# lipedema community - envy and resentment from within

I read in the self-help groups, on the pages of the various lipedema bloggers and one thing catches my eye again and again.

Envy, resentment, even hateful comments.

But why? Aren't we all in the same boat? Shouldn't it be a platform where we can talk openly? Can you let off the stink? Without being directly attacked?

Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is great - but please only if an opinion is asked.

Would you say that in real life too?

It's really frightening how easy it is for some people to get really mean things. The Social network has unfortunately lost the barrier to treat each other with respect. Would these ladies also say on the street

“It's your own fault that your lipedema has become so severe. You also have to exercise enough and not just sit on the sofa with chips! "

Seriously people? It's just plain unfair. It is not true. Each of us has our story and only through a small post you don't know the woman behind it. Why did it get so bad, what happened in your past? Can you help her find a better way? But mean comments do not help at all.

We can do better - less envy, more respect

I would like more respect, more understanding from within our own ranks. Who should we expect respect from, if not from us, when we know exactly what life with lipedema feels like.

Since I myself successfully operated I was also approached very meanly. From women who have been robbed of all decency and understanding by lipedema. Yes, it is terrible that the health system is failing us so much that we do not receive adequate support with this disease. I am very sorry that only a few women can afford the operations and many cannot. But believe me when I say that none of the women operated on pays this insane sum out of the postage. We too do without any luxury for a long period of time or - even if it is very difficult - we accept help from friends or acquaintances, or even a loan.

It hurts that one is not granted this new life. You almost feel bad that you have the chance to start over. But that's not how it should be. Nevertheless, we always remain chronically ill and will probably always bear the burden of lipedema on our shoulders.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you ... spray love and respect!

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Author: Jule Prekel

Hello, I'm Jule, born in 1993 and work in my parents' shoe store in beautiful Emsland in Lower Saxony. I got my diagnosis in 2016 after seven years wondering what was wrong with my body. The diagnosis gave me new strength, new hope. I no longer hid, I lived with the disease that was now mine. Fashion helped me a lot, it has always been my constant companion and yet I learned how to deal with it much more intensively. I love to dress well, to develop exciting color combinations and to put my body in a different light. Nobody should hide behind ill-fitting clothes and that should be my message on this great blog.

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  • Dear Jule, thank you for this open and very good contribution! Respect for one another is a very important issue. I can only shake my head at some behaviors. All the worse, because I know exactly from negotiations and my daily work as a lawyer what a difficult situation we patients generally have, regardless of whether it concerns health insurers, doctors or judges.

    • All the more frightening that we ourselves cannot accept ourselves as we are.

      Thanks for your great work !!

      LG, Jule

  • * curtsies * Thanks for these words! I also have such experiences and think to myself that it doesn't have to be. So we continue for more acceptance among each other <3 Nice that someone dares to speak to this !!

    • It's nice to read that I don't think that way alone. But that also means that we continue to speak openly and not allow ourselves to be interrupted!

      Thank you Fine for your tireless educational work!

      LG, Jule

  • Thank you very much for the frank words ... yes, I had to and must read such unnecessary comments in my pn. And unfortunately it will always be the case that where people are together, there will never be agreement and we make our fight even more difficult by prioritizing our own small sensitivities!

    • You may be right about that, Sandra. But if we don't try to strive for good manners and manners, nothing will change.

      It is good that this is being discussed now. Maybe one or the other feels addressed and thinks about it for himself!

      All the best for you and your further path,


  • Hallo,
    Respect is what I miss more and more, and not just online. Unfortunately, it is also missing more and more often in “real life”.
    I always find it amazing how some women poison each other in the comments ...
    Hopefully many will read your blog and take it to heart.