Lipedema, my liposuction - Part 2: The big day

The big day had dawned and the liposuction on my lipedema was due. We got up early. I slept badly. The nervousness made me a little bundle of nerves. We drove off in the night to be punctually at 8 a.m. at the Hanseklinik Lübeck. My legs were shaking, my head and my thoughts were completely confused. We arrived at the clinic and from that point on I didn't have time to think. It all happened pretty quickly. I had already sent the blood values ​​etc. by post beforehand. So that I got the "Go" from the clinic. I was taken to my room and given the typical nightgown (open at the back) and a disposable slip. So I changed, my husband was by my side the whole time and my only haven of peace. And then the sister came and asked me to come along.

The anesthesia

I was weighed again and then I went to the operating room. Photos were taken of the places that should get their fat off. With his artistic talent, Mr. Baumgartner painted beautiful lines on my legs. And then it was already "Hop on the table". I was given a sedative because I was so nervous.

One began with the anesthesia of the places where should be sucked. This was done using tumescent local anesthesia. This only numbs the spots and you are fully conscious, can move and work together. I found the anesthetic punctures (felt 100 pieces) to be extremely painful. I think that was the most painful moment during the entire liposuction. Several liters of the solution were pumped into my legs. I could see the result of this while using the toilet. A little shock! Do yourselves a favor and don't look when you're tender. My legs were extremely inflated and plump. I was sent to the bathroom several times. So if you are afraid you would not go through it without going to the toilet, no problem.

My findings in pictures

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Please excuse the images. It's a bit older and I only have these recordings that really show it exactly.


Then the suction started, I also had pain, I felt it. I wish I could tell you it was super easy - no pain - no tugging. But it was not so. Then I was given medication through the vein and then it was all very bearable. I can hardly remember some things. It poked every now and then and then I got some of the medication again. The suction was performed (vibration liposuction) with thin and tissue-sparing microprobes. When the process was over, I was really able to get up from the table on my own. Was taken care of by the sisters. These squeezed the rest of the anesthetic out of my legs, so I was running out at that moment. I was swaddled, got my bodice (provided by the clinic) on and was then able to continue on to my room on my own.


I slept a couple of hours. My husband was by my side and I was so happy not to have to be alone. There was quite a mess in my head. But most of it was joy, joy that I had taken this step. The pain I had just felt was still so close - but it was done. Getting up and walking was easy on the first day. I received injections (for thrombosis) and antibiotics and painkillers free of charge. For the next few days I received a “worry-free bag” with bandages and bandages from the clinic. I stayed one night at the Hanseklinik Lübeck where I slept really deeply and worked through the whole day.

After the clinic

After a good breakfast at the clinic, I drove home with my husband. He took over the injection in the stomach. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that myself and was very happy that I was supported so well by him, because I'm a little scaredy myself. I need a shoulder to lean on and his was always there. At this point, many thanks to you, my dear (I know you read my posts).

The next few days were more than painful, I ran out of the puncture sites for about four days. We had to reconnect several times in the first few days. Touching the spots was very uncomfortable. No sore muscles kept up. I could barely sit on the toilet. In some forums I read afterwards that the toilet seat was padded with a small floating ring. As stupid as that sounds - I would have done it too, if I had the idea!

Swelling phase

After four days, the "swelling phase" began, so my legs increased in size. My thighs were very warm and tender. Sitting, moving - everything hurt a lot. At that time I was already receiving manual lymph drainage again. It was a horror to get dressed and bandaged at every appointment. But I had to go through that.

After about two weeks of swelling, I finally read it up. During that time I was neither able to drive a car nor to walk normally, let alone to go about a normal everyday life. Several times a day I took my pain pills and tried to move around a lot, despite the pain. I took a very slow walk or stood on my trampoline and rocked to stimulate the lymphatic flow. The suction areas became harder and harder and changed their colors from purple, blue to green and yellow. A little rainbow on my legs. The hardening continued for about 12 weeks. During this time I was very tired and exhausted. I slept a lot and realized that my body had a lot to process.

Conclusion - liposuction

The operations are really painful. Not everyone can cope with the pain well. The patient's circulation may collapse. I was in very severe pain for weeks. Nevertheless, I can say that the result was worth it for me and eased the discomfort. This was followed by two more operations. I'll go into that in Part 3. Before and after photos you will also see in the third part of the series. Please make yourself aware that this procedure is perceived differently by everyone. This is just my own personal experience.

here you get to "Lipedema, my liposuction - Part 1: Preparations"

All the best


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