One year post-op: what did liposuction do?

Numerous questions, uncertainties and hopes on the subject Liposuction were told to me and I hope that I can answer most of your questions with the following lines.

Liposuction: Pre-OP - Of Despair, Money and Pain

lipoedem fashion liposuction PRE-OP experience experience report

How often have I sat in the car, on the couch, at the doctor's and just let the tears run. Desperate, hopeless that this state of my life will turn out for the better again after all. I trained, lost weight, wore the compression every day, did rehab, ... and now I've lost the battle. Almost impossible to see car or train journeys painlessly, let alone book a long flight. Sleepless nights drained my nerves. The cul-de-sac in which I found myself drained the last of my strength to keep my head up. So I know the hopelessness that makes you decide to have liposuctions performed. Even if these damned health insurance companies don't want to take them over. But the price of this way out goes well beyond the financial one.

We wanted to go to the USA for our honeymoon after our wedding. A flight that I looked forward to with growing concern. We should have got the lymph cuff in our luggage. And the compression, is it enough to just hand wash it for 4 weeks? How should I survive this if I couldn't sit in the car for half an hour? So my husband came up to me and made the difficult decision for me.

“We can always go on vacation. We should invest the money for our honeymoon in something better. "

The applications to my health insurance company were rejected and we were faced with a cost of around 14.000 euros for three liposuctions. What a responsibility lay on my shoulders at that moment. That was once a dream vacation in the USA and a new kitchen in my legs and arms. And what if it doesn't help? What if there are complications? What if it looks worse after that? Is it worth giving up our dream and accepting massive restrictions for a year just to pursue my hope for quality of life?

I'm glad he made this decision for me. I couldn't have had it when it would have been his honeymoon.

The liposuctions

Four days after our wedding the time had come and I was asked for the first liposuction. An amount of approx. 4-5 liters (I can't remember that exactly) was sucked off in the front area of ​​both legs. That was a good portion for my stature.

Plagued by terrible chills, I woke up between the injection of the tumescent solution and the suction. But the team of Practice clinic on the river shouldn't prove to be trustworthy, warm and caring for the last time that day. So I woke up after the procedure and, old Swede, that was tough. My pulse is always a bit critical during such procedures, but if you have liters of fluid injected into your legs, you have to go to the toilet very urgently. My husband on one arm and my sister on the other arm helped me to walk, which was a terribly uncomfortable feeling. Bloated, numb legs don't feel particularly comfortable. But the horror was yet to come.

lipoedemmode liposuction first surgery experience experience report

The first few days at home were marked by pain that resembled severe muscle soreness and leaking holes in my legs. Licking alone isn't the worst, it's changing bandages and trying to lift the compression off the patches without them curling up again. Sleeping at night without being able to lie on your side. Having to wear the tights day and night for a month. And for me personally, as a very odor-sensitive person, the "stench" of the liquid that left my legs again. I couldn't stand this and it grossed me out.

The second liposuction went according to plan, because the clinic staff and I were already a well-rehearsed team. My husband was actively by my side for the first week at home. The dressing changes were already routine, I knew roughly what to expect and the only difference in pain was that the inside was suctioned off in the first liposuction and this time it was the outside. My hips hurt the most, with my knees bothering me the most after the first.

lipoedem fashion liposuction first surgical experience experience report
lipoedem fashion liposuction first surgery legs inside experience report

Take complications seriously

The third liposuction was supposed to be a special challenge because it was the arm's turn. You can probably imagine the restriction, but it passed surprisingly quickly. However, one evening I got terribly cold and kept freezing. I packed myself up with blankets, made myself a hot water bottle and still felt cold. After a while, I finally got the idea to take a fever. Jackpot: I had a high temperature. The antibiotic that was taken prophylactically was unable to ward off the infection and it was important to hurry. On the advice of my operating doctor, we drove to the emergency medical service and were prescribed a drug based on penicillin. It helped and I got well. However, I do not wish for this kind of adventure again.

All in all, the project worked out well, everything healed satisfactorily and I became 11,4 liters of lipedema fat lighter. You shouldn't expect the same number on the scales, but effectively it was maybe 3–4 kilos difference.

