Elbow functional zone: Clear the stage for more comfort!

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Whether at work, in everyday life, for a hobby or at a festival - exercise should be fun and have a liberating effect on you. Even if you might perceive your arm compression fitting as a limitation at first glance, it gives you precisely this important freedom to enjoy life even more by reducing pain. Which add-on can support you? The elbow functional zone!

I've been wearing it since 2013 arm sleeves and feel most comfortable with arm socks combined with gloves. There are also boleros that connect the arm stockings together at the back (here I'll show you what it looks like), but your medical supply store can tell you which type of care is best for you.

Did you know already:
The arm socks create a kind of one-way street due to the compression in the lymphatic system of your arm. If you don't wear gloves, your fingers and hands can get trapped and become swollen. To prevent this, gloves are also worn.

What is special about the elbow functional zone?

If you sit at your desk a lot or have to bend your arms often, you probably know the problem that pressure points can form in the crook of your elbow from time to time. This does not necessarily have to be due to the care itself, but can also have other causes, such as weather-dependent skin dimensions or sensitive skin. The elbow functional zone counteracts this problem with a different type of knitting at this point and thus ensures a more comfortable fit.

This addition of average is part of every one of my supplies. If you want to know what else my favorites are, you can this article look at once.

Compression at the festival? But definitely!

I finally went to a festival again this year and of course the compression traveled with me. Especially on such intensive and strenuous days of movement I depend on them to keep dancing longer.

However, since there is also an acute risk of sweating and dust on the site, I definitely recommend that you pack a hand detergent for compression underwear, e.g. B. that mediClean.

So that nothing slips with all the wild moves, you can medi fix apply to the adhesive edge. The adhesive lotion ensures that your compression stockings stay in place.

With these practical little helpers you will get through the festival season well and are well equipped when travelling. You are welcome!

What is the optimal festival outfit in compression?

I dress up and dress up 365 days a year concerts and festivals I love to express myself a bit fashionably. I'm not exactly a fan of dressing totally ga-ga just because no one on site knows you. So I've put together an outfit for you that you can combine with the rest of the summer days.

The poncho is perfect for gently draping your upper arms or stomach and giving your legs maximum freedom for dancing. Don't worry, there are cool people at festivals and concerts in particular who celebrate you for your joie de vivre rather than condemning you.

The absolute highlight: the mango yellow arm compression mediven 550 with fashion element classic and the elbow functional zone in combination with the leg support mediven 550 with fashion element nature in black. I always find it so exciting and fulfilling how well the patterns can be mixed with each other without compromise. It is crucial that you give the whole space with a pattern mix - either with restrained colors or large areas.

Incidentally, at my event I wasn't even called up for compression, because nowhere is it more about the unifying music that everyone celebrates together. Just celebrate with us!

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

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Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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