Dr. Witte my hero - liposuctions in the LipoClinic in Mülheim an der Ruhr - part 3

2018 is here - my year, my new life

After a great turn of the year, I started planning my leg final. The compression was measured again, really tight, blood was drawn and then we were just happy. It should actually be so far ... the finale of the legs. How unbelievable is that !? I suffered from my rammers for so long and then it should just be over now !?

Hello January 16th ... I've been waiting for you for so long!

After the operation was on the brink for a short time, as a common cold with a cough and fever caught me, I was just glad that the fever passed the day before the operation and only a little cold remained. But I got along with that and that's why my mommy went to her LipoClinic to Mülheim an der Ruhr, to my almost second home. The bright rooms simply give a good feeling always right. All shine on you and greet you warmly. YOU have arrived and you can start!

After I got to my room, where the operated Anna was waiting for me, Dr. Witte for drawing. He was enthusiastic about my Witt's calves, which just looked so great. At this point I had already lost 12 kg and a few cm.

It quickly became clear that my bottom would probably never become symmetrical, one side was a bit bigger and deeper than the other and Dr. Witte can't change anything either. He also said again that I should prepare myself for two beautiful banana folds under my bottom. But hey, I don't give a damn about that.

I have to say that I am incredibly proud of my body, proud of how great it is.

Lipedema has been a part of me for so long and it shouldn't be forgotten. The lipedema will always be seen, if not in the form of excessive fat, but then in the form of wobbly, empty skin with which I am currently developing a very loving relationship.

After the marking, the anesthetist came to put the needle and then I went straight to the operating room. Once on the scales, oh my 105 kg - well 14 less than 5 months ago. And the disinfectant shower went off. Hold your breath. It's getting bitter, bitterly cold. But we already know that and so people just laugh about it. During the back surgery, you lie completely on your stomach, which is why the anesthetic is kept as low as possible, since the strain on the lungs in the stomach position should not be underestimated. So I was suitably draped down without on the bench, a curtain was stretched over my back and off we went.

When I lay there and Dr. Witte pre-anesthetized the puncture holes, the door opened and Dr. Welss came in. He wanted to see how such a Witt'scher bottom is conjured up. I have to say, you get really jaded and I think that's good. It's doctors who see naked women every day. But they don't actually see the naked thing, it doesn't matter what the lady really looks like on the table. It is only interested in medicine and the perfect result for the patient. And every woman should take this to heart and not drive herself crazy beforehand - especially not with shame.

So my back was vacuumed, sometimes the buttock crease pushed up there, sometimes pinched. Everything for a good result. This operation was actually not unpleasant at all. Time passed, because my anesthetist was sitting right in front of my nose and we just chatted, laughed and sometimes cried the whole time. Cried because it's such a big step for me. And as you've probably already noticed, I'm built really close to the water and I always cry.

And then it was done. Incredible 6,2 ltr. Fat was sucked from the back of the thighs. 

20 ltr. Fat from your entire legs, 80 packets of butter - you have to imagine that first.

Back in the room I was flat and freezing to death, so the fan heater came on. The cold reappeared and I was really struggling with coughing fits. It's just an enormous burden on the body. Somehow I keep forgetting. But after a little nap I felt really good again. My mum kept me company and later in the afternoon Janina, my previous roommate, came to visit. Thanks, that was really great!

The first time I went to the toilet I had to laugh, laugh so hard. Because I pulled such a large trail of blood behind me, that was incredible. My bottom just wanted to get rid of all this water-wound fluid-blood mixture and so we really had to completely re-lay the bed every hour because it was just soaking wet. But hey, this is nothing new to the LipoClinic.

After a joint dinner and a second supper at 22 p.m. with the other patients, we were able to sleep quite contentedly and with that the leg finale was over and I was able to float home with my ivory. Well Not quite. But somehow it felt that way. So liberating. So done!

The healing, apart from going to the toilet, which was hardly possible, went incredibly well. I started working again after two weeks. The MLD and flat knit compression in connection with sport after two weeks had all their shine and I just felt great. After six weeks I skipped the flat knitwear at night and after exactly eight weeks I peppered the flat knitwear in the closet and only took it out to do sports. I was looking forward to it and finally the day had arrived.

And it was so great, an amazing feeling. Air on your legs, on your feet, barefoot in your shoes. I love it so much.

It would be a lie if I said that it immediately felt like nothing happened. Sure, it was strange suddenly to be without this solid shell. Sure, my legs tingled, sometimes pinched. Sure, the legs were slightly thicker after a long day at work. But that's completely normal. The body must first learn to work on its own again. And I can now say - four months after this leg final, my legs are doing great.

I do not have any pain.
I don't have severe swelling.
I enjoy my new life!