The everyday

One month after each operation, I had to withdraw a lot and sport was out of the question. Because we did all liposuctions between one and a half months apart, my hunger for exercise grew infinitely. During the healing process, I tried to walk a lot, but I felt every shake in my legs all too clearly. So it took some time before I could lift weights or jog again. After about three months after the operation, I was slowly back to normal and the tissue regained some feeling, the swelling stopped and I was able to live a more carefree life.

Due to my everyday work at the desk, I hardly had any problems at work, except that climbing stairs was still a problem in the early weeks or I had to get up more often. But as soon as I was dry, I went back to my day's work.

lipoedem fashion liposuction healing phase experience review

Liposuction: Post-OP - Improvement, yes. Healing, no.

And so stand here today. Still wear my compression after months of abstinence noticing the tendency to accumulation and slight, rare pain and which immediately stopped. I would definitely not want to endanger my newly acquired state of health. Unfortunately, my familial lymphatic weakness cannot be denied and I feel better about continuing conservative therapy. I wish I could write to you that I was liberated. I would have thrown the compression stocking in the corner and danced away like an elf so easily. But the reality is far more sober.

Sure, I can drive again, I no longer feel restricted every day, I've lost ballast. The appearance of the surgery has not changed much on the arms, but it was worth it here too and the pain has decreased significantly. But the price and effort were high. So high that I pray I won't have to go through it again. It was worth it for me, but I cannot give you a clear recommendation for or against this step, because in the end the result depends heavily on your findings, the financial burden is considerable and the necessary strength is not always available. My husband and those around us have done a lot to maintain my courage after I've choked him in tears. And I will be eternally grateful to them for this, because their handling of my illness is not a matter of course.

There is no cure for lipedema. You can significantly improve the current situation, save a lot of pain and lead an easier life. However, lipedema will still be with us for a lifetime, even if it's only memories.

lipoedem mode liposuction legs before after
lipoedem mode liposuction legs before after
lipoedem fashion liposuction PRE-OP poor experience experience report
lipoedem fashion liposuction poor healing phase experience experience report

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  • Thank you very much for your great report and the pictures!

    Fortunately, all of the surgeries have now been completed for me and so far I am happy to have walked this hard path.

    However, I am very sorry for you that you are not completely free of pain. That is a shame!

    Did you with Dr. Klein already talked about it? I would be interested in what he says about it ...

    Many greetings

    • Unfortunately, I have had a turbulent year and have not yet made it to Dr. Small to make an appointment. But what I don't know now, what he could do. I am doing very well 90% of the time.

      • I would only have been interested in his opinion on it ...

        Were your arms also processed with the laser?!?

        And can you still remember the time after which you no longer needed the compression?

        Best regards,

        • No problem: o) He had warned me that this would happen in around 20% of those operated on. So I was prepared for it.

          Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the laser. I still wore the compression for 3-4 months and then not for a while until I noticed the deposits and the rare little pinch.

          Lovely wishes

  • I also have the "quiet pinching" after the operation and there are slight deposits on my ankles. That's why I also wear the compress alternately. Just the tights. sometimes just the leggings sometimes the stockings. Now and then completely without. Still, it was the right decision with the OPs.

  • Thank you for the experience report. He's really open and honest. Unfortunately this is very rare. It is very important to say that lipedema is not curable, it remains for life. Sometimes liposuction is not enough. there are also studies that warn against it, as the fat can return in other places. (Data available, but that leads too far here) It is certainly not a mistake to continue wearing the compression after the operation (or, for example, if you cannot pay for an operation, you get paid), as well as a method of blocking with regular moderate exercise perform. It is up to each person affected to determine how much they are additionally worth.

    Compliments on the fashion blog and sincere congratulations that it's 85% good.
    lg from the neighborhood

  • Thank you very much for this blog, I myself have just made the decision to have surgery and your experience report is a great thing. In all the forums, which every person concerned rummages through for information, I have not found any reports that have been processed so well.
    Great - the doctor also told me that not all patients can get rid of the compression, but that they have to wear lighter socks or only knee socks and not always.
    For me, that doesn't always mean being locked up to my navel and that alone will make this difficult first time easier for me.

    • Thanks for your great feedback! I am happy to have helped with the decision and I wish you the best of luck with the operations. It won't be easy, but if you have your back to the wall it can be worth it.

