Full Day of Eating - Lipedema Food Diary # 1

Hello dear ones,

The subject of nutrition is a sensitive issue for us lipedema patients. With the Full day of eating (Meals for a whole day) I want to make it easier for you.

There are myths about protein, carbohydrates, and other things. But what is true and what is not? Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. Basically I take the position fresh and unprocessed is not wrong. We shouldn't forbid ourselves anything, nor should we exclude any food. Our body needs everything in measure and not in mass.

In this post I would like to give you a brief glimpse into my meals, just for inspiration. Maybe one or the other will find it easier to find their way.

Long story short - here are the pictures:

Full Day of Eating - Lipedema Food Diary # 1


Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon apple 

60 grams oatmeal bring to the boil with a little milk and / or water. Chop 1 apple and cook in a saucepan with cinnamon and water. Put the oat flakes and apple pieces in a bowl and, if necessary, sweeten with a teaspoon of honey. Personally, I always (!) Breakfast, oatmeal can be varied wonderfully. Just add other fruits or other spices. Every day different and so delicious.

lipoedem mode Full Day of Eating - lipedema food diary Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon apple


Whole grain bread / rolls with avocado and tomatoes

Super easy and quick - simply brush the bread or roll with fresh avocado (I need half an avocado) and top with tomatoes. Then salt and pepper - delicious! I prefer wholemeal bread - it just keeps me full longer. You can also make a vegetable broth or just nibble a little raw vegetables.

lipoedem mode Full Day of Eating - lipedema food diary Whole grain bread / rolls with avocado and tomatoes

Dinner and breakfast

Pan of vegetables (including pasta) with smoked pork and egg

Sear the vegetables of your choice in the pan. 60 grams noodles add and fill up with water so that the pasta can finish cooking. In addition Kasseler (the low fat) and fried egg. I love my fried egg soft in the middle. We always have a large cup of tea for dinner - water, water!

lipoedem mode Full Day of Eating - lipedema food diary Pan of vegetables (including noodles) with smoked pork and egg

snacks: Quark with fruits, a handful of nuts, an apple

And with that and in between there is a glass of water - 2 liters a day are a must!

If you guys like posts like "Full Day of Eating - Lipedema Food Diary" please let us know.
Have fun trying it out and enjoy it!

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