Colored compression - don't be afraid of the colorful flat knit

You are not sure yet whether colored compression suits you and your everyday life? Or is it always great about others, but you haven't dared to take the step yourself? 

Then I hope that with this article I can relieve you of your fear of colored compressions, because one thing should be said in advance -

Colors give you a variety of options. 

The day has finally come when you are asked to go to the medical supply store to measure and order your compression. I have always been looking forward to these appointments and already at home think about which color I will use this time, only to then throw it all over the place and let my gut feeling guide me. So far it has not disappointed me, even if I can call a small colorful variety of leg and arm compressions my own and at first glance nothing goes together. 

The agony of choice in the medical supply store

Before my first visit to the medical supply store, I was nervous. The closer the deadline got, the more my thought carousel circled. Of course I like to wear color when it comes to fashion, but my level of experience with colored compressions was zero. Do colored compressions suit me and does it look as good as others? Does the color unhappily emphasize what otherwise I tend to make disappear? Do I have anything in the closet that can be combined with it? 

All questions that went through my head in advance and I am still very happy that I relied on my gut feeling and gave myself a little push. 

My first leg compression and thus my entry into the color world of compression was the color Blue Groove from Juzo. I chose violet sound for alternating compression. After a short time I had both compressions in my hands. 

lipedema fashion simone schäfer fashion in compression juzo blue groove pink soul outfit lymphedema compression

A colorful mixture - or not that colorful after all?

So those were the two colors that should accompany me in color for the next six months. At first I took a deep breath and then it was time to try it out. Juzo's arm compressions in dip dye blueberry and the bolero in pink soul only moved in later, after the previous trend colors were no longer available. So in the beginning I had a nice colorful mix of everything. 

Not only blue has the property of being integrated almost invisibly into an outfit. A pink compression can also be worn inconspicuously

lipedema fashion simone schäfer fashion in compression juzo blue groove pink soul outfit lymphedema compression

In my opinion, blue in all its variations is the perfect way to get started with colors. Not without reason is the widespread opinion that blue is also the new black. It goes with almost everything, so you have endless combination possibilities and can test yourself. But I don't want to say in general that only blue has the property of being almost invisible in an outfit. Combined a little cleverly, a pink compression can be worn just as inconspicuously as a blue or black one. Of course, this all depends on the type. Anyone who previously only wore black will suddenly be the center of attention with a pink compression and will probably feel uncomfortable. That is why it is important that you dare to go out of habit when it comes to color, but remain true to yourself. 

lipedema fashion simone schäfer fashion in compression juzo blue groove pink soul outfit lymphedema compression

Black is not always concealing

Black has deliberately and partially used the property of appearing and contouring like a shadow. If you use it, for example, as a side stripe on trousers, which can also be colored, the leg looks longer and narrower. A completely black pair of trousers draws the eye away to the colorfully conspicuous upper part, but doesn’t make you look two clothing sizes slimmer, as one likes to assume and can be conspicuous especially in spring / summer. 

Integrating colored compression into an outfit is not rocket science. You only have to decide whether you want to emphasize the compression or rather let it flow into the outfit. 

lipedema fashion simone schäfer fashion in compression juzo blue groove pink soul outfit lymphedema compression

How do I combine colored compression?

Integrating colored compression into an outfit is actually not rocket science and everything you need is already in your wardrobe. Of course you develop your own style over time and have your own taste. When I decide on an outfit in the morning, I usually choose compression first and then I decide whether I want to emphasize the compression today or whether I let it flow into my outfit. 

Once I have decided that, I can start. Everything that is within a shade will be perfect to wear in combination without focusing on compression. It can be a pink skirt with purple or pink compression, plus a blue shirt and blue arm compressions. Arm compression and the wearing of gloves make you more noticeable in summer, regardless of the color. I find it very harmonious when you stay within one color nuance. 

Complementary colors set the scene for the compression, while the same color nuances integrate them harmoniously.

lipedema fashion simone schäfer fashion in compression juzo blue groove pink soul outfit lymphedema compression

The choice of the color concept

With complementary colors, that is, colors that face each other in the color wheel and stand out from one another, it is possible to set the compression color in scene. I am thinking of purple in combination with orange. A quite striking combination, but one that is very harmonious. Blue with yellow, green and red and within this color wheel there are no limits to the possibilities as long as you stay on the same color level. Sounds complicated? With a little practice you develop a routine. 

I also pay attention to small details such as patterns and try to either pick up on the compression color with my accessories or to bring in calmness with neutral colors. A neutral color like cream, white, brown, black not only brings calm to the outfit but also connects colors with each other. 

The colored compression is just the base

In summary, it can be said that compression is the basis and the outfit is built around and on this basis. The upper part does not have to be the same as the lower part, because everything can be connected using neutral colors. Compressions are particularly harmonious when a color is within the color wheel or is even reflected in the pattern of the selected item of clothing. The imagination knows no limits. 

Contrasting colors have a particularly emphasizing effect, so you can consciously put yourself and the compression in the limelight. 

Color is fun. If I put on my pink arm compression in the morning, the day can only be good. 

Experiment and have fun rediscovering yourself. Color often reflects the world of emotions and lifts the mood. Neither of us wear the compression because it's a still unknown fashion trend. We are sick, but like everyone else we can have fun with ourselves, with fashion and with everything else. 

If I put on my pink arm compresses in the morning, the day can only be good, even if it's raining. Against initial uncertainty, it helps to integrate your favorite piece of clothing into the outfit. 

With this knowledge, everything can actually be combined as you would like. Even bright pink or coral, the trend color of juzo from last year. There are no limits to your own creativity and you decide how discreet or noticeable you want to be. 

Have lots of fun with it. 

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