  • Hello everyone 🙂

    My name is Tanja, I am 38 years old and the mother of an 8 year old boy.

    I already had lipedema in puberty (now I know that it was back then). It finally erupted during pregnancy.
    Stage 2 on the arms and legs.

    I came across this page by chance.
    I have just finished the first of three operations (11.01.17/XNUMX/XNUMX).
    I found a great clinic in Maastricht (NL) that work with my phlebologist in a certain way.
    She recommended this doctor / clinic to me.

    When I read this I have to say: The soft liposculpture procedure there is great.
    The leakage stopped just 24 hours after the operation. The quantities were also really limited.
    You get a bodice that goes under the chest and is amazingly comfortable.
    And this bodice is not taken off for the first week. You can shower with it, and using the toilet is also possible thanks to the corresponding opening.
    In two days I will be able to take it off briefly to remove the plaster.
    After two weeks I can take it off to take a shower.
    Basically, the bodice should be worn for at least 3 months in order to achieve the best results.
    Since on February 13.2th and 13.3. the next operations will follow so I'll wear the bodice until summer (from the ankle to above the waist). For the surgery on my arms I get a kind of bolero jacket made of the same material.
    It is different from the material of the compression pants that I knew from Germany so far. But also very tight but much thinner and much more comfortable.

    Regarding the pain afterwards: The first few days were not without ... but tomorrow (6th day after surgery) I can work again.

    So far I have to say: Great!

    If the result is still satisfactory in the end, the investment of ~ 7600 € for EVERYTHING! worth it.

    The surgeon is called Dr. Roger Kroll and he and his team are incredibly nice and are very kind to the patient.
    The operation takes place with full consciousness, which initially really unsettled me.
    But: it is absolutely bearable and not bad, since everything is numb.

    When I have completed all three procedures I will contact you again here.

    I am of course also available for questions!


    • Dear Tanja Moll,
      can someone contact you? My doctor wants 6.000 euros per operation. Well noticed, I still weigh less than 60 kg, so there is not much fat that has to be taken out ... and that is 18.000 that are simply too much. 🙁 Would be very grateful for an answer.

      And the blog is great! Just discovered and I'll keep looking around 🙂 Thanks for the detailed report!

    • Hello Tanya,
      I just read your info about the bodice ...
      You say: you shower with it?
      does it dry so fast then?
      can you tell me where you got it from?
      Lisa Adler

    • Hello Tanya,
      if I see it correctly, this is a beauty clinic. No specialist clinic for liposuction in lipedema, or am I reading that wrong?

      I would be happy to hear from you, as there is a significant price difference.

      • Hello Sunny,

        I'll answer you, because I'm also at Dr. Kroll was in the Netherlands. He does not work with doctors in the sense that patients are referred. It is more likely that committed doctors deal with the topic of lipedema and receive further training and recommend colleagues who offer liposuctions based on the results or not. My doctor (with range of services: vascular surgery, treatment of lymphedema & lipedema)
        For example, from Dr. Cornely discouraged. Dr. Cornely is "the" expert in this area and was also mentioned in television reports. Unfortunately, my doctor looked after some of his patients later and could not recommend him to me. Instead, he has a few patients with Mr. Dr. Kroll sent and the results were very positive and most importantly the procedure was affordable. The procedure and the control 1 week later take place in NL. My doctor kindly gave me a sick note for the procedure and another week to get back on my feet. He also made a follow-up appointment to see how I was doing (healing process, experience report). So you can basically go to Dr. Kroll. I was also very skeptical because the homepage doesn't explicitly address lipedema patients, but it is clear that it is a cosmetic surgeon. But his assistant is the dearest person you can imagine having such an operation and he is also a very caring doctor. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to have everything done. But I'm happy with my result. I used to have permanent pain in winter and summer - the severe pain only starts with rising temperatures or once a month during my period. I hope that I can soon do the rest and then get through the summer without compression. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. LG, Wombi 🙂

        • Dear Wombi,

          can you tell me how long you had to wait for your surgery appointments after the consultation?

          I want and will also have an operation. I just can't handle it. And I'm being very honest about the compression stockings, I don't find anything really pretty - especially if you have a distinctive style.

