Avoid these mistakes when choosing your flat knit compression

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Unsatisfied with your care? Do you have the feeling that the composition does not fit your needs? If so, what are the potential mistakes you sometimes make when choosing your flat knit compression and what are the alternatives? Don't despair, ask Sprat! I have a few tips here for your next stocking interval. (I almost wrote the Schlumpf interval, not bad either.)

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Trouble getting dressed in the loo

If you have the feeling that you are taking far too long to go to the toilet and you lose your strength even after a bit of puffing up and down, then it may be because you may need a multi-part restoration. Depending on your age, concomitant diseases and body shape, it can be particularly difficult for you to get the flat knit compression back in place every time.

Here you can differentiate between the physical and strength-technical hurdles. If you have too little strength in your arms and fingers, you could ask your sanifee for advice on whether your silhouette is suitable for a supply of thigh stockings and Bermuda shorts. So all you have to do is pull down the Bermuda shorts and knickers and leave the stockings in place.

However, if your legs are not suitable for this type of subdivision, there are also knee socks and Capri versions. The Capri only goes up to the middle of the calves and is therefore a little easier to pull up than full tights. Three-part restorations are also possible, but the two-part would be the first clue for you.

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Small waist - wide hips - tough battle

Those who enjoy a significantly narrower waist than their hips not only have a hyper sensual, beautiful figure. Every morning and after every toilet, the hard struggle to get the flat knit compression back over the poppies beckons. But it doesn't have to be. In this case, no ordinary body part is suitable for you; a zipper could make the process easier for you. Again, ask your Sanifee whether this could be a solution for you.

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Sensible skin? Be careful with the choice of adhesive tape

Have you decided on silicone adhesive edges? Beware of sensitive skin. Some develop small pustules, especially in summer, where the silicone on the adhesive tape touches the skin. This skin irritation can be caused by sweating and itchy. Fortunately, there are not only the usual silicone nubs, but also more gentle coatings especially for such cases, like this Micro-knob adhesive tape sensitive. Try that out once.

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Pressure points on the feet, knees, or the bends of the elbows

The Kompri pinches and leaves red bruises? Then you need Functional zones! Tailor's pads, hallux, knees and elbows are all sensitive areas that can suffer from flat knit compression. So please don't forget to ask about functional zones in the medical supply store. Medicare offers a great solution for all of these jobs.

Missing toe caps or gloves

If you have pure lipedema, you usually have no problem with the lymph backflow from your hands and feet, which is why you sometimes decide in favor of leggings without knee socks, pantyhose with open toes without an extra toe cap or arm socks without suitable gloves. If you've never had this restoration before, be proactive and have the entire restoration made. You may not yet know whether your body can handle the artificial one-way street.

Have better than need.

Artificial one-way street? Yes, if you wear the arm socks without gloves, there is no continuous compression down to the fingertips and deposits can occur. The same goes for the feet, of course. There is something else to do with the toes. The open toe often ends under the ball of the foot. Under certain circumstances it can happen that you walk on the starting point of the seam or the opening in the shoe slides backwards. I also often had the problem that with closed shoes there was a space between the shoe cutout and compression, which was not so optically optimal. In this case, have an extra foot cap made for you to be on the safe side. If the above problems arise, you are covered.

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The perfect flat knit compression -
In the end, it is the advice that counts

No matter what Smarty Smurf (Ha! Now I was able to accommodate the Smurf after all.) I have now shown you everything, good advice in the medical supply store cannot replace anything. Your Sanifee can inspect you and your condition directly and advise you individually. With the specialist at your side, you can avoid these potential sources of error. So with every Schlumpf… eh stocking interval, your compression supply gets a little bit better every time.

lipedema fashion compression medi mediven 550 tights caroline sprott blogger lipedema compression flat stick compression

flat knit compression

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  • So, since yesterday afternoon I am the proud owner (seriously?) of the raspberry red Mediven (uni stripes) with open toes.. and what can I say?... I have blisters on my fingers.. the gloves I was given slipped into greetings S at put on the pants and I rub my fingers on the inside...
    I can only hope that the pants will become a little "softer" after wearing and washing them a few times...

    I also have to ask the Sanihaus if I can't get any loops in my pants to get the part over my pote, the waistband turns in when I pull it up and with these "gardening gloves" I can't get it out .. I think I can go in search of my cleaning gloves in the kitchen jungle (would it be worth a try?)….

    I'm sitting here by the computer and I need to pee... but should I go? Oh god.. I shudder...


  • Hey, I think it's great that this blog exists. I am not affected - I work in a medical supply store.
    UNFORTUNATELY, the health insurance companies only pay for standard supplies that are disproportionate to the costs that are actually incurred in the SH.
    Doctors and experts are missing the most - still!!
    The silly comments "I'm glad you're married" or "Take it off for now" are still the order of the day. But I jump up at such arguments: in the store I tried to make our customers strong and to give the doctor a contra.
    UNFORTUNATELY young women pay too little attention to their bodies. There are enough people around me who simply haven't taken a break from the pill yet. But there is an increasing number of women and couples who are going hormone-free!!
    Keep it up!! Enlighten and encourage!!

    And tell someone who is “affected” that they have nice make-up or that you like their style – whether you know them or not!

    We have a lot to do with Medi, Ofa and Juzo. A customer even got flat-knit sneakers from JUZO / Aichach because only her toes and the back of her forefoot are affected by lipoedema. We hesitated for a long time, but your KK pays for the supply, even though there are no such models in the catalog of aids.

    So keep it up, you wonderful combatants! *Heart*

    • Hello dear Fabiana,

      you have found wonderful words for our great mission, great that you are so passionate about it. Let's strengthen the network together and fight for needs-based care. 🙂

      Lovely wishes