But stop. That wasn't all. I was incredibly happy with my new legs, but when I looked in the mirror now, I immediately saw the fat arms that just didn't fit me anymore. My arms got worse and worse, especially during leg operations you could literally watch them grow. By the way, I find that very frightening and it simply shows the power this chronic lipedema has. If some of the diseased cells are gone, the entire power of this disease is invested in the remaining cells. And that is precisely why it is so incredibly important that the whole body is sucked as thoroughly as possible. From your ankles to your hips, from your wrists to your armpits and shoulders.

That's why I had to go to the LipoClinic one last time and get rid of lipedema - hopefully forever - to adopt.

In preparation, I wore the flat knit compression three weeks beforehand, or I tried it. To be honest, I never got used to this arm compression and always got a bitter crying fit when I wore the full flat knit uniform. But it just had to be in preparation, for a good result, which I told myself every day. So at the MLD, the arms were diligently gelympht again and very quickly it was again at the end of March.

March 23.3.2018, XNUMX - the final par excellence.
Bye-bye sore arms, I won't miss you!

This time my friend Nils was there again and supported me on the last few meters in my new life. We didn't have to be at the clinic until 11 a.m. and so we could start the day relaxed - if you can call the excitement relaxed. When I arrived at the LipoClinic, this time I was allowed to go to a room I had never been to. I made myself comfortable again, unpacked everything in peace and chatted with my roommate, who had already been contacted by Dr. Witte's arms were operated on. It was poor day at the LipoClinic. Well, nothing could go wrong there!

Dr. Witte came in and was particularly charming, because by then my first article in this series had already gone online and he was very pleased with how positively it came off. But it's true.

He is my personal hero who gave me a new life and everyone should know that too.

Through these shared experiences you become very familiar and so everything went very smoothly on this Friday morning. At first he admired my beautiful legs, took photos of them and was just as happy as I was with the current result. And then the poor were hit by the collar. They were photographed again and the severely affected areas marked so that in the operating room he knows exactly where to suck and how much.

Then in the operating room the first step on the scales 100,3 kg. Jihaaa, almost the UHU - but only almost. That major milestone shouldn't have happened that day, but it doesn't matter. Because it was already 18 kg away!

Things are a little different with arm surgery. The access for the drip is placed on the foot, because the arms have to be moved continuously and the drip would of course be very impractical. This time I lay on my back on the couch with my arms stretched out at right angles. That was definitely a strange sight and I was really happy when I finally got a bra glued on and off I could go!

Since everything took place above and close to the head, there was not excessive talk as usual with all operations. Dr. Witte had to crumble properly, because my fabric was still very hard despite flat knitwear and MLD and so it was very exhausting for him and after 2,8 liters. it was also over. And I was just happy that I had managed this uncomfortable and sometimes painful operation and that it was finally over.

I agree. It was all over. That's it
The last liposuction was done. 22,8 liters.
Sick lipedema fat were gone.

The typical lipedema fat sac image was shot, I was put into the compression corset and brought to the room. And then my friend came in with a rose, it was just perfect. We did it and could hardly believe it.

lipoedem mode liposuction dr witte LipoClinic part 3 before after before after

The day went by in a flash, I got a visit from dear Verena from my US surgery, we talked extensively with "our" Dr. Witte on the visit and in the evening we watched the last Twilight movie on Netflix. The night went surprisingly well, with the nursing pillow under my arm it was possible to sleep reasonably well and at 7 a.m. my dear friend Anna got up very early and drove 2 hours to Mülheim to pick me up. because my friend unfortunately had to go to the master's school - back home.

I was doing great - nothing leaked, I was able to move around, even putting on my shirt by myself, making bread, drinking coffee. I never would have expected that. On Sunday, with Nils help, I took off my bodice, took a shower, put it on again, put on make-up on my own and everything went really well and so I drove to my parents' house by myself. We had Sunday shopping in the shop and of course I wasn't listed as a saleswoman. But because I was doing so well and the place was on fire, I helped out for an hour and a half and we all couldn't believe how lively and fit I was!

Since nothing in life goes that smoothly, one day later I was caught by this nasty influenza that probably overran Germany in February-March. This really knocked me out for 14 days and prevented me from going to the MLD. That's why it took my arms a long time to swell at the beginning, because they had to fight the flu and get along completely without help. But otherwise the arms were really the least problematic for me and so the six weeks with 24/7 compression went very quickly and then the compression was already thrown into the corner.

Now I was free - finally no more compression! Finally freedom for my skin!

It's the end of May now. I'm nine weeks post-op arms and the last leg operation was 18 weeks ago. I am happy. Just happy with my current feeling about my body and life. I have now lost 21 kg, I wear trousers in 44–46 (previously 54) and all jackets fit my arms again, including those that I was last able to wear four years ago.

I will always have to pay attention to my diet, exercise more than others in order to keep my figure or at best to improve it and I will always have to live with wobbly skin. And you know what? It does not matter. Because this is my life, my way and I'm still incredibly grateful that I was able to go this way of liposuction - and that with the very best surgeon I could have imagined ...