          Alternatively, does someone know a good doctor in Bavaria / Munich? Although I'm not tied to the location.
          LG Christ

          • I still know Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz, I am very satisfied with him and his colleagues. I can't say anything about the operation yet, as a single parent, on permanent sick leave due to depression, I will probably only be able to finance her if she's covered by the health insurance. 🙁
            In any case, he is also explicitly concerned with lipedema and works closely with a vascular practice that also keeps a close eye on the vascular area.

        • Dear Wombi,

          can you please tell me more about Dr. Kroll report I have an appointment in 3 weeks. What was good and what wasn't. Are there any clear differences?

          • Hello Verena,

            I got the tip from my doctor to take a look at the Technical University of Munich. Apparently they are treating lipedema there too. They probably want to do research in the pond too. Otherwise there is Prof. Dr. Höhnke. He has three practices around Munich. I have already introduced myself there. Makes a very good impression. My doctor has also had patients who have been operated on by him. I have another appointment this month. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to have an operation. I just have to commit to one doctor. How is the status with you? LG

    • Hello Tanya,

      how were your op's with Dr. Kroll? And how is your result today?
      In the forums you often read bad things about the doc or its results.


    • Hello Tanja and hello Wombi

      I will also be with Dr. Have Kroll operated on in Maastrich. I have a lot of respect for it, but I'm looking forward to being pain-free and especially (hopefully) without compression in the future.

      I am interested in your experiences and look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hallo Tanja.
    I would also like to contact you personally. Have been dealing with lipolymphedema for over 20 years and am considering whether to have an operation. I have a problem with the compression stockings. Did you try to do the operation through health insurance?
    I would be happy to receive an answer soon

  • Hi all.
    I'm just thinking about getting a liposuction done. I'm a little overwhelmed when it comes to the “clinic” 🙁
    I come from the district of Oldenburg near Bremen. Does anyone here know a clinic that is good? I'm a little afraid of making the wrong decision.
    LG Mirja

      • Hello Mirja,
        I have just finished the 2nd surgery at the Hanseklinik and can really recommend the clinic.
        I am really very happy and satisfied with the result.
        Kind regards Maja

    • Hello Mirja,

      I also come from the area around Bremen. That's why I turned to Asklepios in Hamburg Wandsbek for my operations. The 1st OP was in 10.2017, the 2nd will take place in 02.2018. After the operation I was in the private ward as a cash patient. Both the doctors and the nursing staff were great, empathetic, caring and had time and an ear.
      Ms. Reyer, a resolute, competent and caring secretary who takes care of everything, sits in the doctor's office.

  • Great report. I didn't get the diagnosis until after 20 years, and then 3 years later at the age of 62 I had 3 operations. In total it was almost 16 liters. Even though the skin is slack, I haven't regretted it for a second. Unfortunately, I have developed a weak lymphatic system and am wearing Kompr. Knee high socks, but I can live with them.

  • My God..
    My daughter sent me the link and apart from the improvement in pain I really can't see the breakthrough visually.
    I'm about to have an operation in Egypt.

    • Hello Ursula,

      Pain relief is also the most important thing about liposuction. You can't expect a breakthrough where there isn't much optically, can you? 🙂

      I wish you the best of luck in Egypt and all the best

  • Hello Caroline, you write to me from the heart !!!! I recognize myself in many. It's a hard way and a painful, expensive way.
    I especially like that you keep putting on your compression underwear afterwards and go to the MLD. It is a pressure to believe that one is cured after surgery.
    I've already done 1OP, it wasn't a stroll. In December the 2nd OP. Scraped together money I don't understand when women write that they can be vacuumed 11ltr in the morning and go for a walk with the dog in the evening. Thank you for your blog.

  • Hi all,
    I (47 years) am brand new here and happy about this blog.
    At the moment everything is falling on me. I got my diagnosis 2 weeks ago and now I should have an operation in the spring. The pictures look gruesome, but you've already achieved great success.
    Since I don't know anyone who has this problem himself and I don't have a contact person, I would like to ask a few questions here:

    - I come from Willich and am looking for a good clinic. Can you recommend someone to me?
    - Why does the health insurance not pay for this operation? If I get compression pants and decongestive therapy for the next 30 years, it'll be much more expensive. Who has experience with the health insurance companies?

