Festival with lipedema: the festival summer is just around the corner! # 1

The images that come to mind when you say the word Festival or Festival with lipedema hears differ from person to person. One may wrinkle his nose in horror, while the other falls into a dreamy grin. The first person will probably think of elbows in the face in the crowd, too loud music from hyped indie bands, hygienically questionable fellow campers and sanitary facilities, dixies and canned beer that is too warm.

The latter person gladly accepts all these things in order to sit by the fire until late at night, drink a can of beer that is too warm, and then the next morning in the shower with 50 other people banging out rock classics. The noble office pallor is exchanged for a summery (sometimes too red) complexion, rubber boots are the best companion and on the last evening you lie in your arms singing loudly while the Toten Hosen or Rammstein perform one of their evergreens. Sometimes this person can also choke off a tear of joy.

If you can identify with a few of these points and have persevered to this point: wonderful! Then I would now like to share my festival experiences with you ...

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Illusion vs. reality

First of all, and that is the most important thing, say goodbye to the kitschy Coachella pictures! Please do yourself a favor! Nobody can be out and about at a festival all the time if they are camping there too. In addition, here in Germany we unfortunately (mostly) not have the temperatures to walk around half-naked in hot pants and bikini for three days.

The reality is more likely: mud, dust, sweat and no freshly curled or straightened hair. Doesn't mean that people skimp on personal hygiene. Of course, you have the option of showering every day (preferably very early in the morning or very late in the evening!) And pack a deodorant. At the latest when you have "stuck" your head under the armpit of a sweaty rocker as a smaller person in the crowd, you will want to do everything against it - at least for yourself.

There are many other ways to make your hair look pretty too. In the evening after showering, she'll turn into a bun and have great curls the next day (don't forget the Beach Waves Spray!). Or how about a braided braid?

Planning is half the battle

Well, for me it is still three weeks until my most relaxing vacation of the year. And yes, I really mean that! For me personally, there is nothing more relaxing than a festival - even if I curse it every year on the way home on Mondays at the latest. And yet love flares up again in winter when advance ticket sales start.

The most important tip I can give you is: write down a packing list. Here you can see a relatively comprehensive packing list. The site also has packing lists tailored to special festivals, just take a look! Especially the quick-drying towels from Amazon are great, I have them too and would never want to be without them again.

Please, please ... even if it is seductive: don't pack too many clothes! Experience has shown that you never carry everything and drag 2/3 back to the car unworn.

If it rains, which you have to assume in Germany, it is advisable to put the clothes in garbage bags. The best thing to do is to sort the clothes either by outfit or type - everything together in the bag and then in the travel bag (no suitcase! Stupid to pull over gravel ...). So nothing gets damp and the clothes still smell fresh, even after 4 days!

Also remember to wear your gloves to put on the compression. But you'll always have them with you anyway.

Talk to your group in advance about who will bring what. It may sound banal, but for a few years we had 5 rubber hammers for tent pegs but NO can opener. A pavilion is enough for about 5 people, after which you should add on. And don't forget the spare poles in case it storms and the construction becomes unstable.

What else to think about

What is not on the packing list: disinfection! Please take spray, cloth and hand disinfection with you. You never know when you might need it, and DM also offers things in practical travel sizes. I've already experienced some borderline things and they have always been a good companion. And especially in compression while putting on and taking off you want to have a relatively clean environment in the toilets.

Also pack enough trash bags. If it rains and everything sinks into the mud, you can z. B. Stow tent, pegs, rubber boots, etc. before you put the things in your car. Last year I left my hand truck on site because it was just so dirty ... I couldn't have cleaned the car in my life.

And on the subject of catering: this year we're making pizza that will stay in aluminum foil for a few days. In addition, applesauce, muesli, small packs of black bread, jam, apples and muesli bars are a great basis for 1 or 2 beers.

You should definitely have water with you, be it to brush your teeth quickly in the morning (have you ever washed your hair with mineral water? Not for the tickled!). Please do not only drink beer etc., but also keep your fluid balance on the go with water. Especially when it's warm.

Festival with lipedema lipedema lipedema fashion fashion fashion festival with lipedema summer rock festival summer

Festival with lipedema -
Testimonials & tips

In the following you will find some suggestions and tips about the festival with lipedema visits in compressions.

  • Jule reports that she has her Gloves had with in case she had to go to the bathroom. Especially the Capri Pants have made her life there a lot easier, which she uses in the morning Lie dressed in the tent. Even on the narrower ones dixies you can do without, if you look at the toilet houses with permanent toilets on the premises. She reports that the pain came sooner but the two of them Lymphatic drainage after the festival with lipedema were great for the legs.
  • Brina gives you the following tips on the way: get on board big tent where you can get dressed while standing. Even movement in the form of small ones walks between the concerts are important to get everything flowing again and to prevent heavy legs. When standing, pumping with the feet helps to stimulate the lymph. And if it gets too warm, Brina reports that she is over the compression from behind cold water pours. So the blood cools down a bit. Also lymph-promoting gymnastik before sleeping or after getting up in the tent can help.
  • Steffi wrote to us that she often doesn't wear the compression when her legs allow it. What is good for you is allowed. It is also important that the fellow travelers deal sensitively with the topic and, for example, after the Time the respective person and sometimes take breaks when the legs have to be put up.
  • Kati swears by her second chair Put your legs up to be able to. She always has one on the Mera Luna for concerts Walking stick with sitting aid where she can take a rest if necessary.
  • Belinda has one to cool off spray bottle with water. Even going to the toilet was easier for her with Capri trousers and thigh stockings than in full tights.

Thank you so much

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the countless responses in the forums on the subject Festival with lipedema. Tanja organized this little survey for my article in and it's great how you cope with everyday life at a festival with lipedema.

The most important thing is actually just to see how you are and otherwise just take it easy. And with the help of good friends, these days will be some of the very special days of the year!

I am already looking forward to your reports on how the festival season was for you! In any case, let me know and share your best moments on Instagram with the hashtags # phönixprojekt and / or # lipödemphönix

In the second part you can expect some outfits and some more tips from me and the girls on Facebook! One can be curious ... The topic Festival with lipedema is not over yet!

To a time free of mud and thunderstorms!

All the best,

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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