Thank you Dr. Thomas Witte - You are my hero!




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Author: Jule Prekel

Hello, I'm Jule, born in 1993 and work in my parents' shoe store in beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony. I got my diagnosis in 2016 after seven years wondering what was wrong with my body. The diagnosis gave me new strength, new hope. I no longer hid, I lived with the disease that was now mine. Fashion helped me a lot, it has always been my constant companion and yet I learned how to deal with it much more intensively. I love to dress well, to develop exciting color combinations and to put my body in a different light. Nobody should hide behind ill-fitting clothes and that should be my message on this great blog.

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  • Hello Jule, it is really remarkable to document your path so openly.
    I think your attitude is great and I admire you strong woman!
    I myself am in the first stage and therefore very unhappy. I am also considering having an operation because I suffer from it.
    I wish you all the best for your "new" life!
    Greetings Vanessa

    • Hey Vanessa Carina,

      Thank you very much for your feedback! For me it was the only right way to share my story with the women, possibly even to take away the fear of daring this step into a new life!

      Get advice from various doctors and let your gut feeling decide. Wishing you all the best!!


  • Hello Jule, unfortunately I also have the diagnosis lipedema! I am currently looking for a good doctor because I want to have it done away with too.
    However, I would have some questions
    Why was 21 liters of fat extracted from you?
    The doctor I had a consultation with told me that a total of 6-8 liters are suctioned from my legs.
    In addition, I now have a lot of dents on my legs so that I no longer dare to wear short skirts, would the dents disappear after vacuuming?

    I thank you now for the answer.
    Kind regards Aylin

    • Hello Aylin,

      Since I was just before the 3rd stage, such an amount of fat comes together very quickly. Perhaps you will introduce yourself again to other doctors and just speak directly to them. But it is always difficult to assess in advance how much it will really be! The skin is looking better. But not wrinkle-free. In no way. Because the skin is now empty. With hot pants or similar I wouldn't feel well now either. But knee length is now completely okay. I stand by my wrinkles, they are part of my story !!

      Wishing you all the best,


  • Hello dear Jule,

    I'm Eva and I have the same diagnosis as you. I have just had my first of three liposuctions performed on my arms and read your three articles with great curiosity and joy. The surgeon told me that my tissue (although the arms didn't look so thick on the outside) were very hardened / firm. 1200 ml were sucked off together. During the day I wear a flat-knit bolero from which I wish to finally be freed after the liposuctions. At night I wear a post-op bodice that is not that firm and has knobs on the underside. I hope there is enough pressure at night. Today is my first lymphatic drainage, but the surgeon told me that the operated area should not be moved (only around it should be massaged). But when I put on the flat knit supplies every morning, I also move the fabric quite a lot, as it takes almost half an hour to put on the bolero. My most urgent question to you: Can you live without a flat knit supply so far? If not, when do you put them on (only when exercising or consistently)? I wish so much to be relieved of this tough pressure, I could arrange circular knit supplies for it. But this pressure on my arms and legs also means that I often cry when I put it on in the morning. A short answer from you as to whether the result of the operation will continue and how you are now coping with your life with or without flat knit fabric and manual lymphatic drainage would give me courage and stop my spiral of thought a little. Because at the moment I think all the time about why the tissue on the arms was so hardened even though they didn't look that thick and whether I (if I no longer wear flat-knit garments 6-8 weeks after the operation) I will see the result of the operation could ruin again ... I brood and brood, although after the first operation I was so relieved that my doctor got rid of the lid edema fat.

    I wish you all the best with all my heart and that you can enjoy your life - freed from eyelid edema - to the full, with your loved ones by your side.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Eva,
      Your comment has been a few months now (I just overlooked it, sorry) and I hope you are doing well after your first - or maybe you already have the second behind you - really well !!

      I've actually been compression-free since the "beginning" ... I still wore it the first 5-6 times during sport, then I didn't feel like it anymore, but it didn't affect my result, on the contrary, my tissue is super clear.

      I keep hearing that the tissue on the arm is very, very firm and somehow I don't have a good explanation for it ...

      I send you a lot of love :)

  • Dear Jule,

    I now have an operation on my legs and one on my arms ahead of me. Up until now, I was just a little afraid of the arm op, just the unknown. Because of your direct and funny way it has become a bit smaller. Thanks for that.

  • Hello, that sounds great. I am 66 years old and this year I was diagnosed with lipedema in both legs. Yesterday came the approval of the health insurance company. I cried because it is high time that it should work. A whole life with "elephant pounder" - the swear word of the children in school, everything is not so easy.

  • Hello Nils,

    Thank you for your honest and positive documentation of your experience with lipedema and liposuction. Well written and I am sure that you will give courage to many fellow sufferers.

  • Hello Jule!
    Thank you for your open words and the insight into your surgical marathon!
    I would be interested to know how you are doing now and whether the lipoedema has receded?!

    Best regards,