am a lot older than you, my love, but fu gives me confidence.
    Thanks and all the best

  • Hey I think you're great. You are a fabulous young woman. Great what you have mastered. Your report is very interesting and informative. I would also like to have an auction held in the clinic. I wish you all the best and love Jule

  • Dear Jule,

    Thank you very much for your contribution!
    Wow, I was really speechless and I have to admit that tears rolled down one or two times while reading. Sounds strange because we don't even know each other, but your detailed report, your worries, fears and unadorned truths really impressed me! It really has to be such a great feeling when you have it behind you. Even if the bloody pictures seemed a bit frightening to me at first. I think it's so great how you fought your way through! Wow, I'm proud of you!

    It's not that easy for me either. Ok, my lipedema is still almost harmless. Nevertheless it is creeping up and I can very well imagine what an incredibly great feeling must be when you have "new" legs!

    I wish that everything has continued to develop positively for you and that you can now float through life “as light as a feather”! 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Thank you for your post, I read it a long time ago and therefore I also thank Dr. Witte decided and I'm very happy. Currently, day 7 post-op, I'm still not very fit (after eating, I almost fall asleep from exhaustion while eating), for me it was 6,3 liters of OS at the front, much less than for you, how did you feel the OP?
    Best regards,

  • Dear Jule, thank you very much for allowing me to follow your experience with your lipo clinic. You do not believe how much it affects me
    I also just got in touch with this clinic to have an operation there. I hope that my KK will pay the costs.
    Nice now but it is certain that I will do it greener than you.
    The most important step into a new life without lipedema !!!
    I wish you a great new life with all my heart Greetings from Sigrid M. from NRE

  • Hello i have a question for you The compression that I got during the operation is now, 2 weeks later, getting too big for me. Did you feel the same way and then what did you do to put enough pressure on the tissue? In addition, this compression has no foot part and my ankles and feet still swell a lot.
    I would be happy if I got an answer.
    Best regards,