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The new platform starts today WOMEN'S THING - your strong point of juzo on-line. We waited a long time and the tension increased with every new detail on Facebook. And finally the time has come.

But what does the FRAUENSACHE platform offer?

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Under the motto “Your strong point - living with lipedema”, Juzo wants to provide information about the disease lipedema and to network strong women. Hardly anyone knows the chronic disease, around 4 million women are estimated to be affected across Germany, but very few know it.

Source: Your strong point - www.yourstrongpage.de

With its platform, Juzo naturally offers basic information about lipedema, names contacts and addresses, as well as events. But the main focus is on the blog character. This means that a wide variety of bloggers are brought together here who write about different topics relating to lipedema. It should be enlightened and mutually supported. The platform is particularly aimed at newly diagnosed people, who should come into contact and exchange with other affected persons through it.

We are also at FRAUENSACHE - your strong point and are very curious to see how the whole thing will develop. It's best to stop by and make your own impression. Perhaps you want to take part there yourself. Or exchange ideas with a few other affected people.

woman thing juzo your strong side lipoedem fashion or open www.yourstrongpage.de

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Author: Tanya

I'm Tanja, born in 1988 and from beautiful Bavaria. Professionally, I am a landscape gardener and I don't really have much to do with fashion there. However, I really enjoy writing and I think it's nice to get inspiration again and again and learn to realize yourself. I would like to pass this feeling on to others and fight together against our illness and achieve that we still feel good in our skin and beautiful.

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