    Since I am in a lot of pain and apparently there is no alternative, I naturally hope to be free of pain after the operation, at least as far as possible.
    I would be very happy to receive answers.

    Greetings and happy holidays

    • Hello dear Paula,

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback! I hope you can take some information with you from our side.

      To your questions:
      You live in NRW, you definitely have a couple of practicing surgeons nearby. Dr. Heck in Mühlheim z. B. He is very popular on the network. But there are also critical voices about every doctor. With him there is currently a very long waiting time due to the demand.

      The health insurance does not pay for the operation, as the practice is actually still new territory and there are no impartial studies on it. It has now been loaned, but even the list will drag on. The calculation that lifelong therapy is more expensive than surgery is only partially correct. Many doctors advocate compression therapy after liposuction in order to preserve the result as much as possible. And in theory, symptoms can come back in anyone at some point. Whether, when and to what extent is completely open. Conservative therapy cannot improve lipedema, but operations are not the ultimate solution either, they only limit the damage. As long as the cause has not been investigated, it is all like a game of chance.

      I hope that the operations will give you the freedom you want. I wish it for you with all my heart!

      Best regards,

  • A tip for wound care after the operation: pull normal, cheap sheer tights over the plasters (and compresses if necessary); the compression can then be put on much easier. This is also possible on the arms: simply cut two holes for fingers and thumbs on the foot part of the tights. All the best!

  • I can understand your surgery report very well, because I felt the same way or still feel. I'm just a little older. I also have regular MLD, always worn compression underwear, went to rehab and have a lymphomat. Eaten consciously (even if the MDK doesn't believe me). Exercised regularly ... I never wanted to have an operation. But at some point I was at a point where I couldn't anymore. Climbing stairs was very difficult. Walking was painful, cycling was absolutely no longer possible. KK refused the operation. Credit taken out. Now my legs are 12 liters of fat lighter. After a long difficult post-op phase, I have regained my quality of life. Life has become easier ...... but without compression underwear ... no, I don't think so either. Maybe on special occasions or when it is very warm ..... I don't regret a day that I went this way.

    • Dear Sonja,

      thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you fared differently, but it's good to find cases like this on the net too. Simply to be able to approach the matter realistically.

      Lovely wishes

    • Hello ... My name is Gabi, I am 65 years old and have stage II lip and lymphedema on both legs and stage I on the arms.
      The diagnosis was made in January last year.

      I would now have liked to know which stage you were at.

      I would be very happy about a message.

      Kind regards


  • What an entry. I had tears in my eyes because you spoke to me from the heart. I thank you. I am still at the beginning of my treatment and am afraid of what awaits me. I will visit this blog more often.

    Kind regards Laura

    • Hello dear Laura,

      I know it's easier said than done. But don't make yourself crazy. It's all a stressful situation, but no matter what depresses you, everyone is there for you 🙂

      Lovely wishes

  • Hey caroline,
    I have 4 op and see it like you ...
    I have something to live, everyday life again ...
    Can run longer distances, go to work, be touched without my breath stopping 😉

  • Hello
    Does anyone know a good clinic in the Heidelberg or Mannheim area. I would like to get advice about an operation.
    Best regards,

  • Hello, my name is Yeliz and I live in Munich. I also had liposuction on my arms and legs in 2017. Unfortunately, I now look worse "dented" than before and the pain is not a bit better! I don't even know if the doctor sucked something off or just poked around! It was the stupidest thing I have ever done because now I have to the giant dents and the same pain still unsightly op scars in 17 places!
    But I have to live with it. I wish all those who also have the same problem only the best and hopefully at some point a cure or at least an improvement. friendly greetings to everyone

    • Hello Yeliz, where have you been in Munich, because I, too, wasted the money with a cosmetic surgeon without success, to no longer have the pain? The same at the 2nd OP, but a little more effective, in Regensburg. Seems to be very dependent on doctors and the health insurances leave you hanging in the air with the disease. All the best to all lip patients

  • Dear Caroline,
    Thank you for your honest report. At the moment I am faced with the decision to perform a liposuction. I'm terrified and of course I'm financially in a tight spot. If the OPs were done, no woman would think about it for long. But since no doctor can promise you a cure, it is a difficult decision that you will hopefully not regret. I think it's great that you describe the operation and the post-OP improvements soberly ... I wish you all the best!

