Foundation !? L'Oréal Paris Indefectible Matte vs. Maybelline NY Fit Me Matte + Poreless

Hello my friends,

about the great weather in May there is again news on the Foundation front! 

After a longer period of observation, I would like to introduce you to the L'Oréal Paris Indefectible Matte Foundation and the Maybelline NY Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation, which will be available from mid-May.

L'Oréal Paris Indefectible Matte

foundationsAt first glance, the Foundation makes a very trustworthy impression - and you won't FullSizeRenderdisappointed! The packaging is high quality. What you have to say here: clearly a point for L'Oréal, because so far I've only been used to glass bottles from MAC. When I travel, I always get through a few moments of panic, whether it will arrive safely in my suitcase.

Price + where available?

€ 12,35 at DM - at least I bought it here. There is also Douglas and the other usual suspects.


Pleasantly liquid, easy to distribute on the skin. Doesn't run away on the back of your hand, that's always a good sign! Applied to the face, it then becomes slightly powdery (if you can describe it that way) - so it is hardly liquid anymore, but lies on the skin like a velvety powder. Wonderful!


Wow - I can hardly say more about that ... I hate to compare drugstore items with high-end products, but the opacity is awesome! There is no reddening of the skin. If you like a strong coverage, this is your new foundation!
If it hasn't covered enough yet - no problem. You can easily layer them.


Matt Matt Matt! No re-powdering necessary (even if I add more transparent powder for durability). Wonderful matt, not shiny, it's amazing. You just have to like it naturally.

Preparation or follow-up treatment necessary?

In any case, you have to clean your face and, above all, apply lotion before using it. Good moisture is essential, because otherwise dry areas on the face will be particularly noticeable with this matt finish. I would also recommend a primer for preparation (Smashbox Photo Finish Primer). The primer evens out unevenness and makes the skin look more even. In addition, nothing slips and the foundation lasts longer. After applying, you don't actually have to powder anymore. If the finish is too matt for you, just use a great highlighter (Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm, my darling).

Long-term test

The Foundation can easily last a nine hour working day! To be completely honest, the MAC Pro Longwear lasts a bit more reliably and longer, BUT the price is also three times as high - it can be got over to have to re-powder, right?

Maybelline NY Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

product testFullSizeRender2Info

I'm one of the lucky product testers of the Maybelline NY Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation, which will be released in mid-May! I was really happy when the small package was in the post and tested it the next day. The tube is somewhat similar to the L'Oréal Foundation. Unfortunately, I cannot yet say what the tube will look like in sales.

Price + where available?

Unfortunately, it is not yet known how much the Foundation will cost. However, you can certainly get them again at the usual cosmetic stores such as B. DM.


The consistency is much more fluid, a bit too fluid for me personally. It runs on the back of the hand and is accordingly less opaque.


I really expected a lot from it, a lot. Unfortunately I was disappointed. The coverage is not nearly as good as the L'Oréal Foundation. Layers didn't really produce the desired effect either. Of course, that's my opinion again, if you don't need or like strong opacity, you might like it.


Relatively matt, but I still had the feeling that I had to re-powder; it still shone a little. I did that and it was more to my satisfaction. Unfortunately not my favorite here either.

Preparation or follow-up treatment necessary?

I would also like to recommend the cream and the primer to you here. The foundation then simply lasts much better. You shouldn't forget to powder it after application either - better safe than sorry!

Long-term test

I also threw myself into a working day with this foundation. Unfortunately, around noon I found out that my foundation no longer looked particularly good. In the evening most of it was gone - a shame!


My favorite is and remains the L'Oréal Paris Indefectible Matte Foundation - it was unbeatable in terms of coverage, finish and consistency! True MAC fans can also get excited about the price. What do you think?

Nevertheless, women who prefer a lower coverage should take a look at the new Maybelline NY Fit Me Matte + Poreless from mid-May. Maybe she is something for you? Tell me how you liked it!

Best regards,

 Handwriting Pia

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