Double alarm! Matte lipsticks from Amazon put to the test

Admittedly, I don't like to order from third-party suppliers via Amazon. But this time it was really a surprise!

At first I was just looking for flipchart pens for my exam, but everyone knows it: you drift off. Suddenly I found myself looking for blush, brushes and lipsticks. In any case, I saw them then - wonderful matte lipsticks in exactly the colors I (obviously or not obviously) were looking for.

A quick look at the price and I thought: that can't be. You can't expect anything for the money. And then free shipping within Germany? Pfff ...

Nevertheless, my gut feeling came up, which said to me: what do you have to lose? A total of 8,45 EUR for five lipsticks - you can try it out!

No sooner said than done, ordered. Before I sent the order, however, I noticed that the delivery time window was over four weeks. So the order from China or the like had to arrive. Will it be of such great quality now? We'll see ... sent!

First impression

After almost two weeks, an air cushion packet arrived, actually from China. As a result, I was totally over the moon.

The name Dragon is on the lipgloss-like packaging and it reminded me of something the whole time. What, but came to me later ...


Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Dragon Kylie Jenner Lipkit Lipstick Lipstick Matte Make-Up Beauty


This picture was taken immediately after unpacking, nothing was damaged and in perfect condition. What the numbers are about later.

The colors correspond to those on the Amazon page. I was particularly enthusiastic about the two shades of brown, because about two weeks earlier I had bought the “Butter” lipstick in matt from NYX. Total disappointment, I looked like a corpse in the face (too much gray in the color).

What do women do with newly purchased cosmetics after unpacking? Right, swatch!



One thing struck me straight away and please, please pay attention! Hold those lipsticks (sorry for my phrasing) like Harry! With the swatches on hand, I was sure to walk around until the evening, because simply wiping it off or washing it off with soap didn't help.

Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Dragon Kylie Jenner Lipkit Lipstick Lipstick Matte Make-Up Beauty


Now to the numbers: In the following I give you the links to the respective product on Amazon.

Blue Vessel No. 4 (darker brown, nude)*



Blue Vessel No. 6 (old pink)*

Posie K


Blue Vessel No. 8 (light brown, nude)*

Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Dragon Kylie Jenner Lipkit Lipstick Lipstick Matt Make-Up Beauty Candy K


Blue Vessel No. 5 (red)*

Mary Jo K


Blue Vessel No. 2 (aubergine-purple)*

Lipoedemmode Lipedema Fashion Lipedemamode Dragon Kylie Jenner Lipkit Lipstick Lipstick Matte Make-Up Beauty Kourt K



Pssst ... by the way, my favorite is No. 8 - a classic that you can always wear!


Similarity to Kylie Jenner Lipkits

Now we come to the exciting part, because I wasn't aware that these lipsticks are dupes to the Kylie Jenner lipkits. In the following I have you the comparable colors of the lip kits from Kylies Website picked out. The official price here is 29 USD, which corresponds to approx. 27 EUR.

Unfortunately, I had no comparison options, as I do not have the original lipkits, but according to some Youtubers they should look pretty similar. Just take a look - maybe you want to invest the money and let the originals move into your home.

Candy K - corresponds to No. 4

Koko K - corresponds to No. 8

Posie K - corresponds to No. 6

Kourt K - corresponds to No. 2

Mary Jo K - corresponds to No. 5


How do I remove the lipstick?

The lipsticks also last a long time! They will get a little dry at some point and they may crumble a bit, but for me only after about 4 hours. You can eat, drink, give kisses - no staining!

But be careful, the only enemy of these dull all-rounders is fat. In the case of fatty food, you should definitely do a quick mirror check afterwards.

And fat is the only thing you can use to remove lipsticks in the evening. Personally, I do it either with coconut oil or with a standard Labello or something similar.

Simply apply over the lipstick and remove with a cotton pad, done. You may have to repeat this 1 or 2 times.


I hope my little test was able to convince you to buy a China item. Not all dealers are unreliable and at the price you really have nothing to lose.

Let me know what you think about the lipsticks - I never want to do without them again!


All the best,

Handwriting Pia



* Affiliate

Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Lipedema Fashion Dragon Kylie Jenner Lipkit Lipstick Lipstick Matt Make-Up Beauty Candy K

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