    • Hello dear Olja,

      Thank you very much for your feedback! I think it's important that you look at the whole thing as soberly as you can, because you can't get any guarantees for the rest of your life. In any case, many experience relief and that is worth a lot! 🙂

      Best regards,

      • Dear Caroline
        Dear girls,
        I've already had the operation behind me (liposuction with autologous fat transfer into the breasts)
        The operation lasted about three and a half hours under general anesthesia, when I woke up I was in a full body corset and was able to get up again the next morning and go for a walk - I got a puncture in the inner thighs and a puncture in the outer side -
        My breasts were filled with about 450 ml on both sides and the doctor restored symmetry.
        Despite the bruises, I have the least chest pain and I already think it's beautiful.
        I'm totally satisfied and feel better too - it's been 2 weeks.
        However, I have a completely different problem ", -
        The emotionality

        - I get to know my body anew and, above all, love it. It's something I haven't felt before, I'm much more mindful of myself - I look at myself more lovingly.
        And I'm not as irritated as I was before because I no longer have this annoying pain. (in my case the doctors said it was restless-leg - I haven't taken the drug Malopar since the operation)

        Girls, I'm so grateful, I'm so infinitely grateful that I met this wonderful doctor and that he made all of this possible for me. For me it was the sixth time that I tried to undergo such an operation - once I even ran away from the operating table. I couldn't trust anyone and my fear was too great (in retrospect, unfounded)
        Although I am happily married, have two healthy children, whom I love very much and overall I am happy with my life, what has happened now is something that I could not have imagined at all and what I cannot understand.

        I fell in love with my doctor. I have a crush, a crush ...? I have no idea what happened there - viewed objectively and soberly, it is certainly just a freak of nature that may find its origin in this gratitude.

        Right before the operation the doctor took my face in his hands and said - don't worry, it will be all right and I trusted him and it was the most normal thing in the world for me.

        Many of you will now know what I mean by that trust.

        I stayed in the hospital for two nights, so I saw him twice on his morning rounds. I had so many questions, but I couldn't think of anything, I already had a follow-up examination in his practice and I can't talk at all around him .. I feel like a little schoolgirl who is in love for the first time. Like this.

        I am of the opinion that every feeling has its justification and also every feeling needs to be felt and should also be heard - and it is certainly good to deal with it, but it is complete nonsense and I cannot understand why me happens…
        I can't talk to anyone about it in my environment.

        Has any of you experienced something similar or can you give me some advice to get out of this misery ...
        Best regards,

        • Dear Maggie,
          I am happy for you that you are so satisfied with the result of the operation. I can empathize with you how difficult it is to gain confidence and to have an operation. Could you tell me which doctor you had an operation with? Thank you in advance.
          LG Angie

        • Dear Meggie, I understand you very well. This doctor was probably the first to take you seriously and treat you psychologically correctly.
          I too had a very, very kind, sensitive doctor. We joked so much during my operation. Up until my general anesthetic fell asleep there was a great atmosphere in the operating room.
          When I was released, I was allowed to squeeze Mr. Dr again and he hugged me. It was a familiar feeling. I am so grateful to him for his great work!
          It's probably been the same for you ...
          Lovely wishes

          • Hi all,
            I'm 41 and have already had 2 surgeries. A total of almost 15 liters of pure fat were sucked off from the thighs and calves. Even if I don't regret it, I have to warn everyone in advance - it's not a walk! The first 10 days were really tough, I read earlier that the pain was like sore muscles. I think whoever wrote this never had an operation. The first day after the operation was relatively harmless, but after the wound water shot into the legs, the pain was excruciating. I spent my nights changing the ice packs because otherwise the burning sensation in my legs was unbearable. My first operation was in mid-September, the second in mid-October. I am still not pain-free, but 10 kilos lighter and much more flexible. Climbing the stairs is much easier. It's really like someone has taken the weights off their legs.
            Next Monday it's my turn again, this time with lower legs in front and arms. I really have respect for this day, but I am convinced that I am doing the right thing. Otherwise my legs would be my undoing. I have to say, I've been in orthopedic treatment for knee problems for the last few months. These were practically operated on during the first operation. Do what you have to do !
            Many greetings, Agnes

