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Today Caroline and I introduce you to a few running products from CEP. Many or each of you will know the tiresome search for sportswear with the necessary compression, especially pants. We lipedema patients in particular should take special care to find pants with maximum compression. Personally, I've always found it difficult here. Most of the time, the price-performance ratio was not right for me, but I've landed at CEP for a few months now and I'm very happy with it.

I had you a few months ago Running socks from CEP wrote a report and now I was allowed to test two pants.

Both pants are black and can therefore be combined with all possible colors (very important for us women 😉).

CEP Run Tight 2.0

Sports Compression Clothing CEP Fitness Running Gym lipedema lipedema mode

Sports Compression Clothing CEP Fitness Running Gym lipedema lipedema mode

Available at Zip code or Amazon.

CEP Run Shorts 2.0

Sports Compression Clothing CEP Fitness Running Gym lipedema lipedema mode

Available at Zip code or Amazon.

The test

So far, I've used both pants when running and in the gym for strength training or on the Crosser. The maximum compression stabilizes your joints and bones and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, your legs stay “fresh” longer (= they do not tire as quickly during exercise). The processed, low-abrasion flat seams ensure that you don't get any wounds (-> which can be very painful!).


Both pants offer you an ideal temperature balance. Who does not know that the heat builds up in your clothes while running and that you quickly start to freeze due to heavy sweating as soon as there is a breeze or you are out and about in cooler temperatures. I wore the long trousers all winter long and didn't freeze.

The details

Last but not least, the waistband. For me, after compression, the most important point on sports pants. Everyone of you knows that for sure. It pinches and pinches and constricts the stomach, which can be very uncomfortable. Often the waistband is made much too narrow.
With CEP, however, the waistband is nice and wide and also elastic. One or the other bacon mini-roll can also be hidden here. 😉

Laura's conclusion

I am very happy with both pants and have a good feeling when running. Of course, everyone has their own sportswear manufacturer, which they can handle best, but I can only advise you to give CEP a try.

For me personally, CEP offers the best compression.

lipoedem fashion cep test compression sportswear


I haven't had any experience with compression sportswear before and was thrilled from the start! I usually do sports either in the morning before or in the evening after work, so I don't put on extra compression in the morning. Especially on such days, compression from CEP is simply the perfect alternative to the usual care. In the evening I even wear the compression tights over my compression tights. Nothing wobbles anymore, I assure you!

CEP Wingtech shirt longsleeve

lipoedem fashion cep test compression sportswear

lipoedem fashion cep test compression sportswear

lipoedem fashion cep test compression sportswear

Available at Zip code or Amazon.

The Wingtech top is perfect for supporting your own posture during sport - an upright posture is particularly important when running. The fabric transports sweat in a really amazing way, which means that I hardly freeze in autumn and winter. I was totally surprised because I've never felt that way before. The bright green of course doesn't do anything for the complexion, at least you won't get run over in the dark.

CEP Run Tight 2.0

lipoedem fashion cep test compression sportswear

Laura has already adequately described the Run Tights 2.0 above and I can only confirm her experience at this point. Finally a pair of pants that fit perfectly. It doesn't slip on the compression or wander up, and the hollows of the knees are covered with a very comfortable fabric that doesn't cut into them. I love her!

Caroline's conclusion

The high price pays for itself through quality, because CEP delivers super wearing comfort even with compression under the tight and provides a pleasant hold without cutting in. Anyone who would like to invest in good sportswear is really in good hands here.

Do you need an inexpensive alternative?
Then take a look at ours here Compression sports pants test. Do you want to complete your compression sports outfit? Then get them CEP compression socks.

Have fun and good luck with your training
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We thank CEP for the free and unconditional provision of the products.

Author: Laura

I'm Laura, 24 years old and live in Bingen in Rhineland-Palatinate. Professionally, I work in a bank. I have successfully completed a degree in nutrition and am a Nordic walking trainer. I had seen lipedema fashion and thought it was amazing the energy with which the five women built this site. It gave me courage and I would like to pass this courage on to other people with lipedema. Therefore I am writing about all my new experiences with lipedema.

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  • Do YOU ​​really want to "fool" everyone? Lipedema fashion - which ends at XL (40/42) ??? This is almost an insult to all women who "really" struggle with their "too much water-fat tissue". Find your side really a farce! With your size, you may have a little too much on your ribs in your eyes or those who have asked “for advice” about it, but lipedema looks different.

    • Hello "Real" (I would have liked to address you by your name, but also not wildly. 🙂) and nice that you found us.

      Why do I say that despite the harsh tone in the comment? Because I am glad that you can see here that lipedema can be just as different as its sufferers. Maybe you haven't discovered the articles yet, but if they interest you, you can see them here ich at Gr. 50 started and Anja also has come a long way. It took us a lot of sweat and tears to look like this, but as you can see, we are not rid of lipedema because of that.

      Unfortunately, we cannot change the fact that the sports world, with the exception of Nike, is not yet open to plus size sports fashion, but there are enough people who are affected by lipedema even under age 44. And there's nothing more or less bad here either. At its core, we all have the same illness and suffer from pain or limitations. Of course, the manifestations can vary, but there is no reason to assume among each other that someone does not have lipedema just because one does not (no longer) correspond to the stereotype. It is just as unfair when people claim that with a strong expression you are only “too fat” as when someone says you are “too thin” for lipedema. Of course, you cannot smell how bad my pain was and is, but you should trust us and me so much that we are definitely not sick voluntarily.

      And I hope I can share some personal thoughts with you. Sometimes I feel this rather nonsensical desire to have stronger legs just to be able to address the difficult cases and give them courage. But in the end I am just grateful and can endure the dissenting voices like yours, for which I show just as much understanding as I expect for my happiness to have been diagnosed early. We all fight a bloody unfair fight every day and one of the greatest strengths in that is the community. And if we can't address some of the fashionable, we still have good information at the end of the day on how to apply for rehab, what must be on the prescription and how to go to the medical supply store prepared. Together we are stronger and that is what this is about.

      I took the time to write you these lines and I loved to do so. Because the matter is important to me, including you. I understand your frustration, but maybe I was able to give you a different perspective on these thoughts.

      I sincerely and honestly wish you better days, with less pain and frustration and maybe we can help you with something at some point.
      So that you don't get stuck in the air, I'll show you a few other bloggers that you could visit. They are more pronounced and also create great things 🙂

      Best regards,

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    • How can you so outrageously let your frustration off on the girls who try so hard to help others. You can't do anything for the sizes offered! You couldn't test them yourself anyway….
      Maybe think about testing it yourself and sharing the experience.