          • Thank you dear Agnes, for your report! You are absolutely right, it is far from a walk and a serious major operation. This should not be seen lightly. Still, it can bring tremendous relief. Therefore you did exactly the right thing for you 🙂


        • Hello Meggie,
          It has been a long time since your surgery. How are you doing today Do you still have these feelings for your doctor? I also experienced your situation and somehow I can't cope with it. It's really crazy!
          I'm looking forward to a message.
          Greetings from Felicitas

  • Hello dear fellow sufferers,
    A few years ago I had the 5th and last operation behind me and I can only say that it was the best decision of my life. I was welcomed by Dr. Rapprich, who is now practicing in dermatology in Bad Soden, and I was and am more than happy. I even have to say that all the operations were really nice and I felt really well looked after. After the surgery I got so much self-confidence that I even signed up for a single portal and found the love of my life there. I no longer have pain in my legs and can move around well, even though I still have very, very fat legs. Dr. Rapprich had already prepared me for the fact that I would never get model legs and I was able to come to terms with that. At the moment I am again dealing a lot with the subject of lipedema, because my husband and I want to start a family and I am terrified that everything will get worse again with the pregnancy. Has anyone had an operation and then got pregnant?
    I greet you all and would like to say: be strong! We are not alone.

    Many greetings

    • Hello, I was diagnosed with lipedema 3 years ago. I would like to know if there is someone who can say that he got paid for the surgery when it comes to staying fit for work?

      • Hello Heike,

        I will hopefully get exactly your question answered on March 11.03.2019th, XNUMX by the medical officer in the health department. Since I am a civil servant, I am half private and half insured through the allowance (equivalent to statutory insurance).
        I will use your argument “to maintain the ability to work” in this examination, because despite compression, especially in summer, I am no longer able to endure long school days.
        I will be able to tell you as soon as possible how it turns out.
        Wish me luck!

        • Hello Carolin
          I am also a civil servant, from the beginning of November 18 to the end of January 19 I successfully separated from my lipedema through a total of 5 operations on my arms and legs and since February 19 I have been waiting for a grant to contribute to the costs. I am insured 30% privately and 70% through the allowance.
          My private health insurance has taken over a small part of the costs, the tax office will certainly also recognize part of the costs for tax purposes, but I am very interested in whether and how much the aid has granted you. Still best wishes! LG Martina

    • Hello Simone!
      Unfortunately, I can't answer your question, but I'm also very interested in it, because I've just had the first of two operations on my legs and I also want to have children.
      I have derived the following explanation for myself:
      Diseased fat cells are sucked out during the operations. Once removed, cells can no longer grow. I hope that after the two operations on the legs so few fat cells remain in them that they will hopefully make the disease in the legs impossible to recur.
      At the moment I won't have my arms operated on because I can live with them so far.
      However, I expect that pregnancy will exacerbate the problem in my case in the arms that have not yet been operated on and that a third operation on the arms may become unavoidable after a pregnancy.

      The game “would have had bicycle chain” can be spun infinitely.

      Perhaps you'd better ask yourself the following question: "Would I want to do without a biological child if this means that the disease will break out again and I may have to undergo another operation?"

      I know that answering this question will unfortunately not put you at ease about your own health, but it does clarify your priorities. Often that's enough.

      Please do not misunderstand the statement! You were told by a woman who has had unfulfilled fertility treatment for over four years.

  • Hello ‍♀️ I've just read your post…. the pictures frighten me very much…. but nice that you feel better.
    I have a question, how is lipedema to be distinguished from normal fat? I hate my legs ... from the stomach I can wear 46/48 pants for the legs minimum 52 to 54 it's a huge burden for me ... and also for my boyfriend so that I'm such a crybaby .... do I have to go to the doctor so that he can tell me if that's the case or can you give me an explanation ...
    Kind regards Andrea
    And all the best

  • Hello Caroline! So you didn't look bad in my eyes before the operation !! I am 1,70 and weigh 65kg. I have this typical pear figure, much more pronounced than you. I have learned to accept my body. What help ?!
    Many greetings Steffi from Bavaria

  • Hello dear ones,
    We have dealt with the topic for a long time and now the third and last one behind us, very successfully. Costs per op 3, with laser tightening at 9500 ops 2 each. plus insurance, costs for lymph drainage, ekg and blood count before each operation, and medication afterwards (harmless, vit b13.000 and iron) in total approx. 12. great result, but the weight before the operation was only 37.500 kg with a height of 69 cm. But lipedema was there, with all the symptoms. The decisive factor is the procedure and the experience of the vascular surgeon with it. We live in Munich and wondered where the patients came from to be treated in exactly this practice. Really, not all doctors who offer it can do it, but many doctors jump on the bandwagon ... and as I said, there are better and worse procedures. I honestly found the photos shown here not that convincing.

  • Thank you very much for your report. I am faced with exactly this situation, only that I have four operations (stage three) in front of me and of course there will be a few more costs. It makes me sad that you don't see any difference afterwards. my legs are horrible and I don't feel like going through life like that anymore. For 20 years I have been hiding and not daring to enter into a partnership. What use is it, of course I'm happy when the pain is gone, but when my legs and arms still don't look nice. Right now I'm a little bit desperate.

    • Hello!

      To be able to go into this sufficiently would go beyond the scope. But maybe a few more articles here on the site will help you. For example to psychotherapy, which has brought me very far. The perspective that you will never have “perfect” legs should drive you to still find your happiness and not make it dependent on factors that cannot be influenced. You can find happiness and it won't have anything to do with your legs.

      Were you really happy before you got lipedema? Are you hiding for a good reason or just out of fear and self-doubt? Are these really really justified or are they just your ideas about yourself that you don't live up to?


  • I can fully understand all of this. After taking medication for a few years, I had an incredibly big stomach. My grandmother had it too, but ate it. I suffered from it, put on wide tents, tried to cover up, always wore a baggy look to cover it up. Luckily it was Corona and we couldn't go to a swimming pool anyway. Then the day came, I work in a school where they said we would go swimming after the holidays. my nightmare The decision was made, I wanted liposuction. 9 kg were sucked off, on the entire abdomen and flanks. The pain went away but I felt physically bad afterwards. The iron levels were down, I felt constantly bad, I was exhausted to no end.
    Today after vitamins and iron intake, lots of love from my partner, I haven't been to work for four weeks, rested, doing well again.
    I would like to have my legs done, but I don't dare for the time being. Maybe next year. I still have to encourage myself.
    Kind regards, Daniela

  • The article is from 2016 and therefore very outdated, but a lot has happened and specialists have come into being. Sure, I had to pay 40.000 euros myself for my lipoedema removal all over my body, but the result is awesome and painless after 4 operations. Tip: Young Aesthetics Hanover – Dr. Siafliakis.

  • Dear Caroline,
    Thank you very much for your report and the pictures. I think it's very good to see the truth from time to time and to know better what you're getting yourself into.
    My hope (stage 2, 41 years old, sporty and good nutrition but still overweight and poor condition) would be that I can do better sports after the operation and that I can actually control my weight with a diet. Do you have any experience in this regard?
    For example, I've been jogging for over 10 years, but can only do 5km in 45-50 minutes. Despite training, I'm not getting faster and it's not getting any easier.

    • Hello dear Steffi,

      thank you for the praise! I was definitely able to improve my condition before the surgeries and I can see it in other female fighters who celebrate great success without surgeries and even become triathletes. Have you ever tried following a workout plan? I do this using my Polar watch and am very happy to have someone tell me what I have to do to complete a 2024 half marathon.

      On the other hand, liposuction can definitely alleviate and make things possible that were no longer possible before. The results and the life afterwards are as individual as the people themselves. 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Thank you for your honest post. I was downright desperate and frustrated to always read about overjoyed "healed" women. I'm now 1 year post-op from the first surgery and I'm slowly noticing the pain creeping back into my legs. Visually, of course, there were improvements, sometimes more, sometimes less. But when I see the price for it (40 thousand euros in total), I would honestly have expected more. It's definitely not a panacea, but an improvement nonetheless